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Happy Halloween!

I do believe that Halloween ranks up there with my favorite holidays. Six tubs of stuff come up out of the basement to decorate my home, and when they go back down empty, it feels like I have room for at least another tub or two. This year I didn’t decorate much outside, and now I’m kind of glad because it is shaping up to be one of Michigan’s cold, windy Halloweens where you have your snowsuit on over your Power Ranger costume. One year we went through 16 bags of candy, though admittedly it was a weekend evening, not this miserable mid-week, coldness. This year, I expect fewer kids, though quite honestly, I don’t think the kids care how cold it is. I never did. ūüôā

But traditions must be followed despite adversity, new ones created sometimes because of them, and I’m wearing my brand-new pumpkin socks today. The spooky pumpkin cookies are baked, and there is a dish of candy corn out. Tonight we’re having stew, and my mom is bringing over doughnut dough to fry up after Tricks-or-Treats is done. I do believe she has just started a new tradition. I hope so.

A-a-a-a-and some good news for those of you who enjoy a little visual presentation with your literature, Blood Crime finally hit the shelves yesterday! Ta-da! I’m so pleased with it. If you’re not familiar with the first graphic novel Blood Work, these two stories showcase Rachel interning under Ivy at the I.S. before Dead Witch Walking takes place. They are from Ivy’s point of view, and we get to see a little more into the vampire mythology/trap, not to mention her fall in love. If you’re still mourning Kisten, he is in there, though I’ll be honest in that he never looked the way I saw him in my mind’s eye. Blood Crime should be available just about anywhere they consistently shelve my books, but here’s a link to my website for more info and a few places that will have it if you are having trouble. BLOOD CRIME

I’m also pleased to tell you that¬†Blood Work, the older sibling,¬†just now made it to the e-world, meaning you can read it on your Nook. I believe the rest of the platforms will follow soon. (link to e-Blood Work)

Tomorrow, I’ve got news about Perfect Blood¬†making the list for Goodreads choice awards for best paranormal fantasy for 2012. Contest is running now, and I’ll give you all the particulars tomorrow, but if you know what I’m talking about already, you can find¬†Perfect Blood¬†in the paranormal fantasy category.


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Last day for costume photos

Tomorrow is the cut off to enter your photos for a chance to win one of the nine ARCs of PALE DEMON. ¬†We have ‘finally’ caught up on the ¬†back load, so if you sent your photo in and it’s not up, send it again. ¬†(unless you sent it yesterday) ¬†Keep in mind that if you failed to tell me what category, it might be in one you didn’t expect.

We had an amazing 400+ entries this year, and I’m going to have fun this weekend trying to pick my favorites. ¬†I need to give a huge burning bunny Kiss-Kiss to everyone who resized their photos for me. ¬†Thanks, guys! ¬†You’re the best!

Winners announced on Monday!


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Winner and a new contest for WWBC

And it’s only Tuesday!¬† The grand prize¬†winner of the BLACK MAGIC SANCTION ARC is none other than Chris, dressed as the Queen of Hearts.¬† His photo was pulled at random from the category winners, and I am just delighted that a pre-publication copy of the next Hollows book will soon be headed his way.¬† To see the other contenders and catagory winners, they are all up at the website, and will stay there until after the first of the year.

There is a signed copy of WHITE WITCH, BLACK CURSE up for grabs as well at fellow author’s site, Jocelynn Drake.¬† She has been giving away books for over 19 weeks, and this week it’s the Hollows’s turn again!¬† (No pun intended)¬† To be in the running, jump over to her website and drop her a post.¬† I think it’s that easy, but check the rules.¬† It may be open only to US citizens due to the shipping costs.¬† And if you’ve never heard of Jocelynn Drake, (which would surprise me) take some time to check out her work.¬† Her vampires don’t sparkle.¬† They are mean and nasty, and I love her work.¬† I can’t wait to see what is going to come from this woman’s mind as she stretches her writing skills.¬† Start with NIGHTWALKER.¬† You don’t want to come into this series half-way.

Today I’m planning on kicking my keyboard’s butt.¬† Monday didn’t turn out so well at my desk with real life taking priority and demanding my time.¬† I still worked, but there is no page count.¬† grrrrrr.¬† So today, I’m fighting back.¬† Can you just hear the Rocky theme music?¬† I can.



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Costume Contest catagory winners at website

Tomorrow, I’ll have the grand prize winner for you, but I ran out of steam today after making that new page with the catagory¬†winners on it.¬† Being one’s own webmistress has its pros and cons.

But as promised, here’s the cover for the next Madison book, EARLY TO DEATH, EARLY TO RISE.¬† I love it!¬† I went pursing through the YA shelves this last weekend to study the covers, and I love it even more.¬† It’s got the facial close up that’s very popular right now, and the broody eyes, but the cover is light and bright, like Madison’s outlook despite the trials of being dead.¬† Angels, not vampires, it says without words, and I couldn’t be more pleased.


I hope you all had a great weekend.¬† It was unseasonably warm where I live, so I divided my time between raking leaves from my garden beds and baking.¬† Made some cookies, two loaves of French bread so I could have sandwiches from it, and tried my hands at pretzels.¬† I’d never made pretzels before.¬† I’m going to have to practice them because they tasted great, and I want to get them looking great, too.¬† Fun to make.¬† I had to boil them for thirty seconds in baking soda water.¬† Very cool.



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Dude, it’s a pre-industrial babe!

If you’ve not heard, my annual Halloween Costume Contest is now running, and I’m taking submissions.¬† Just a few so far, but it’s early yet.¬† pictures

This week I’m sandwiching in the page proofs for BLACK MAGIC SANCTION between the graphic novel rewrite and the last chapter of book nine (which I’m still working on.¬† I finished it, but had an idea last night which I need to try out.)¬† Long story short, if I’m working on the page proofs, then the ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies)¬†will be printed up soon.¬† I can’t wait.¬† This one seems to be taking some extra time, but it’s all in my head–we’re right on¬†last-year’s schedule.

first truthI don’t have a cover picture to show you yet of BLACK MAGIC SANCTION as I’m not sure if there is going to be some final tweaking, but I do have the re-issue cover for FIRST TRUTH, which will be re-released just about the same time as BLACK MAGIC SANCTION.¬† (Coincidence?¬† I think not.¬† rolls eyes)

I really like this cover.¬† A lot.¬† I know there are a tremendous number of cover purists¬†who want the cover to look exactly like the main character, and they will likely be disappointed that Alissa isn’t dressed in dirty traveling clothes with a nasty bag of dust around her neck, disheveled and torn, her hair pulled back, and looking cold and scared.¬† But I like it just as it is.¬† Her eyes are gray, and she looks eighteen and innocent.¬† Magic is in the air, and Talon is at her side.¬† Perfect.


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Kim Harrison’s Halloween Contest 09

It’s that time of year again, and I’m hosting my 3rd annual on-line Halloween costume contest.¬† If you’ve entered before, the submission guidelines will be familiar, but even so, please take a moment to check them out so Guy won’t have to try to track you down to find out little details like how you want to be identified, and as always, don’t send me a picture unless everyone in the shot agrees that I can post it online with an identifying name. You can send me pictures from previous Halloweens, but not if you’ve entered them in previous years.

Categories are:

Pets and Babies ¬†If your child can’t say Trick-or-Treat, please enter them here.¬† There is no winner for this category.¬† They are all too cute to pick one.

Best Kid’s Costume

Most Intricate This is for the really elaborate ones that are good enough to find on a Hollywood set.

Most Amusing.¬† (I’ll give you a hint.¬† Men in fuzzy outfits seem to win a lot.)

Most Gruesome or Scary.  (blood, missing parts, you get the idea)

Best Group Shot for if there are three or more.

Best Hollows Shot.¬† for those Rachel’s, Ivy’s, Jenks’s¬†class=”mceItemHidden”>¬†and¬†Rynn Cormell’s out there.¬† I’ll take a group shots here, too, if you have more than one Inderlander in the picture.

New category this year for those who don’t dress up.¬† Best Carved Pumpkin.¬† If we get a lot of entries, I’m going to have two winners, one for ten and under, one for eleven and older, so let me know which side of the decade line you fall on if you submit for this.

Best Smile category winner will be picked from me from all entries.

How to submit?


If you can crop your picture down to about 300 X 400 pixels, I will love you forever, and a file size of near 100 KB will get you a virtual hug from me.¬† If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just send me the picture and I will deal with it. One picture per email address, please, and if you tell me what category, it would be appreciated.

Category winners received a signed cover flat of a Hollows book, so please make sure your email is going to be valid through November.  Grand prize winner is pulled from the category winners, and will receive a signed ARC of BLACK MAGIC SANCTION.

There is no cash value for these prizes, and there’s no need to purchase anything to enter.¬† Odds of winning depend upon the number of entries received, and I pick the category winners depending upon my mood and the orientation of the moon.¬† Submission indicates permission to put your picture up on the Internet.¬† If you don’t tell me how you want to be identified, I will use the name associated with your e-mail.¬† (first name only)

There it is, guys.  Have fun!

Oh, and send the pictures to “Guy” at vampcharms@comporium.net



last year’s winners


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Today after waking up from a _very_  odd dream about being a vampire in high school . . .

(which is another post entirely in itself.¬† There was no blood, there was no serious light restriction, and there was no outward sign you were a vamp besides wearing black.¬† It was almost exactly like my real highschool experience.¬† Ha, ha. What’s the point of being a vampire if you are ordinary? )

. . . I’m prepping for ARCANA this weekend.¬† I’m heading out a little early to do a signing at DreamHaven on Thursday from 6:30 to 7:30, so bring your books!¬† There will likely not be a whole lot of people there, so I may be able to dispense with my policy of personalize-two, sign-the-rest, and just personalize all of them if you like.¬†¬† Going to have to play that by ear, though, and no promises until I get there and see what’s what.¬† I’ll sign the Dawn books, too.

Mud asked if I had a schedule.¬† ¬†I don’t have a full schedule, but I have some idea of where I’ll be.

Opening ceremonies on Friday, 7:30 to 8:25 where I’ll be interviewed.

Reading/ autographing Saturday 4:00 to 5:15

Auction on Saturday 8:00 to 11:00, where I’ll be donating several things, a signed, limited edition mug among them.

Closing ceremonies on Sunday 4:00- 4:15

I’ll also be at a couple of panels and probably sneak down and watch a couple of movies.

So what does prepping mean for me?¬† Charge up camera and phone, assemble the freebies that I give away at signings, check out my signing clothes and be sure I can still fit in them.¬† Polish my boots.¬† ¬†Mess with my hair a good four hours (I got it cut.¬† I’m trying to go short hair again.¬† Can you imagine?!!¬† And I don’t know why I’m messing with it–it’s raining.¬† It’s not going to hold a curl.)¬† Go to the grocery store with my mom who is watching the puppies, the house, and Thing-Two (likely in that order)¬† Talk to NY to make sure they know I’m out of the office, my cell is on, and that my email might be slow.¬† Continue my Echinacea tea to prep for the airplane.¬† Go to the bank.¬† Pick up my last framed Princess Book covers from the framing place.¬† Wow.¬† I think that’s it.¬† Oh yeah.¬† Do my nails.¬† (rolls eyes)¬† Put stuff in the suitcase.¬† Must not forget that.

Hey!¬† I can do this!¬† And when I get back, I’ll have the info ready about my annual Halloween Costume Contest! Whoo-hoo!¬† I can’t wait!¬† –Kim


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