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2019 Read-along to AMERICAN DEMON

Quick heads up! I’m sponsoring a Hollows read-along over on Goodreads starting next month and running to the release of AMERICAN DEMON on June 16, 2020. And because I know not everyone is on Goodreads, I’ll be answering questions here as well but in a much more haphazard format and not as cozy.

Come back on Monday for Goodreads links and the schedule of what we’re reading when, but because there are so many to get through, it’s going to be a book every two to three weeks with a few weeks off in December.

If you want to get a head start, we’re starting at the beginning with Dead Witch Walking.

Happy reading!




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Winners of the Fistful of Charms give-away

A Fistful of Charms (2006)

A Fistful of Charms (2006)

And we’ve got em! The three winners of the A Fistful of Charms prize packs with that coveted, hard to find and even harder to afford hard cover of A Fistful of Charms!

Mirannda Lindberg

Holly Strickland

Shauna B

Check your inbox, you should have an email from Guy and myself about how to claim your books. 🙂 You have until Friday noon, EST to do so before I give them to the next person on the list. (Also randomly generated.)

Thank you everyone who entered. I love doing these.

FAFDMreadalongIf you didn’t win: I’ll be doing another one in two weeks when we finish reading For a Few Demons More. [Join in at Goodreads]

The give-aways are to help celebrate the read along now going on in preparation to the release of The Undead Pool. Not one for re-reading but want to catchup anyway? Ten years in ten minutes . . . Enjoy!


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Dead Witch Walking give-away:How we’re going to do it

DWWoldPhew! I tried to read as slow as I could, but those last few chapters? No stopping.

As part of the read-along, Harper will be having two large give-aways. (More info on that as I find out.) But I’ll also be giving away a few things here at my site at the end of each book. For Dead Witch Walking, I scrounged up from my closet two hard covers, and two Science Fiction Book Club hard covers. I’m going to give them away to random posters on a SPECIAL thread I will open on MONDAY, 9:00 A.M. Monday, not today.  The contest will run to Tuesday, 9:00 A.M. and I’ll contact the winners for their mailing addresses that afternoon.

Included in each prize pack will be a hard cover of Into the Woods, a burning bunny pin, bus token (The freebie for Dead Witch Walking) and a signed cover flat of EVER AFTER.

DWWPrizePackI’m still amazed at the things I have in that closet, even after all the Manic Mondays we had last year. 🙂

PinCoinAgain, this all happens Monday, so mark your calendar and stop back then. I’ll be sending out reminders on FB, twitter, and Goodreads. Oh, and we’ll ship overseas, so no worries on that. 🙂


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I forgot about the pinky ring! (DWW to end)

I tried to prolong it, but once I got to the bus station, I just kept reading, all the way to the blown up van, burned charms, and cookout. You know, I think Rachel felt sorry for Frances at the end.

RIngAnd Trent? He is not a nice person here. Not at all. I personally didn’t like how callous he was, even knowing why he was doing this, and it really was my intent at this point to keep him the big-bad-beautiful to the end. I think it was when Al began to show up and take on that roll that I was able to start modifying Trent’s past and future actions so that they could be seen in two lights. He killed a man, but it was to save his species. Rachel thought he sent the demon to kill her, but we find out he was a fellow victim. He stole Rachel’s pinky ring, but he didn’t harm her when she was vulnerable. He is  honorable, but his moral compass is just a little . . . skewed right now. And that makes for an interesting character.

Just as a reminder, DWW is on sale until the 14th, and I’ll be having my own smaller give-away on Monday. More on what it is and how to enter tomorrow.

[DWW e-book outlets]


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Edden, one smart cookie (read-along to cp 29 inclusive)

Edden was one of those characters that, unlike Ceri or Kisten, was intentionally created to fulfill a need for the story. He is my contact to the FIB, my burly captain, somewhat stereotyped down to the loose tie and coffee stain on his lapel. And that was okay, because you know immediately who and what he is. There is no hidden plot, no ulterior motive. He is exactly who he appears to be, and in a cast of characters who have a hidden agenda, Edden is a much needed relief. That’s not to say he’s cardboard. Least, I never saw him that way.

But I can’t help but like the guy. He’s ex military, and frustrated with the bigotry in both the FIB and the IS. He just wants to get the bad guys, and when Ivy goes to talk to him, he goads her into getting herself jailed–just so he can talk to the witch who just survived a demon attack. He wants to use her, but he wants to use her to help his own department bring in the bad guys.

I just finished proofing a chapter in The Undead Pool where Rachel is invited to talk to a shift change meeting down at the FIB. Is the bigotry still there? Yep. It would be a true fairytale if it wasn’t. But she is there, too, and they listen to her. That feels pretty good to me.

As part of the read-along, the e-books will be going on sale as we discuss them. Dead Witch Walking is on sale right now. 🙂

And an early heads up. Harper is going to have two large give aways in conjunction with the read along, but I’ll have my own, smaller giveaways in between, one for each book. The first will be on Monday where I’ll give away three signed hard covers of Dead Witch Walking. More on how to enter, on Monday morning. Monday. Not now, Monday. (grin)


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Big Al (DWW read-along to cp 27)

I quit reading the day before yesterday because I wanted Al to have today’s post all to himself.

AlOh, my.

I’d forgotten how bad he could be. And I love him for it. Al was one of those beloved characters that I intended to trot on stage to move the story forward and up the stakes. In that aspect, Al did it in spades, not only in trying to kill Rachel, but doing it in a way that ripped her carefully constructed blindness aside and showed her fears bare to the world. He developed Rachel’s character in that one pivotal chapter. A walk on/walk off. And when that happened, I knew he was going to be there to the bitter, happy end.

I like Al. I like his insecurities, (that we don’t see here) his power and class (which we do) his bitter disregard and hatred that stem from his own brutal evaluation of himself (which you guys won’t see until the last couple books)

When he tore out Rachel’s neck, I had no idea of all these things, but I saw something in him, and I kept my thoughts close, letting unfold as he would.

He remains to this day one of my very favorite characters.

And I’m sorry, but I don’t have the name of the reader who drew this. She signed it, but I can’t read her signature. (head hits desk)


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N-n-n-nick (finished chapter 23)

DWWoldOh, the man I love to hate. Nick. He showed up in the rat fights quite unexpectedly, written in as a way to get Rachel out, and when I “saw” him for the first time, unafraid and curious, standing in Rachel’s kitchen, not afraid of either of them or the taint of possibly black magic, I was foolishly charmed enough to let him stay.

I really liked Nick when he first showed up. I though he was a great way to show that not all humans were scared or ignorant of magic. He was just a little too comfortable, I suppose. He was exactly what Rachel needed, and watching his character slowly de-evolve, or rather, Rachel’s understanding of him change, has been a trip.

Despite it all, Nick remains one of my favorite characters to write. Not because he’s bad, but because he’s determined, hard working, inventive, and smart. Kind of like Rachel.

The first of the Harper contests will be starting tomorrow. More about how to enter when their page goes live. 🙂

[Threaded chats at Goodreads]


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