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American Demon Freebies: how to get in on this

Get your envelopes ready, the AMERICAN DEMON tour freebies are in, and because I’m not counting on the tour to happen in the usual way, I made sure these things are MAILABLE!! I’m going to miss you guys if I can’t get out, but being able to send you something you’d only get at an in-person signing makes it easier to swallow.

This year, I recreated the store bag from Patricia’s Spell Shop, right downtown Cincinnati. Remember the spell shop that Minias and Al trashed? That’s the one. The store features in the new book as well, and though the bag won’t have the charms in it that Rachel gets from Patricia’s shop, you can still get the bag. All you have to do is send me a SASE. (Self -Addressed, Stamped Envelope)

If you’ve never sent me a SASE before, I’ve got an example of what you make up and mail me below.

My address goes in the upper left, yours in the middle so I can send it back to you with the freebie in it, and don’t forget the stamp. Fold it up, and mail it to me at the address below. In a few weeks, you should get your envelope back with a freebie in it. It’s that simple! (and for you stay-at-home/homeschooling parents, a possible lesson?)

Kim Harrison
American Demon freebie
PO Box 498
Dexter, MI, 48130
USA (if outside the U.S.)


This is what you mail me to get your freebie

Please don’t use metallic ink. The post office can’t handle it, and we’ve lost some. Also, those little return address stickers don’t work well either.

If you are outside the U.S., don’t put return postage on your SASE. We’ll take care of it because the US postal people make International Reply Coupons way too confusing. We got this.

Also, I’ve done some research, and from what I’ve been able to find out, Covid-19 lasts on printer paper for only a few hours. (FYI, paper money is different. It lasts for days.) So don’t worry about sending/receiving them. All the same, Tim will be wearing gloves and a mask while processing them, and he would appreciate it if you use a self-stick envelop if you have them. If not, don’t make a special trip to find them. It’s all okay.

I hope to see some of these in my mailbox soon. I can’t wait to start sharing them with you!



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The Drafter Freebies

Freebies! If you have ever been to one of my signings, you know how much fun we have with the Q&A, the bunny cam, and the freebies that are somehow both promotional and have something to do with the book.

This year was kind of tricky, and I wanted to find something that played upon the slightly futuristic lean the books were taking. The Hollows used magic to make the world stand out. This time, I wanted to use technology, and so after lots of starts and stops, I put together a mock up of Peri Reed’s glass-technology phone.

They are just too cool for words. I want a real one that works. Heck, I want Peri’s car, I want her apartment, I want to go shopping at Sim’s Mules. . . . But the phone was the only thing I could duplicate. (grin) PerisPhone And because I know that not everyone can get to a signing, I’m going to make them available again this year for a SASE.

If you’ve never sent me a SASE, I’ve got an example below. Just stick on a first class stamp, fold it up, and mail it to me at the address below:

Kim Harrison
PO Box 498
Dexter, MI, 48130

SASE Envelope and stamp may vary subject to availability, location, and personal preference. -grin- Just don’t use metallic ink. The post office can’t handle it all the time.

Also, I’m posting content over at Instagram now. Today there’s a picture of my “house jewerly”: https://instagram.com/kim_harrison_author/


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First Edition, and Freebie Friday!!

No, I’m not giving first editions away free. The freebies are the freebies I’ve been giving away since October and I’m starting to run out! As for first editions? How do you know? Well let me tell you! Every book, be it mass market, or hard cover, has a string of numbers at the bottom of the page that follows the title page. The title page is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s usually where I sign, along with the title and author, and publishing info. But it’s the one following it where all the disclaimers are that you’ll find the edition number. The numbers at the bottom count down from 10 to 1 in the first editions, 10 to 2 in the second editions, 10 to 3 in the third editions, and so on. After the 10th edition, they start over from 20 to 11.

Sometimes I can tell by the feel of the book and the yellowing of the pages if it’s a first edition and I take an extra moment in the signing line to lovingly flip the page to check it out. I’m right about 90% of the time. The other 10% I’m usually way off and the book has just been loved to near death and the owner and I have a laugh and I usually find out it’s been dropped in the tub or passed around to fifteen people. (which I love even more). 🙂 So first editions mean something to me, yes, especially DEAD WITCH WALKING, the only one I really look for. There weren’t a whole lot of them released in comparison to a release now, and I only spot one or two in the entire two weeks that I’m out.

EAhcCoverThe only reason I bring it up today is that I know first editions are important to some of you guys as well, be it mass market or hard cover, and I’ve got a few titles that the first edition will soon be hard to find. Right now, I’m guessing it’s probably 50/50 that the EVER AFTER you find on the shelf or order from Amazon is a first edition. I started seeing 2nd editions in the lines even before tour was over, but Nicola’s still has them, having stocked up before I left. I can sign it, too, if you ask in the comment box when ordering. (signed, not personalized.) http://www.nicolasbooks.com/book/9780061957918

EAfreebies2SmIf you’re looking for freebies, you can get those right from me. Just send me a SASE. The picture below is what a SASE looks like, and the address to send it to is:

Kim Harrison
EVER AFTER freebie
PO Box 498
Dexter, MI, 48130

SASEEnvelope and stamp may vary subject to availability, location, and personal preference. -grin-



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You have to what?

So Guy says to me yesterday, “Hey, did you know all those tour ts that I printed up ahead of time are almost gone? I’m going to put another order in Monday.”

I just stare at him blankly over the kitchen table, currently being used as a sewing platform as I sew together a couple of frost blankets to wrap the ever-growing rhododendrons. I’m thinking, It’s only November. Whereupon he goes on, telling me what few sizes he has left and generally making me cross my eyes with mathy stuff and comparisons with last year, and what part of the country is ordering big this year.

I’m still thinking, It’s only November. But regardless, he’s putting in an order Monday, so if you would like one of these bad boys and are trying to get in before the Christmas rush and the postage goes up Jan 1, now would be a good time. 🙂 I love seeing the shirts in the crowd and in the signing line, and most stores let us bring everyone wearing them up for a big “family photo” that I keep in my records long after the tour is done.

The back has a list of the tour cities, and though Portland is not on there, I will be coming to the usual Powell’s Beaverton store. Other cities I am definitely visiting are Ann Arbor, Seattle, Portland, San Diego, and Houston. Cities on the list but not yet nailed down with a store are Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, and Raleigh/Durham in NC. It’s going to be a big tour, and I’m excited!

Every shirt gets a Carew Tower Coat Tag freebie, but if you want the freebie without all the fuss, send me a SASE. (Here’s how you do it.)

Guy worked hard to bring the price down from last year, but the shipping costs are frustrating and don’t make much sense. All prices include shipping. Domestic will go priority mail for sm to xl, and parcel post for 2xl to 5xl. International shipments will go first-class. Here’s the details:

Unisex size. (I wear a medium)

2XL to 5XL

Prices will change the first of January to reflect a shift in shipping cost. To take advantage of the lower shipping, please place your order a week before the year ends.

To order your EVER AFTER Tour T . . . THINGS WE MUST HAVE.

1: Pay Pal the correct amount to Guy at coldtoastwritingsllc@comcast.net

2: In the [email to recipient] box at PayPal, please tell Guy your:

1. size(s)
2. your name
3. your shipping address.

PLEASE!!! Do not forget this. Paypal does not always supply the shipping address, and it gets confusing. If you do not tell us these three things, your money will be immediately refunded, and you will not get a shirt. We can’t be responsible for misdirected mail. If you’re using your brother’s PayPal, keep this in mind.

4: Don’t have pay-pal? Guy will accept checks or US bank money orders made out to Cold Toast Writings until December 1st. Snail mail your order to
Kim Harrison 2013 tour t
PO Box 498
Dexter, MI 48130

5: Any questions at all, email Guy, (at coldtoastwritingsllc@comcast.net) and be sure to include in your correspondence your PayPal email so he can match it up.


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Did you know you can get a signed Blood Crime?

Yes indeed, you can get a signed BLOOD CRIME before I go out for the EVER AFTER tour. Nicola’s has a stash, I was just there a few days ago and signed the orders that had come in, but I can go back. -grin- If you’re interested, I’ve got a link to my web page and the list of books they usually keep on hand. HOWEVER!! you can’t simply order a book and get one signed. You have to tell them you want me to sign it in the comment box on the “pay me” page of their system. Otherwise, you just get a book. Here’s the link to my page.

And if you’re poking around there, you’ll notice that we’ve got the freebies available early this year for EVER-AFTER. I know not everyone can get out to a signing, and it’s important to me that you aren’t excluded when all it takes is a stamp or two, so if you want a little bit of the Hollows for yourself, send me a SASE, and I’ll send you a coat tag from Carew Tower. 🙂 I should have enough of these to last a good long while, but hey, they make cool stocking stuffers.

Besides, stuffing those envelopes keeps Guy off the streets.

P.S. If you have taken Guy up on his alternate Manic Monday book offer, (and you know who you are) they are shipping out today. Media mail takes a while, and if it’s going east, please allow for some extra time. Again, thank you for your understanding. I truly believed they were going to last longer.


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Ever-After tour freebies

EVER AFTER tour freebies are here!!

The EVER AFTER tour freebies came in today, and I had to share the instant I saw them!  Holy Cow, I like them, and if you’ve read the first chapter available in the mass market of A PERFECT BLOOD, then you’ll recognize the one side as the coat check tag Rachel picked up at the Carew Tower with Quen.  🙂  I love it when I can bring a piece of the Hollows alive, and I think it turned out especially well this year. I tried to give it a little an art deco feel, which is the style the Carew Tower was designed with. They are okay, but as you can see, I write better than I design. -grin-

The other side is pure promotion with the cities and drop date, but I am cautioning you right now that the cities are not guaranteed. My publicist is wrangling it together right now, and I honestly think she’d have an easier time putting a bunch of cats into cat carriers. Keep a tight watch on the drama box and FB for any changes.

I’m especially pleased that they came in just in time to include them in the first order of tour t shirts  going out this Friday. If you want to get in on this first shipment out to the readers, you have to place your order before noon tomorrow. How to place your order, and why you’d even want one of these bad boys They’ve been available for a while, and I apologize if this is the first you’re seeing them. They will be available until late December, but I don’t know when the next shipment will be going out to YOU.

The coat check tag will be included with the tour shirts, but if you want to get one for the price of a stamp, send us a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to:

Kim Harrison
Ever-After tour freebie
PO Box 498
Dexter, MI 48130

If you are not in the US, don’t bother putting the return postage on your SASE. We’ll take care of it because the US postal people make International Reply Coupons way too confusing.


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