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Buck, buck, buck? Price drop: Every Which Way but Dead

Hi All,

In celebration of the upcoming release of AMERICAN DEMON, (Yay, Rachel and Trent!) I am hosting a read-a-long over at Goodreads. We’re just now starting Every Which Way but Dead, and if you want to join in, come on over!  — Goodreads — My biggest surprise when I wrote it was Ceri. Two weeks of plotting on paper down the crapper right from page one. (happy sigh)

Even better, there’s a rolling price reduction going on, even if you are not a member of Goodreads. So if you can’t find your books or simply want to round out your e-library, this is a relatively painless way to do it. Or even better, get a book for that stubborn reader in your life who just won’t give the Hollows a try. 😉

Today we officially begin Every Which Way but Dead, so you can find it for a limited time for .99. Yep, less than a dollar! So cheap, you can buy it for a friend. 😉

If you’re just now hearing about the read-a-long, the folders for Dead Witch Walking, and The Good, The Bad, and The Undead will remain active, and I’ll continue to be checking them as we go along.






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