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Are you carving this weekend? Hollows contest!

Tim’s and Kim’s pumpkins

If you saw my post Thursday, then you know I’m having another Halloween-themed contest this year, and it’s both just starting, and almost ending! But there’s still time.

This year, in return for your pictures of your carved pumpkins, (with your favorite Hollows book,) you are entered in my give away of fifteen signed books: 5 HOLLOWS INSIDERS, and 10 hard cover THE WITCH WITH NO NAME. Rules, how to enter, and where to send your picture is here: All Treat, No Trick

The photos are already coming in, and I’ll be posting them here for everyone! Thanks, guys, for making my Halloween a more fun than a basket of burning bunnies! You’re the best!

Happy carving!


Mary’s Pumpkin


Laura’s pumpkins


Christina’s pumpkin


Sky’s pumpkin


Sara’s pumpkin


Mikela’s Pumpkin


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All Treat, no Trick. Enter Hollows Contest

Yep, it’s that time of year again, and I am gearing up for another Halloween-themed contest! My first contest was way back in 2007, and as always, I’ll be shaking it up a little.

This year, in return for your pictures of your carved pumpkins, I’m giving away fifteen signed books: 5 HOLLOWS INSIDERS, and 10 hard cover THE WITCH WITH NO NAME.

If you haven’t seen THE HOLLOWS INSIDER, it is a one-of-a-kind world book, full-color, spells, recipes, descriptions, all laced together by the investigations of that guy that Rachel hit with the no-hair charm way back in Dead Witch Walking. It’s really amazing, and apart from the pictures that I got from you, the readers, it’s all my work, not a rehash of old stuff pulled from the series. It even glows in the dark.

But you want to know how to win one.

Sending me a photo means you want it on the internet. Ten winners will be chosen at random to receive a signed copy of THE WITCH WITH NO NAME, but the remaining five will be picked by me, according to what I feel like and how full the moon is, and will get a signed copy of THE HOLLOWS INSIDER. (If you want a WWNN, I can do that, instead.) Chances of winning depend upon number of entries, and there’s no cash value for the prizes. Due to the high cost of international shipping, I’m not able to open this to my readers outside the U.S. but you can send me your pumpkin picture for display if you want.

To eliminate the problem we’ve had in the past of people lifting pumpkin pictures from the net that are not their own, I’m going to insist that all eligible pictures include your favorite Hollows book next to your pumpkin–the one that made you cry, the one that made you laugh, the one that kept you up all night, the one that you can find. Fly your Hollows geek flag!

How to submit:

Carve your pumpkin(s)! Take one picture of it with your favorite Hollows book. Send it to me at kim_harrison@comcast.net with PUMPKIN in the subject line so I can find it easily. Tell me why that’s your favorite Hollows book if you want. That’s it. Please have pity on me and do not send me six pictures of your pumpkins. One shot will do. One entry per email, please, but you can include more than one pumpkin in your photo and I will consider them individually. I love group photos!


You may drop pictures on my FB or Twitter as well to show them off, but to enter for a chance for the books, you must send your picture to my personal email so I have an active email to contact you with for your address to send you a book if you win. (This is a must!!)

I’ll be posting all the pictures here at my blog from now to Halloween. Winners will be announced after Halloween. 🙂

Happy carving!



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EVER AFTER Tour: Announcing the “mystery city” Contest

By now, if you’ve been reading along the Drama Box, you know that Harper Voyager just wrapped up planning my 2013 tour for EVER AFTER. (Cincinnati finally said yes, and Lansing shifted a day to accommodate.) And even though it’s quite large, I’ve gotten messages from so many fans asking me to come to their home towns.

My publicist is usually pretty no-nonsense when I forward these emails to her (Her typical response is “We’ll consider that for next year,” which is publicity-speak for “no.”). But this time, she got all excited when I sent in the reader requests, and said, “Want to do something fun this year? How about asking your readers to vote on one more tour market?”

I’m not dumb. These opportunities don’t come along often, so I said YES in a burning bunnies red-hot second! So here’s how it works: it’s a two-part reader-driven contest.

First, click the link at the end of this post. You’ll fill in your name, email address, the city you’d like me to visit and your favorite bookstore or library. (US markets only, please)

For this part of the contest, a city needs 100 unique votes to move to the finals (one entry per person/will be tracked via IP address, so please only vote once).  And please, don’t force your friends and family to vote, unless they are Hollows insiders, too!  Entries are open from November 27 through December 3, so act fast!

By December 4, 2012, if a city reaches 100 unique votes, it will be entered into the final bracket of the contest, hosted by Togather.com, a new website that helps connect readers with authors.   Then, more voting!

The second round of voting will start on December 4, and we want to announce the winning event by December 27.

Once we’ve narrowed down the cities to a few finalists, we’ll set up event pages on Togather with a bookstore in each location. To register interest for the event, you can place a pre-order for my book through the site. Each book purchase serves as your ticket for the event, and you’ll automatically get added to the guestlist. The first city to buy 150 books WINS, and will be added on as the final stop on my EVER AFTER tour. (Note: Orders  are only placed if the bookstore in your hometown wins the Mystery City contest. If not, then no money is exchanged.)  If your store/city wins, the book will be sent to you on on-sale day from the hosting bookstore, and you have to bring it to the event for me to personalize. This is why I asked for you not to force your family and friends to vote–I want this to be really fair.

The city that reaches 150 votes first in the final round of voting WINS, and will be added on as the final stop of my EVER AFTER tour.

Now isn’t that cool?  If you can’t get to one of the confirmed tour cities listed at my event page (updated 11/27), now is your chance to get me to visit your area. Vote now!



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