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For A Few Demons More-Read-a-long/price drop

If you haven’t heard, I am sponsoring a read-a-long over at Goodreads. Today we officially start FOR A FEW DEMONS MORE, and if you want to join in, come on over!  — Goodreads –!

Even better, there’s a rolling price reduction going on, even if you are not a member of Goodreads. So if you can’t find your books or simply want to round out your e-library, this is a relatively painless way to do it. Or even better, get a book for that stubborn reader in your life who just won’t give the Hollows a try. 😉 For A Few Demons More is 1.99 for a short time, and because this is a publisher-sponsored price reduction, it is unfortunately for U.S. only.

If you’re just now hearing about the read-a-long, the folders for the earlier titles will remain active.



Also, I worked with my publisher at ACE to offer you early, presale buyers, a stunning card for AMERICAN DEMON that you an print out and put under the tree. Just click the image to go to the bigger copy for your own use. And happy holidays!

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Snow is gone! Time to put up lights.

Awww, come on, guys! (I’m laughing, really, I am.) Six people contacted Guy about their shirts, and not one of them told him the size of the shirt or the email it was ordered under. And you know what he did? He came into my office and griped at me for a good ten minutes. (head hits the desk) So there it is. [ To order one for pre-tour delivery, click ]

If you’ve been reading along with us, we’re in the middle of FOR A FEW DEMONS MORE. It’s summer, and Rachel is running around in shorts and a chemise as she visits the morgue, getting that toe-tag from Iceman and finding out that David thinks he’s blacking out and murdering his girlfriends, and boy does he have a lot, which impresses both Glenn and Kisten.

Ivy’s put down her ultimatum of “if you jerk me around, I’m going to take you up on it” and Trent’s almost becoming human as he begs her to play security at his wedding because Lee has agreed to be his best man. He is Al’s familiar, and it smells of trouble, bad.

I’m at the point where Rachel has been out to Spring Grove to see the murdered/suicide Were and she runs into Tom. I had completely forgotten about him and that black magic cult. Cool.

It’s still on sale for 1.99 at most U.S. outlets. [ click for a list of them ]

FAFDMreadalongYou can take part of the conversation here or at Goodreads, where the threads tend to stick around a little longer.

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