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EVER AFTER wallpaper

As promised, the team at Harper Voyager has created a wallpaper to celebrate the upcoming release of EVER AFTER, (1/22/13) I have three sizes to make it easier to fit your various screens.  The middle one is here, but the smaller for your phone and larger for your work screen are at the website.  (EVER AFTER page.) And do take the time to get the larger one. It’s breathtaking!


For those of you waiting for the chapter excerpts, you will be glad to hear that this is the kick-off for the promotion run for the tour, and the first excerpts will be coming yet this week. I’ll also have the short list for the cities that made the cut off for the mystery city.

If you want to be sure to get notices of the early chapter releases–right to your inbox–you can always sign up for either Harper’s Author Tracker program or my newsletter. The info often overlaps, but if one of us doesn’t tell you, the other one will.

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