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EVER AFTER wallpaper

As promised, the team at Harper Voyager has created a wallpaper to celebrate the upcoming release of EVER AFTER, (1/22/13) I have three sizes to make it easier to fit your various screens.  The middle one is here, but the smaller for your phone and larger for your work screen are at the website.  (EVER AFTER page.) And do take the time to get the larger one. It’s breathtaking!


For those of you waiting for the chapter excerpts, you will be glad to hear that this is the kick-off for the promotion run for the tour, and the first excerpts will be coming yet this week. I’ll also have the short list for the cities that made the cut off for the mystery city.

If you want to be sure to get notices of the early chapter releases–right to your inbox–you can always sign up for either Harper’s Author Tracker program or my newsletter. The info often overlaps, but if one of us doesn’t tell you, the other one will.

Kim Harrison’s Newsletter

Harper’s Author Tracker


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Cutoff for signed/personalized Into The Woods offer is today

That’s right. I know I’ve been talking about it for a long time, but INTO THE WOODS comes out in less than a week, and today is the last day to order a signed/personalized copy from Nicola’s and expect a ghost of a chance of getting it by the drop date of Tuesday. I am so excited. Most times, my ideas sit in a cabinet never seeing the light of day for years and years, if ever, but here, I’ve been able to bring them all out and develop them into stories, not synopsis or outlines, or proposals, but stories–stories with characters and ideas, and little jumps of thought that never happen until the act of creation is, well, acting. So if you want a nice solid peek at what might (or might not) be coming after the Hollows, you have to check it out.

I’m going to give you a link to a previous post for the particulars on how to order from Nicola’s instead of rewriting it all here.  How to order from Nicola’s The official cut off is noon, EST, but don’t panic. I will be in to sign after Comic Con, so you’ll still get your copy.  It just won’t be by the drop date.

Also, I promised you a wallpaper. I’d forgotten I had this. Isn’t it fabulous? I might change my banner for a week or so just because.  🙂 It’s free for your own use, just click the small picture to go to chose your size and grab it.  Into the wood Wallpaper


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Kim Harrison’s A Perfect Blood mass market

Tomorrow is drop-date Tuesday, when all good little books strap on their boots and go forth into the wilds, hoping to find a home.  And I get to be a part of it this week with the mass market of A Perfect Blood! Harper has continued their tradition of putting the first chapter of the next Hollows release at the end of the mass market, in this case, chapter one of Ever After.  There’s also a little bonus chapter with one of the scenes from A Perfect Blood rewritten from Trent’s point of view.  If you’ve already got the hard cover or e-book, please don’t think you have been slighted or asked to buy the same material again for a look at something new.  (Come on.  You know me better than that.)  You can stand in the bookstore and read the bonus chapter, or you can wait until Harper enables the browse inside feature for the mass market of A Perfect Blood.  It’s traditionally available there as well.

But today, to celebrate, I’m bringing back the absolutely gorgeous wallpaper that Harper made up for you guys last spring.  If you missed it, here’s your second chance to score a beautiful, high def image from the cover.  I’m going to drop it right here for you, but it’s probably going to show up as a thumbnail, so just click it to go to the bigger version, and from there you can copy it to your device for your personal use.


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Perfect Blood mass market on the shelf next week

If you have been waiting and avoiding spoilers, the wait is almost over!  The mass market of PERFECT BLOOD will be on the shelf next Tuesday, September 25.  This is the version that will have one of the chapters rewritten from Trent’s point of view, giving us another look at not only Rachel, but Al as well.  I had no idea the things that were going on in Trent’s mind until I rewrote this.

The mass market also has the first chapter of EVER AFTER.

Can’t wait any longer?  Have someone you’re trying to convert to the Hollows?  I’ve got the first four chapters available on line at Harper.  Also lists of where to buy it on line, an audio sample for you audio book listeners, a wallpaper, and even the photos of the tour from the original release.  I keep everything!  A Perfect Blood info

And if you’re looking for a sneak peek into October 9th release Into the Woods, Pet Shop Boys is still up for a reduced price of .99.  Got a dollar?  -grin-  Jocelynn Drake also has The Asylum Interviews out there for her release October 17th, Angel’s Inc.  Links to both at Harper.  E-shorts from Harrison and Drake


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Trent and Jenks novella sneak peek!

I would have given you warning, but it happened faster than I thought it would, and i09 has posted a very long excerpt of MILLION DOLLAR BABY.  (Whoo-hoo!  It feels close!) This is the new Hollows novella in INTO THE WOODS, and is the missing chapters of Trent’s and Jenks’s elf quest to rescue Trent’s child.  It was a treat writing from Trent’s point of view, and though he doesn’t think of Rachel often, when he does, it’s telling.  You can read a large portion at their site.  i09-book excerpt

Feel free to pass this link on.  I won’t be getting out to help the book’s numbers apart from Comic Con New York, and I’m afraid a lot of people are going to miss it, especially since it’s right between regular releases.

PS  I kinda like the artwork that went with this article, showing Rachel right between reality and the ever-after.  Coolieos.

Also, if you missed it, the wallpapers are still available.

You can get them at my website, or go to Harper.  They’ve got a fab PW review up as well.  


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Into the Woods wallpaper

To celebrate the release of the first Kim Harrison compilation, Into the Woods, (10/9) the graphic team at Harper has created for you a fabulous wallpaper for your personal use.  I have three sizes to make it easier to fit your various screens.  The smaller one is here, but the two big, beautiful, fill your mega-screen shots are at the website at the Into the Woods page.

I was really excited to see this come available, partly because of the tremendous detail in the tree roots.  The intertwining, organic growth in the closeup is fabulous, and I’m so pleased that the team at Harper was able to find a way to show off the artwork like this.

So here’s the smallest version, still a whopping 640 X 480  the other two are at the website. 


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