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I think there should be a charizard

This weekend, I found out there are no less than five Pokemon in my garden all accessible from the sidewalk, so it’s no imposition. Among present are Pidgey, Nidoran, and a Bulbasaur, which I think is appropriate, as it is a garden.


I don’t actually have the game, so I’ve not looked, but I can’t help but wonder if there might be a Charmander in my office, surrounded by said garden. There’s a dragon sitting behind the desk. (And a few at the ceiling, and on the back of the couch, and even a white one under Tim’s coffee table hanging with the Godzilla we rescued from the trash, and ah, well, yeah, a Dalek.)


Knit your own: I made the pattern myself, so please be kind. http://www.kimharrison.net/Dragon/KimHarrisonsDragon.html




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Why I need tour shirts-Because I have a tour bus!

Okay, how totally cool is this? Look for this baby tooling down the road the first week in September as you head to your Labor Day vacation spot. I’ll be in it, headed for an event. (grin)

DrafterBusI’m hoping that we can take our traditional family photo at each stop with the tour T’s in front of it. I’m not sure how this is going to play out, but if we get a large group, I’m going to insist.

I think Tim is even happier than me. He hates flying. The nice thing about the bus is that I can work while traveling. Not that I couldn’t work in the airports, but try to get a good signal with a hundred other iphones within touching distance. I can also bring my milkweed pods to give away. Yay!

Here’s a link to my event’s page to see if I’m coming within striking distance. Stores and times are listed as well.


Click to go to event’s page for stores/times

I hope to have the chance to take a few pictures with my dragon and yours before I give him away at the end of the tour. (Save your Drafter receipts!)

Working on your dragon? Here’s the instructions for the tail and hips. I’ll start you on attaching the legs on Monday, and it’s fast from there on out!. We’re starting the body now, and it will come together fast! That’s the nice thing about small pieces. (Don’t let the number of needles scare you! They go away fast.)




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Nearing cut off for shirts

GreenWingsBelieve it or not, we’re nearing the cut off for getting a Drafter Tour T. If you’re not familiar with these, these are the shirts that Tim and I put together and make available for you to wear to a signing. We try to take a “family” photo at each stop with everyone who shows up wearing one, and it has grown every year until now it’s hard to get us all in the shot. The other photos we take tend to vanish over the years, but the family photos are forever, and you can still find them on the website if you look.

To get yours, check out Bedo shirts.

To see if I’m coming anywhere near you so we can compare dragons, check out the event’s page.


I know I promised you how to sew the wing backbone on today, but the copyedit for SIDESWIPED (First Drafter novella!) came in yesterday, and I had to switch to something that wasn’t video intensive, ergo, the right wing panels. I’ll have the wing backbone for you tomorrow, and then there’s a scheduled catch-up day before we start in on the feet for the weekend.

The right (red side) wings are pretty much mirror images of the left (blue side) wings, but I did make a video of that weird purl decrease from the knit side.

I also have instructions at the website if wordpress scrunches them too much.

When you’re done, you’ll have something like this.


You might notice that they are reversed with the blue (left) is pictured on the right. This is so you can see the top of the wings. When they are sewn on, the blue will be on the left of the dragon.

Instructions: Note, instructions for left wings (blue) are on this as well. If you forget any of the stitches, you can find them at the website for the left wings instructionsWingsRandL

P* from the purl side:


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Starting my weekend early

Not wanting to loose my Memorial Day weekend, I crammed four days work into two this week, meaning there’s nothing on my desk. My project bag is empty as of last night, and the puppies are at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s for the weekend. If you couldn’t guess, I’m headed out the door, aiming for New York and Books Expo America. Yay!

BEA is a closed conference, but on Saturday, they open the doors and let you in. I’ll be sticking around for a booth signing at Simon and Schuster, giving away ARCs of The Drafter, so if you are so inclined to wander among the imprints as you might wander among the shelves of your local bookstore, picking up swag and maybe a picture with one of your favorite authors or two, come on down to the Javits Center. I’ll be there Friday and Saturday.

Closed conference gallery give away/signing at 12:00 PM-12:30 PM at Autograph Area, Table 2 on Friday 29. Saturday is open to the public, and I’ve a give away/signing at the Simon & Schuster booth # 2620-262 More info at Event’s page

And yep, I finished my dragon/firelizard over the last couple of days, knitting a wing here, an arm bone there. She’s a Beauty!  (Yes, Beauty.) My best yet after a little bit of tinkering with her front arms, head, and back ridge, now knitted instead of crocheted. Still not happy with those back legs, though. . . .



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Authors are like onions

We’ve got layers, just like ogres.

I’ve got lots going on right now, but nothing to share. The weekend was spent in a pleasant mix of casual tidying of the yard and some tweaks to the monarch project. I have now officially been around the house once in my spring tidy, getting the leaves that blew in over the winter and exposing the dirt to the sun, and there are about six bags of winter at the curb waiting to be taken to the city compost. Three holly were cut down almost in half of what they were to promote new growth from the bottom. I never liked how the nursery had woven the branches around themselves. That’s not how you’re supposed to do it. Maybe now they’ll grow properly. Put in a new pump for my Koi pond/bird bath. I’m amazed at what’s coming up. It’s been a most pleasant spring so far. But I don’t take anything for granted.

IMG_2740Inside, I tweaked my monarch, adding some of the white spots into the actual knitting instead of embroidering them on after. I like it better, but it must have done four wings in one day.

It’s interesting comparing rewriting to the process of tweaking a pattern. Both are labor intensive for a small, some might say insignificant change. But I see it, and sometimes, that’s all that matters.

Original Monarch:



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Ebook deals and logos

Okay, so I was doing the happy dance yesterday when I saw the cover of THE DRAFTER on someone else’s FB feed. Seems as if the ARCs are starting to go out. It might have been a manuscript with a pretty cover, but it looked ARC size from what I could tell. Made my day.

Opti logoI’ve been working this week with the freebies again. Peri’s phone is giving me issues. I thought it done, but no, an issue came up and I had to open my namby-pamby art program up again. It looks as if I’m going to be able to have these for SASEs, I’m so excited.

The tour shirts, however, are done, and I even have a bunch sent to my publisher for RT and then BEA  (Book Expo America in NY at the end of May) I won’t be at RT, but my editor will be, and I’ve heard rumors that she’s going to be giving away an ARC at her “what’s coming up next at Simon and Schuster/Gallery books” panel, and maybe one of those shirts. If I had been smart, I would have taken a picture of the shirt to show you, but no. I must have been distracted.

Soon as the tour cities come in, though, I’ll get the Drafter Tour shirts printed up and make them available. I’m putting the Opti logo on it. That I can show you. 🙂 If you look close, you can see the O, P, T, I in the design. The hourglass figure was a happy accident.

If you want more info, the cover blurb is at Amazon and B & N.

TUPhcCoverA reader clued me in that THE UNDEAD POOL is on sale today for Kindles for like 1.99, so I wanted to pass that on to you as well if you’re still catching up or you’re rounding out your library. The Undead Pool: Kindle

The mass market of THE WITCH WITH NO NAME is scheduled to be released at the end of this month, so be ready for the price drop there, too.




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Something Peri and I share

It’s natural and unavoidable that the people we write about have some of our character traits, likes, and dislikes, even quirks. Rachel often carried some of my “wish the world was this way” to the page. Peri is no different, but she’s a lot less like me than Rachel ever was. Peri is more like the dark sibling, and the “wish the world was this way” parts are correspondingly less moral and more sensation oriented. You’ll see my appreciation for beautiful, powerful cars, my wish for technology to live up to what technology is supposed to be. Peri’s world is focused more on sensational gratification than introspective musings, but she does that too.

One thing Peri and do share is, ah, knitting. I’ll be honest about it. I’m a lot better at it than her. (grin) She has trouble finishing a project, which I didn’t realize until book two, but now that I do, she’s going to have to realize it as well. Peri and I knit for different reasons, though we both appreciate the zen-like relaxation that comes from quietly using multiple parts of your brain for a complex task made up of simple things. She knits for the meditation–because it’s an Opti approved stress relief. I knit more to exercise the problem solving aspect that comes from trying to modify patterns to suit you. Case in point, my Kim Harrison Ponies.


I made this guy this weekend while making sure my pattern has everything on it, and I still think I need to shorten that left leg up a little. Maybe three stitches. The flower garland is something new for me, too, since it’s spring and I’m not going to put a saddle and halter on this guy to give him away. The garland I created all on my own with no pattern whatsoever. The mane and tail turned out crinkly because I used already previously knitted yarn, which also makes him unique in my “stable.”  This one I knitted to keep right from the start, but there are editors, agents, and even a few authors out there who have a Kim Harrison white steed. I give them to my heros, because every hero needs a white steed.

Click to preorder

Click to read cover blurb

Click to preorder

Click to read cover blurb



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Small Victories

If you’ve been lurking on my blog much, you’ve probably seen some of my knitting. Oh, don’t roll your eyes at me, you disbelievers of the power of the needles. Us yarn weavers know. Knitting engages almost all parts of your brain from creativity, to problem solving, to spacial relations. The gentle movement keeps arthritis at bay and imparts an almost zen like state of meditation once you figure out the knits and purls. It’s been linked to mental fitness in lots of studies, but I just like it.


After a month of many gauges, experimentation with decreases and increases to get the slant lines, and a few nights with colored pencils and graph paper, I finished my Frank Lloyd Wright scarf, made from scratch and my own pattern. This was knitted on double pointed needles just for ease of holding, but was knitted back and forth, not in the round, and seamed up the side as I went. I would have rather knitted it in the round, but with the bobbins, that would have been impossible.


Now that I’m done with it, I think I’m going to do another that is narrower and longer–right after I finish with my Frank Lloyd Wright tea cozy, which would be funny if it wasn’t true. (More on that later. I’m about half way through.)

And yes. I do believe I’m going to try to put some of these patterns into a book. The monarch is slowly killing me with the desire to share. I just need one more piece that connects my work to the three-nation effort going on right now to save their flyway. Timing . . . is everything.


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Weekends are for finishing projects

I did more than watch the Superbowl this last weekend, and I took some time out to finish out a couple of projects that had been sitting around waiting to be finished. I couldn’t tell you why I didn’t spend an hour to finish them when they were fresh. I think in the case of the Monarch it was that I just didn’t want to be done. But the Monarch is by far one of my favorite pieces. It’s my own pattern, and I’d post it, but it uses a lot of my own shorthand, and I don’t know how to really put it out there so someone else could duplicate it. In any case, it’s done and gracing my mantle next to the lead soldier we found tucked into the floorboards and marbles I’ve found on the grounds while gardening. I’ll probably make a second Monarch next fall when I start to see them–if I see them.





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Phew. I need a vacation from the weekend

I’m glad to sit at my desk this morning. No, there wasn’t a lot of snow to shovel. No family to entertain. No big shopping, though I am starting to plan out the menu for Superbowl next weekend. (I’m making soft pretzels and guacamole.)

Nope, I’m exhausted because it was a Lord of the Rings marathon, and Guy and I watched all three extended versions without commercials and with all the extras. I am exhausted! Guy actually had to wake me up this morning. It did give me time to knit in front of the TV, though. It’s a mess with more bobbins than I’ve ever worked with, but it’s moving forward.


More importantly, I’m in the home stretch for Peri’s first editorial rewrite. Frankly, this has been one of self-doubt since I’ve changed the story so much, and much of that touches on the pace, which is kind of the backbone of any book and mostly instinctive for me at this point–or at least it used to be. It feels even more top heavy toward the beginning for an action/thriller than before, which is why I’m going over it one last time to see how the changes I put in might be keeping those first 100 pages moving.  But if I’ve learned anything in the last ten years, it’s trust your editor, and nine times out of ten, I can see what she was trying to do by the time I get to the end, even if I don’t see it in the beginning.

Guy, who never reads my rewrites, did this time, actively coming out into my office and looking for chapters.

That is a very good sign.



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