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DragonCon 2018

Someone asked me what my favorite moment of DragonCon 2018 was yesterday. Lucky me, I got it on video thanks to Tim. I swear, The best stuff goes on behind the black curtain.


We got together for a quick picture before the Best Selling Authors Tell All panel, and it sort of degraded into a happy mess.

But here’s the official picture: in order from left to right, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Faith Hunter, Kim Harrison, Laurell K. Hamilton, Kevin J. Anderson, Nancy Knight, Gordon Andrews, Ilona Andrews

The next day was my personal panel, and as was my wont, I sat on the table so I could see you better. With me is Carol, who runs the urban fantasy track. (Yay, Carol!) Everyone who came got a copy of THE OPERATOR to take home with them, and the Q&A was great, but my favorite part had to be getting the chance to read the first three pages of rough draft of AMERICAN DEMON, the next Rachel Morgan book I’m working on now–which you all apparently liked. (smile) I also got a fair idea of how an Al POV book set during the elf/demon war in the ever-after would go over.

There was a signing at the AmericasMart building at The Missing Volume, and if you’re in the area, I left signed books with them. While there, I ran into one of my long-time readers who I believe has gotten a book signed from me every year I go out all the way back to about 2005, if I’m thinking right.

My last panel was on Today, and I got the chance to sit on a panel with Richard Kadery. It was really nice to see him again, if only for a few minutes, and I wish I had had more than one panel with him. Happy meet!

And then it was time to head home and back to the final days of summer, because I don’t care what the calendar says, it’s still warm, and my garden is still green, and I need to be in my office, putting words on paper.



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Happy Book Birthday, and you can eat your cake, too!

9780451465061_BloodTrade_CV.inddIt’s happy book birthday to Faith Hunter, the woman I credit most with getting me published as fast as I did. (As in shoving me in front of my to-be agent and walking away.) Blood Trade is out today, the latest in the Jane Yellowrock series. Her vampires don’t sparkle, and if you like ’em bad, you’ll like Faith’s take on the mythology. Blood Trade

And for the cake? I’ve got that too! Jocelynn Drake has the Dark Day’s series and the Asylum Tales e-books on sale for .99. Not just one title, but all of them! She’s got a great post on what is actually included in the short-running sale, so pop on over and get it straight from her. Jocelynn Drake’s April special deal.

Trixie short story final cover BurntheNight


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I get by with a little help from my friends

*gush alert!!*  -grin- The following is an informal conversation about the importance of friends in the industry between me and the woman who shoved my foot into the door of this crazy business . Faith can be found at her own blog www.faithhunter.net  and https://www.facebook.com/faith.hunter#!/official.faith.hunter Her latest, DEATH’S RIVAL has just come out this week and is jumping off the shelves.

Most days I still feel like a newbie when I sit down at my desk.  The painfully introverted woman who picked up that pen seventeen years ago isn’t very far away, the person you see on the stage or behind the signing table really a much-practiced endeavor that I can only maintain for a few hours before collapsing. The tools in my tool box are admittedly more numerous and I reach for them with more surety.  My heart no longer pounds when I get a call from my agent, apart from when he’s getting me a new contract.  But as we all strive to make this job easier, there is one place we have to work to keep everything the same, and that is the friends we make along the way.

My first few years honing my writing were spent alone, and that was okay seeing as I had a steep learning curve.  Still, I hit a ceiling, one that I broke by joining a dedicated writers’ critique group.  Going to that first meeting was one of the hardest things I’d ever forced myself to do.  It was also where I met Gwen Hunter, also known as Faith Hunter.  Now, when I first met Faith, she was a PUBLISHED AUTHOR and a New York Times bestseller.  She’d been touring off the US, and she had what I wanted: the knowhow to effectively tell a story.  I was hungry for it, and she was willing to dish it out.  And boy, I have found over the years that she can dish it out.  -grin-

With that said, I’d like to bring Faith in on this conversation.  Faith, do you even remember what we were individually working on when we first met?  I think I read a short story.  In fact, I think it was Tempson Estates, (Scheduled to be released 10/9 in INTO THE WOODS.)

Faith:  I don’t remember the first thing you read aloud, though it was the beginning of a story, (something about pumpkins?) 🙂 but I do remember your voice. Not just your reading voice which was always lovely, (though was very shaky at first with nerves) but your authorial voice. This was not the voice of a newbie, this was the voice of a dedicated writer and future star. The words were rich and intense and immediate, your world was fully realized. And so was your character. Not the usual first reading.

Kim:  Okay, now I’m blushing, but yes, I was terrified to read my work aloud, and my voice shook like a leaf.  It was the scariest thing I’d ever done.

Faith: We had a big group at that time and I put you on my “pay attention” list, which was my internal list for writers who stood the best chances of making it in the business. If I remember right, it was sometime after your third meeting when I asked if you were writing a short story or a novel. And it was a novel. I was ecstatic.

Kim: First Truth.  Yep.  I think I was on my fifth revision, and it needed help.

Faith: Right! I remember now! Much later, after we had gotten to know one another, I suggested that we meet outside the group. Do you remember the place we met for lunch? I’ll nudge you. Burger King. And you brought your youngest son, who was into everything and kept you feeling frazzled. Thing Two was clearly already creative, like his mom, BTW. I had carefully prepared what I wanted to say. I told you that I believed that you would be the next Anne McCaffrey. I watched your eyes as you absorbed that. And I realized that you already knew that you would be a star. You were quietly . . . knowing is a good word. You believed in your talent and your gift. You were ready for it. And I so wanted to help you get there!

Kim: OMGosh, I sort of remember Burger King now.  Wow. It was the only place I could think of that would keep Thing Two occupied for a few minutes. And I was a little freaked when you brought up Anne McCaffrey because those are very large slippers to try to fit into, but yes, I wanted it that badly.  I had a lot of determination and a very thick head.  Skill, not so much.  It was a big learning curve for me.  But that’s what a good writer’s critique group does: brings you up to speed and points you in the right direction. I still look on those few years as being sort of my Camelot—a unique combination of sundry talents where the perfect ideal was celebrated. I miss it, especially when I’m thumping my still thick head against a literary wall. Our occasional “writer sanity” meetings did a lot to fill that gap. It’s not just the chance to bounce ideas around, but the rare opportunity to talk to someone who recognizes the spark of a good idea when it flashes across your face, and then tells you to pursue it.  I can’t say that Jane Yellowrock was born between sips of coffee at Starbucks, but I remember you bringing her up at one of our writer sanity meetings.  You had some ideas for a new series, and I saw you light up when you talked about her.  I knew then that Jane had legs, as they say in the biz.  She was going to make it.  (And because Faith is to shy to mention it, book five, Death’s Rival, just hit the shelf.  Go forth and read!)

Faith: I remember that! Starbucks was a great place to meet because no one looked askance at us when we talked about elves, pixies, poisons, throwing knives, and turning into small rodent-like animals or mountain lions. Yeah, you had just turned in a book and were exhausted, and I had just finished a rewrite of one of my Rogue Mage books and was exhausted. It was one of those days where we both just happened to need to explore something new and totally creative, whether we ever used it or not. I remember what you talked about. Grace. (Can I say that here?)

Kim:  Yes, she’s kind of out of the bag, though she’s working with computers instead of swords now.

Faith: And I talked about  Katie’s Ladies, the Oldest Operating Whorehouse In New Orleans, with Katie being a vampire. But the main character would be this Cherokee character, female, who hunted vamps. And the name I chose for her was Jane Doe because I couldn’t think of a name at the time.

Our usual tea-time was about 90 minutes, but this one stretched out into two hours. And yeah. Jane (Doe) Yellowrock was born.

Kim: Never underestimate the power of caffeine and like-minded people, but I know we got a few looks when the conversation became too animated and turned to vampires.  Maybe now not so much, but back then?  -laugh-  But even though it seems obvious that having friends—as in real friends, not associates you can tap for help—in the business is vital, I don’t want to give the impression that it’s easy. Writers are blessed with a job that can be done anywhere.  We move a lot.  Long-distance relationships are hard enough, but combine that with the perils of highly competitive women in a job where everyone knows everyone else?

Faith:  Yeah. Green eyed jealousy is a hard thing to get past sometimes. I was totally green, not just my eyes, when you hit the NYT the first time. And yet totally proud and pleased and whooting it up at the same time. So very proud. I still am. Proud of you.

Kim:  Okay, but remember me having to meet with you before I did my first copy-edit?  I was scared to make any mark on that paper and do something wrong?  I still feel that way sometimes.

Faith: You have done the writer thing with dignity and grace and poise. You have learned to speak in public, learned how to deal with it when someone out there doesn’t like what you write, (there will always be people who like to read other types of things, or who are feeling angry and take their bad day out on a book review).

Kim:  The stuff they don’t tell us we need to learn how to do.  All I wanted was to write.

Faith: You have also learned to become an even better writer than you were back then. Mostly, you have paid it forward, giving your stamp of approval when you read a book you like.

Kim: And who do you think taught me all that, Faith!  -grin-  I shudder to think what would have happened without you there to show me that grace.  Being friends lets us applaud each other’s successes (after a flash of green-eyed monster). We can be proud of each other and we manage to keep balancing work and life, and lean on each other for guidance when a new tool, like FB, or blogging, show up.

Faith:  Green eyed monster notwithstanding, you gave a stamp of approval to Jane Yellowrock, my main character. Thank you for that, for liking Jane. I’ve never written a character I liked more! So, yes, there’s competition, but in a good way.

Kim: Not competition for readers—because authors are like M&Ms in that you can have a favorite and still enjoy the entire bag—but for publisher promotion dollars and the like so that we can keep pushing forward with careers and with telling stories.

Faith:  Exactly! So. Here’s to the future. (Sound of clinking tea mugs.) A future where you are living far away, and I may only get to see you rarely. A future where life is different, maybe harder in some ways. Definitely more lonely with you gone. And here’s to Comic Con in New York City! I am sooo looking forward to finding a Starbucks and getting caught up.

And thank you for having me here today. (Waves to Kim’s fans.) She has so many wonderful stories to tell you! And to tell me, of course. I am still her biggest fan!

Kim: I can’t wait! Life is good — With Friends Like These.

Faith can be most readily found at her blog and website.  www.faithhunter.net  https://www.facebook.com/faith.hunter#!/official.faith.hunter


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Perfect Blood to old school Santa Claus, yes, these things go together–today.

It’s a grab-bag of mish-mash today! First, I finished up signing INTO THE WOODS last night, and wow, I have to thank you guys for your response. I’d say my hand is tired, but you know the voice is the first thing to go. -grin-  I left some signed stock, so if you are desperate and can’t get out to Comic Con NY (where I’ll also be signing) you can order one from here. Order signed INTO THE WOODS

Second, but actually this should be first, on the way to Nicola’s, my editor called, and you guys pushed A PERFECT BLOOD up into the New York Times list!  It hit at a very respectable 14 on the mass market. Not bad for a book that has been out for almost a year and hit #2 on the hard cover list.  Smiles, smiles, smiles. Thank you!  It feels pretty good sitting at my desk this morning. Also, Guy was out yesterday and spotted it at the “must read”end cap at a get-all store. I know one chain, especially, is going to have A PERFECT BLOOD at a steep discount, so keep your eyes peeled, and if you spot it, let me know.

Third, I’ve added a booth signing on Friday morning at Comic Con, hopefully before it gets too much the mad house. I’ll be at the Del Rey booth signing very early releases of BLOOD CRIME, the second graphic novel.  This bad boy isn’t supposed to be out until Halloween, but you can get it at Comic Con.  If you miss the signing, you can buy it even when I’m not there, and bring it to another Comic Con signing, of which I’ve got several. My updated Comic Con NY schedule

Fourth, tomorrow I’ll be posting a conversation between me and Faith Hunter about the importance of having friends in the industry, giving you the down and dirty on how we met and what we’re up to now. This is the woman who mentored me and literally shoved me in front of the man who later became my agent. She’s a pushy broad, and everyone who knows her loves her for it, because she pushes you into what she knows you’re capable of. So tomorrow, you’re going to be witness to two ladies gushing all over each other. (grin) You have been warned.

Faith is coming on to my pages here to celebrate her release of DEATH’S RIVAL, number five in her Jane Yellowrock series.  I’m going to give you a link to Amazon only because it’s easy, but you can find it everywhere this week.  Death’s Rival on Amazon And tomorrow, the gushing begins . . .

And lastly, i09 has published a SF/Fantasy don’t miss in October list, and one of my faves is on it.  Go Bram!  I had the chance to read KRAMPUS before it came out, and loved the old school Christmas crashing into even older pagan ritual. And yes, it’s got illustrations.  🙂 Jump on over to i09 for the complete list.  io9 Bookshelf injection-October Bram is also going to be at Comic Con, so check the schedule. We have a joint booth signing on Saturday at Harper. Jocelynn Drake is going to be there too, along with Richard Kadery.  It’s going to be a happy madhouse. I can’t wait.


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Made it to another one

Friday!  And I don’t think it’s supposed to rain this weekend.  I hope not. I’ve got stuff to do in the yard, but with these cooler temps, the kitchen has been exerting its pull as well and I might actually bake this weekend. I’m thinking chicken, one of the few things that I can cook and cook well.

I think I’ve bombarded you guys enough with all the promotional stuff that’s going on right now, and even though things are piling up to tell you, there are two books that aren’t mine that are coming out soon that if you’ve not heard of them, you might want to take a peek.

Jocelynn Drake has book one in the Asylum Tales coming out October 16, and she’s giving away an early copy of Angel’s Ink at her blog. You might know her best from the Dark Days series, but this is something completely different. For a chance at the copy of Angel’s Ink, you’ve got to read the post and answer the question of what every-day thing your spouse/sig other does that gets your attention and pegs  your attraction meter. Contest ends today. What floats your boat.

And Faith Hunter’s Death’s Rival is on the shelves this next Tuesday!  This is book five in her Jane Yellowrock series. She and I have put together a joint blog about friendships in the industry, how they get started, and how hard it is to keep them going.  Look for that next Friday, but in the meantime, check out her latest.

The coolest thing is that both of these ladies will be at Comic Con NY in October, and I can’t wait to see them there!


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If you stopped by yesterday, you would have heard me moaning about getting back to my keyboard, as in “I can’t wait” not “I don’t want vacation to end.”  Trust me, I like my weekends, but I’m all funned out right now.  (grin)  So yesterday I got back to work and, as expected, cranked the pages.  Didn’t get out of my office until 8:30 pm, but I put the smack-down on the keyboard and got a whopping number of pages under my belt.  Holy smokes, it felt good to get something done.  If not for Guy making dinner, it would have been cheese sandwiches.  (grin)  I likes cheese.

So today, as I try to wash-rinse-repeat, I’m hoping I get out of my office a wee bit earlier.  The end is my favorite part of the book to write, and the long hours just seem to happen.  Everything is in place, there is a clear direction of action, and it’s pure movement for the last 100 pages.  Ahhh, I love to start things, but I love the endings just as much.  Rachel, Rachel, Rachel . . .  What have you done now?

 So instead of prattling on about nothing, which I managed to do anyway, I did want to bring to your attention a new release by Faith Hunter.  If you’ve been following her new Jane Yellowrock series, the latest, BLOODCROSS is out today.   (happy dance!)  I read the first, SKINWALKER, and loved it.  Kick-ass heroine, deadly vampires with all their glorious hierarchies, and a cop, all mixed up in New Orleans.  What’s not to love?  She’s got a few contests going over at her blog today  if you’re interested.



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Will you be near Charlotte, NC Saturday?

Out doing some shopping Saturday?  Going to be near Charlotte NC?  More specifically, Rock Hill, SC?  Me too!  (laugh)

This Saturday, I will be signing with fellow urban fantasy writer Faith Hunter from noon to two where I’ll be pushing the Hollows and Madison, and she’ll be pushing . . . uh . . .  See, Faith has got more books on the shelf than me, so she’ll be pushing everything, but mostly her latest series, Jane Yellowrock starting with SKINWALKER, I think.  (grin)  I’ll have the BLACK MAGIC SANCTION freebies with me, and Guy will bring some tour T’s, so if you want to pick one up free of shipping, come on out!

Faith Hunter and Kim Harrison, Book Rack 2007

Local signings are usually _very_ low key, and I’ll personalize every little thing you got since there will be no line to speak of and lots of time to talk to you.   

This is a multi-author event day, which means there will be lots of authors in and out all day.  Too.  Much.  Fun!

Rock Hill, SC (30 minutes South of Charlotte NC)
December 5 12:00 to 2:00 pm
Book Rack
742 N. Anderson Rd (21 bypass)
803 327 9028


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