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Cast call for Ivy!

Last week I asked who you saw for Rachel, and wow, did you answer. I love all your suggestions for who could convincingly play our itchy witch, and after a few days of sorting, I narrowed it down to a handful of actresses that you can give your yay or nay to for me to take to Dan! If your favorite isn’t there, it might be because she is too mature and world-wise (Remember Rachel is 24 when we start Dead Witch Walking.) Or the actress in question focuses on movies rather than series TV and wouldn’t even consider the role. It helps if the actress is well known, but not so expensive that we can’t afford to have her. It’s a balance, but all your suggestions are very appreciated because I can still go to Dan and say “someone like “XXX” even though XXX only does movies, and he will still get a feel for how you see Rachel in your mind’s eye.

Now, what do you think about Ivy?

Short recap, she’s far more world-wise than Rachel, closed, passionate, dangerous, loyal, good with her fists and feet…and is dangerous, even to her friends. She’s a living vampire, so she can go into the sun and won’t get her really long teeth until she dies. She likes high-quality leather and silk, dresses like a model and looks like one, too. Her heritage is half Anglo-Saxon and half Asian, but she clearly takes after her mother and her hair is long, straight, and black. She’s moody, smart, and her definition of broke means her bank account it down to five digits. Ivy is always in control except when her instincts get too much and then she’s still sort of in control, just willing to give in to her passions. She desperatly wants to find a way to like herself, and she sees Rachel as her way out of the vampiric trap she was born into. She is bi, and very comfortable with it.

So let me have it, keeping in mind she’s not much older than Rachel, svelte, and knows how to take a man down without a sound. We’re looking at 24-30, but suggestions of older actresses are helpful to get an idea of who you’d like to see.


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