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Holidays are Hell on sale!

HAHmmCoverISGot a dollar? Looking for a nice treat for yourself or a stocking stuffer for your electronic savvy reader? For a short time, Avon Books is having a sale, and Holidays are Hell is included! Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel revolves around Pierce and Rachel when Rachel was 18 and brought back more than she bargained for when her brother dared her. It’s a nice glimpse into Rachel’s world when she was still a little weak and struggling to fit in. Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel is also available in Into the Woods, but the reason I’m telling you is because of who I’m paired with in the original anthology. For .99 cents, you also get one of  Vicki Pettersson’s, Lynsay Sands’s, and Marjorie Liu’s gems. I’ve got links to most of the major e-retailers.


Barnes and Noble

Books A Million


Google e-books


If you’re not sure if you have this one or not, here’s an excerpt: Holidays are Hell


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Holiday treats

I was up late last night making buckeyes, which are basically a peanut butter cup that looks like a buckeye nut.  I think it might be a Michigan thing, but could be wrong. Unfortunately I can’t share this particular holiday treat with all of you.  (I do have a literary gift in the works for you in the form of a short story and should have news soon.)  However, I do have a treat for you e-book-ers out there, and frankly, it’s better for your health than sugar, fat, and well . . . that’s all buckeyes really are, actually.

For a short time only, my publisher has made available thorough a handful of distributors, the electronic version of Holidays are Hell for a special price of $1.99.  If you remember, this is a prequel of sorts for the Hollows books, showing a much younger, not as strong Rachel Morgan, spending a winter solstice with her older brother–getting in trouble after he dares her to do a charm.  He is trying to convince her to go on to school, not the I.S. but we all know how that turned out.  (double dog dare you, anyone?)  It is available for this special price until the 26th of December.  Holidays are Hell also contains stories from Vicki Pettersson from her Zodiac series, Lynsay Sands, and  Marjorie M Liu.  If you’re looking to round out your e-library or catch up on the anthology novellas, this is a nice way to do it. Click here to find a list of distributers with this low e-book price.

Even better news is I have  a proposed date for the traditional chapter releases my publisher does right before the next Hollows book hits the shelf.  Five chapters will be released, the first one is scheduled for January 3rd, and if you are like me and tend to forget things and want notice coming to you, you can sign up Harper Voyager’s Author Tracker.  I belong to this myself, and I can promise you that they don’t flood your email with stuff, but just let you know when a new book comes out or when special promotion offers like this come to light.  Click to sign up for me or any Harper author.  I’d do this fairly soon because I don’t know when they update their email list, and I’d hate to have you miss it.  Also, if you already belong to this and have changed your address, you’ll need to re-up.

It’s rainy here today, not  snow, and I’m hoping to get some major page count into the cabinet of awesomeness.  Monday’s reorganization of thought helped, and now I have to make good.  🙂


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