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Last call for pre-Christmas tour t-s

Happy Friday! We made it to another one, and I’m still trying to decide if I got enough work done this week, or if I’m going to fret today and try to cram more into this afternoon than humanly possible. I’m leaning toward being happy with my output, but we’ll see how this morning goes. I’ve been working on book 13, finding “emotional holes” and filling them. It’s very slow going, and exhausting. (You won’t believe me how exhausting until you’ve done it yourself.)

Guy talked to our local shirt person, and we’ve had to move the deadline for pre-Christmas tour-T’s up. (I’m sorry for any stress this has caused, but I’m trying to do local when I can.) Last day to order and get in on this first print run is November 26, noon, EST. Guy has to have your order in hand by then. We can’t go by postmarks, so if you’re snail-mailing money, email him to tell him it’s coming. Otherwise, your order is in the after-Christmas print run. Both pre and post print runs will have the Free Vampire Society pin included. This is the only way to get a pin other than at a signing.

TUPtourTIf you have ordered a shirt and are anxious to know if Guy has your order, check your pay-pal account. If the money has moved, we’ve got your order. (Any question, email guy with the date you ordered, size, and the email your pay pal is associated with. Otherwise, he comes into my office complaining, and I don’t get anything done.)

I’m going to send you to the website for how to order:  [order a tour T ]

FOCPrizepackAnd don’t forget! Monday is another flash-giveaway! Guy and I found three, (yes, three!) hard covers of A Fistful of Charms. Each prize pack contains a hard cover of FOC, an Into the Woods hard cover, EVER AFTER cover flat, bunny pin, bus token, and one of Marshal’s warmth amulets/FOC freebie.FOCprizepack2

I’m running it like the other read-along give aways, so come back Monday for your chance to win one of these bad-boys. I think they are the only three left on planet Earth. -grin-

Also, if you’re still looking for your 1.99 e-book, FOC, DWW, and FAFDM are still on sale. (click to go to multiple platform links)

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