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Graphic novel Blood Work now available as an ebook!

Did you know?  Neither did I! But as I walked through the booths at Comic Con, I found this card at the nook booth!

Now, it’s bent and nasty from spending a week in my suitcase, and apparently my scanner is older than I thought, but you get the idea. What I like is that this is one way they will be selling ebooks at your brick-and-morter store if they’re not already. You pick up the 5 X 8 card (which is way cool for collecting) and take it to the front and you walk out of the store with your new ebook, a collector card, and a social experience that we all miss by sitting at home or office clicking buttons.

I just thought it cool when I saw it up there on the stands, and the best part? It means that the Del Rey technology for graphic novels has improved such that you can get Blood Work for your nook. The rest of the platforms such as Kobo and Kindle are sure to follow. It’s only a matter of time.

Blood Work ebook B&N

And just in time, too, because the sequel to it, Blood Crime, is out the day before Halloween. If you’ve missed me talking about the graphic novels, this is one way to get your Kisten fix. They are set before the regular books start in that golden year where Rachel interns under Ivy in the I.S. These are near to my heart as we get to see Ivy begin to fall in love and fight between what she’s been told she wants and what she really does. I scripted both books, meaning I wrote the dialog and said what I wanted in each box. I also helped pick out the artists. They were truly a breath of fresh air for me, and I was able to work with texture, color, and perspectives in a way I can’t in the regular books. If you get a chance to look at one, I hope you like what you find. Kisten never looked the way I saw him in my mind, but Rachel and Ivy were spot on as was Piscary.



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