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Very slow spring, and that’s okay

Crocus2015I’ve got a very slow spring unfolding in my yard this year, and that’s okay because really, it’s only mid March. The cold kept me inside apart from a small stint raking out one of my front flower beds that took about an hour or two of easy work. They went to bed nice last fall, so there’s nothing too strenuous, and if it stays chilly, I will get to the entire yard before new green shows up which is kind of what you want so you don’t shock the new stuff. Anyway . . . green is coming up, and the first of my crocus, in the ground now for about five years, is making itself known. I give it a few more weeks and a ten degree shift up, and I’ll have the rest up as well.

HollowsInsiderNot much outside work this weekend, which pushed me inside where I used the last of our maple syrup to make maple candy–just in time for the new stuff that our neighbors are tapping just down the road. I do love shopping small. It makes me feel connected. So far, we’ve had a good tapping with warm days and cool nights. There’s only a small band of latitude where you can tap for maple syrup, and I’m glad I live in it.

Tim says it’s the best maple candy I’ve made, but he might be bias seeing as he was right there, helping me scrape it out of the pan. Honestly, eating it still warm from the pan is like an entirely different candy. If you want my 4 ingredient recipe, it’s in the HOLLOWS INSIDER. B&N Amazon

I can’t believe the price hasn’t dropped significantly on this one yet, but I think it’s because it’s so . . . unconventional, truly a labor of love on my part and a Herculean effort on my publisher to take my graphs, photos, forms, emails, and connected, unique story line and make it look professional. Remember the contests to get your own photos into it? (grin) Wow, I’ll never do it again, but it will always stand as a four-color, glossy, glow in the dark testament to the power of passion.

And it’s got Tim’s waffle recipe in there, too. (laugh)

P.S. Robins have been back for about a week now. Yay!



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Harper is having a giveaway!

Harper is moving offices later this month, and they are doing the same thing Guy and I did last week–digging to the back of our closets. And boy did they find something!

So to help celebrate the upcoming, post Labor Day publication of THE WITCH WITH NO NAME and the 10th anniversary of book one, DEAD WITCH WALKING, they are giving away signed Hollows books on the Voyager facebook page. One of them is the Hollows Insider, and if you’ve not seen this yet, take a look. It is truly one of the most heartfelt pieces of work that I’ve ever written, full color and containing photos submitted by readers. Oh, and it glows in the dark.


I went over and checked the giveaway out, and though it is open only to US and Canada because of it being a US/North America edition, you’re not giving info to FB even though that’s where you enter. You’re basically signing up for the Harper Newsletter (if you opt for it) Click here to enter!

Already caught up? You can preorder The Witch With No Name. (Early chapter release is here: Chapter One, The Witch With No Name


Pre-Order Today! 

B&N Signed
Nicola’s Signed!


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Hollows full-color world guide in new formats

It’s big, it’s beautiful, it has its own story line, and it’s the most gorgeous expression of my love affair with the Hollows that I’ve worked on, and believe me, I worked on it, messed around, tweaked, played, and generally invented myself into a corner, hoping my editor would go for it when I finally turned it in, never telling her what I did. I was terrified, and I bit my nails to the quick for six months as it slowly evolved to include the pictures (some of which you provided) then two-color, then four-color, then glossy, and finally, a glow in the dark cover as the art team at Harper took all my messy ideas and made them reality.


I’ve been telling people that it was only the first edition (the hardcovers) that will have the glow in the dark slipcover, but my editor did it again, and even the mass market, which comes out today, will glow. I am so excited, and I hope some of you who don’t like world books will take a look at it. It is not your everyman’s world guide. This is truly a collector’s gem.

I have a few interior shots at the website, and the story of how some of the readers provided the newspaper articles. [Here]

I think you can still hunt around and find the hard cover, but the mass market just came out, and there’s even a Nook and Kindle version coming soon.

Amazon Hollows Insider oversize mass market

Hollows Insider Kindle (August 27)

B and N Hollows Insider mass market/Nook (August 27th)


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Muse and the music-and a little bit of signage!

After over a year of working with Peri, I found her soul yesterday. It’s going to be a hell of a series. At the end of the link here, you can click to listen. Banks-Before I Ever Met You. https://soundcloud.com/banksbanksbanks/banks-before-i-ever-met-you

HollowsInsiderAlso, did you know the glow-in-the-dark HOLLOWS INSIDER is soon to become an extinct species? I signed like twenty of them last weekend in Florida, but that’s not going to last. They will becoming trade paperback this year, and the new copy will not glow in the dark. I think you can still get them, but they are becoming harder to find, and in a few months? (shrug) I don’t know if the Virginia Festival of the Book will have them onsite this next weekend when I sign there with Palmer, Pattersson, and Frost,  (event schedule) but Nicola’s still has a few, and I’ll put my name on this first edition for you if you hustle. 🙂 They have a bunch of my other titles, too. http://www.nicolasbooks.com/book/9780061974335


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First Editions

First edition? How to you know? Well let me tell you! Every book, be it mass market, or hard cover, has a string of numbers at the bottom of the page that follows the title page. The title page is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s usually where I sign, along with the title and author, and publishing info. But it’s the one following it where all the disclaimers are that you’ll find the edition number. The numbers at the bottom count down from 10 to 1 in the first editions, 10 to 2 in the second editions, 10 to 3 in the third editions, and so on. After the 10th edition, they start over from 20 to 11.

Sometimes I can tell by the feel of the book and the yellowing of the pages if it’s a first edition and I take an extra moment in the signing line to lovingly flip the page to check it out. I’m right about 90% of the time. The other 10% I’m usually way off and the book has just been loved to near death and the owner and I have a laugh and I usually find out it’s been dropped in the tub or passed around to fifteen people. (which I love even more). 🙂 So first editions mean something to me, yes, especially DEAD WITCH WALKING, the only one I really look for. There weren’t a whole lot of them released in comparison to a release now, and I only spot one or two in the entire two weeks that I’m out.

EAhcCoverThe only reason I bring it up today is that I know first editions are important to some of you guys as well, be it mass market or hard cover, and I’ve got a few titles that the first edition will soon be hard to find. Right now, I’m guessing it’s probably 50/50 that the EVER AFTER you find on the shelf or order from Amazon is a first edition. I started seeing 2nd editions in the lines even before tour was over, but Nicola’s still has them, having stocked up before I left. I can sign it, too, if you ask in the comment box when ordering. http://www.nicolasbooks.com/book/9780061957918

HollowsInsiderAnd even more rare as a first edition will be THE HOLLOWS INSIDER. This is the Hollows world book, the one that glows in the dark. The one that I pulled my hair out over. The one I lived in fear for six months for because I had stepped over the line of expectation and I didn’t know if my editor was going to go for. (She did, and I’d love her for that if nothing else.) The one that is a real and solid expression of my commitment and love for what I do. (And I will NEVER do this again.) I’m surprised that they haven’t been pulled already, but I got notice today that trade paperbacks will soon take their place. You can still get the first edition hard covers from any store as far as I know, though they might have to ship it in, but again, Nicola’s has them, and if you ask in the comment box when ordering, I will drop in and sign the glow in the dark hard cover for you before they ship them out. http://www.nicolasbooks.com/book/9780061974335


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A Perfect Blood is a Finalist at Goodreads choice awards

Thanks to you, the readers, A Perfect Blood has made it through the first two preliminary rounds and is a finalist in the paranormal fantasy category of Goodreads annual reader choice awards!  Thank you, everyone who has been active in voting for their favorites in all twenty categories over the past couple of weeks. This is your last chance to pick your favorite and vote one last time before the winners are announced November 27th. The link takes you to the front page with all the categories. A Perfect Blood is in the paranormal fantasy genre, but do check out all the rest.

Also, I’m headed into Nicola’s tomorrow to sign the orders that have come in. If you’re looking for a signed book for gift giving this year, now would be a good time to do it. 🙂 Nicola’s page at Kim’s website

They will ship international, and they ask that you email them at nicolasbooks@tds.net for a shipping quote before ordering.


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Manic Monday, lightening round

Manic Monday is over. I am so totally overwhelmed right now. The hardcovers went unexpectedly fast, and I’m shocked and embarrassed that I misjudged this so badly. We didn’t get anywhere near the hour window. Guy feels as bad as I do, so we’re going to keep it going a short time longer with the understanding that the A PERFECT BLOOD are gone. We have hard covers for Pale Demon and Black Magic Sanction and White Witch, Black Curse that we were going to offer later, but if you will take one of these instead, we will ship them to you at the same price as A PERFECT BLOOD. Please give Guy a day or two to reorganize and contact you to see if you would like your pay-pal refunded or the other title offer.

Again, I am embarrassed that we misjudged this so badly, which is why I’m trying to make it better. 
Manic Monday ends at 12:30 EST
Update 10/25 : Manic Monday-ers. Guy has contacted everyone who had a choice of an alternate book or funds refunded and is waiting to hear back from you by Friday noon, EST. If you sent him funds and haven’t got an email from Guy, then your book is already on the way to you. 🙂 Thank you again for your understanding. It was shocking how fast they went.

Want a signed Harrison book? In celebration of the mass market of A Perfect Blood hitting the NY Times list, I’m giving away signed copies of the hardcover for postage and handling.

We’ve got about 70 of these, so between noon and 1:00 EST today, paypal Guy your address and the appropriate shipping and handling to coldtoastwritingsllc@comcast.net and if you are among the first 70, we will send you a signed hardcover of A Perfect Blood. We think this will take about an hour, but if they are all claimed before the one-hour window, I will repost here and at FB and of course refund any paypal monies that slipped in the meantime.

Again, wait until noon, EST, or your money will be refunded. Put Manic Monday in the subject line so he doesn’t get them confused with the Tour T’s being offered right now as well.

USA will be $4.10
Canada is $10.70 and will take a few weeks extra shipping time.
International is $19.95, and it might take up to six weeks.
Everything should be in the post by Friday. Seventy pieces of mail take some time to address.

Make sure you put your current address in at the notes to seller space.  **** No address in the notes to seller space, and your money will be refunded.****

As for me, I had a great weekend with decorating and moving leaves around, but I ate way too much sugar. I think it’s the shifting seasons that pull me into bad eating habits. It’s either that, or I’m in the kitchen a lot more. But regardless, it started Friday night with me making shortbread for dinner, then doughnuts and a carmel apple for breakfast on Saturday, and ending on Sunday with making (and eating) maple sugar candy for dinner. (recipe in The Hollows Insider)  I tried pouring the candy into pumpkin molds this time, and it worked out fantastic. After fifteen years of making this recipe, I finally think I might have this down. Dude, this is really good stuff, but if the only thing it has in it is maple syrup, whipping cream, and butter, you know it’s not good for you.

I think I’ll be eating cereal and yogurt today.


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