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A Perfect Blood is a Finalist at Goodreads choice awards

Thanks to you, the readers, A Perfect Blood has made it through the first two preliminary rounds and is a finalist in the paranormal fantasy category of Goodreads annual reader choice awards!  Thank you, everyone who has been active in voting for their favorites in all twenty categories over the past couple of weeks. This is your last chance to pick your favorite and vote one last time before the winners are announced November 27th. The link takes you to the front page with all the categories. A Perfect Blood is in the paranormal fantasy genre, but do check out all the rest.

Also, I’m headed into Nicola’s tomorrow to sign the orders that have come in. If you’re looking for a signed book for gift giving this year, now would be a good time to do it. ūüôā Nicola’s page at Kim’s website

They will ship international, and they ask that you email them at nicolasbooks@tds.net for a shipping quote before ordering.


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A Perfect Blood a semifinalist in Goodreads reader choice awards

We have moved to the semi finalist round in Goodreads reader choice awards, and now is your chance to vote for all your favorites in twenty categories. You’ll find A Perfect Blood in the paranormal fantasy section, but do check out the others. Goodread Reader Choice Awards¬†This particular voting period runs from November 12th to the 18th, and from it, five from each category will move on to the next round.

Yesterday was a tough slog at the keyboard, but I’m looking forward to a better day at the desk today. I’m just about at the halfway point for the rough draft, and it’s starting to become tangled. Someone made a big mistake, and Rachel is ready to walk away and let them deal with it themselves.



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A Perfect Blood is a Goodreads nominee

I’m pleased to announce the Goodreads Choice Awards are going on right now, and A Perfect Blood is a nominee! Opening round is from now to November 11th, Semifinal is the 12th to the 18th, and the final round is the 19th to the 27th, so it give you three times to vote for your favorite, not just in paranormal fantasy, but in twenty categories. I do believe you must have a “bookshelf” in Goodreads to vote, but I really am not sure.

If you’re not familiar with Goodreads, it functions a lot like Amazon in that you can leave reviews, but what I like about it is that it is more like a community, where you can display ¬†on your “bookshelf” the books you’ve read, the ones you’re reading, and even the ones you want to read. There is a logarithm running out of sight that does pretty well with suggesting books you might like by what you’ve read and how you’ve rated them! ¬†You can hook it up to your FB, or not. Your choice. I’ve linked to mine, but the button to keep your reading private is in your face and easy to use if you want it that way. ¬†I had a fun day or so poking around in it trying to become familiar with my author page, and I do believe I will be giving away one of my early advanced reader copies of EVER AFTER through a Goodreads give away just to get a feel for how they work.

But for now, there’s just the contest. -grin- If you are a member, you can find A Perfect Blood in the Paranormal Fantasy section. Happy Voting! (If you’re a member, link will take you to the main category page of voting. If you’re not, it might take you to a sign-up page. Someone let me know for sure, yes?) ¬†Link to vote




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Happy Halloween!

I do believe that Halloween ranks up there with my favorite holidays. Six tubs of stuff come up out of the basement to decorate my home, and when they go back down empty, it feels like I have room for at least another tub or two. This year I didn’t decorate much outside, and now I’m kind of glad because it is shaping up to be one of Michigan’s cold, windy Halloweens where you have your snowsuit on over your Power Ranger costume. One year we went through 16 bags of candy, though admittedly it was a weekend evening, not this miserable mid-week, coldness. This year, I expect fewer kids, though quite honestly, I don’t think the kids care how cold it is. I never did. ūüôā

But traditions must be followed despite adversity, new ones created sometimes because of them, and I’m wearing my brand-new pumpkin socks today. The spooky pumpkin cookies are baked, and there is a dish of candy corn out. Tonight we’re having stew, and my mom is bringing over doughnut dough to fry up after Tricks-or-Treats is done. I do believe she has just started a new tradition. I hope so.

A-a-a-a-and some good news for those of you who enjoy a little visual presentation with your literature, Blood Crime finally hit the shelves yesterday! Ta-da! I’m so pleased with it. If you’re not familiar with the first graphic novel Blood Work, these two stories showcase Rachel interning under Ivy at the I.S. before Dead Witch Walking takes place. They are from Ivy’s point of view, and we get to see a little more into the vampire mythology/trap, not to mention her fall in love. If you’re still mourning Kisten, he is in there, though I’ll be honest in that he never looked the way I saw him in my mind’s eye. Blood Crime should be available just about anywhere they consistently shelve my books, but here’s a link to my website for more info and a few places that will have it if you are having trouble. BLOOD CRIME

I’m also pleased to tell you that¬†Blood Work, the older sibling,¬†just now made it to the e-world, meaning you can read it on your Nook. I believe the rest of the platforms will follow soon. (link to e-Blood Work)

Tomorrow, I’ve got news about Perfect Blood¬†making the list for Goodreads choice awards for best paranormal fantasy for 2012. Contest is running now, and I’ll give you all the particulars tomorrow, but if you know what I’m talking about already, you can find¬†Perfect Blood¬†in the paranormal fantasy category.


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