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Cornucopia of overflowing goodness (and I’ll share)

I’ve got a lot of stuff going on right now, and thought a post that brings them all together might be in order. First, Chapter one of The Undead Pool is at the website. I’m really excited about this release, so I’m happy chapter one is out so soon. Look for chapter two around December, February?, or if you can’t wait, it’s being tucked into the back of a lot of the e-books as they go on sale. You can sometimes see it in an existing e-book in your library by updating to the latest version, but you will lose your highlights and notes.

Click image to read The Undead Pool, or to go to the e-book on sale in U.S. markets. Dead Witch Walking and Holidays Are Hell might drop out ASAP, but they were on sale when I wrote this. (Quick like bunnies on fire!)

TUPhcCover Dead Witch WalkingFAFDMhcCoverISEWWBDmmCoverISHAHmmCoverSm


Ever After just hit the stands in mass market form, which means the e-book has dropped in price to the cost of the mass market. (U.S.) As a special thank you for those who waited, the Trent/Rachel short, TROUBLE ON RESEVE has been included in the back.This is the short originally released with the Sony reading app. It’s short enough you can stand in the aisle and read it if you already have a copy. Offering it in the back of a mass market was not my original intention, and I’m sorry if some of you are upset, but I lost the ability to offer it alone, and this is the best I can do.
Harper5bookSweepsThe first of two Harper Sweeps is still going on. The first five titles in the series are signed and will be sent to the winners along with whatever swag they might have about the office. This is going to run for a few more weeks, but don’t wait to the last moment.

EWWBDswagI’ll be having another 24 hour, flash give away myself on Monday, featuring Every Which Way but Dead, Into the Woods, and the Saladan poker chip freebie. Entry is really simple, and you can see what we did for GBU here. This has been really fun for me, and you don’t have to be taking part in the Hollows Read-along to take advantage of the chance to win some stuff!

GBUprizePackThe give-aways are part of the read along, where I’m reading the books along with those of you who do a re-read in prep for the new book–or to pick up readers who we lost along with a certain sexy hunk of vampire. I know it’s slow for some people, and too fast for others, but I’m taking about two weeks per book, and my give-aways mark the end of one and the beginning of the next. And again, you don’t have to be reading along with me to take part in the conversations going on here at the drama box, or over at Goodreads where the conversations are threaded and easy to find. We’re just finishing up Every Which Way but Dead.

gca_logo_nominee_smallUseAnd speaking of Goodreads! Ever After is a nominee in their reader choice awards! I am so jazzed about this as the readers are so very important to me, (even when we disagree over certain deaths or romantic paths.) There will be three tiers of voting, the first is going on now. I’ll let you know if Ever After makes it to the next round and you can vote again. Vote for EVER AFTER, vote for someone else, but vote. I’ve got a lot of friends in there, and it’s all good! (EVER AFTER is in the Paranormal Fantasy section.)

If you’ve never tried Goodreads, give it a go. I like it because everyone there loves books, and the reviews and conversations show it.

As for the tour this late February. We have the kick-off store settled. The rest should be coming in soon, and I’ll let you know when I do. But for now, there’s just the one at the Event’s Page.

TUPtourTOrders for Tour T’s are being taken for the pre-Christmas print run. We do these on demand in two print runs, so please don’t expect your shirt in 10 days. They aren’t even printed yet, but if you don’t order now, you won’t get one for Christmas. They come with a FV pin, as well. I really like them this year, but I say that every year. It features the graffiti Free Vampire symbol that comes into play in the book.

Phew! I’m sure I forgot something, but that’s it for now. And don’t forget. Monday. Flash give away. Right here.


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Happy Publication day, EVER AFTER

AmazonEAIt’s the last Tuesday in October, and that means the mass market of Ever After has finally reached the shelves! Yay! So for everyone who has been avoiding spoilers until the price drops (in the e-book, too.) or who just wanted their copies to all be mass market (I’m funny like that, as well.) the wait is over.

This one has the Rachel and Trent short Trouble on Reserve  at the back. This is the one that was originally released in the Sony reading app, and I’m soooo glad it’s finally out for a wider consumption. If you already have a copy of Ever After, it’s short enough to read standing in the aisle, and I’ve heard that if you update your electronic copy (especially Kindle) that it will pop in there as well. (If you do, I’ve heard you’ll loose all your notes, highlights, and such, so just be aware.)

If you don’t have your copy of Ever After yet, I’m giving away 31 signed, (yes, signed) e-books on Halloween. To enter, follow the rafflecopter link to enter as many times as you like. It’s basically a fun way for Harper to teach me a new trick–signing ebooks–and increase my mailing list through twitter, FB, and the like. You don’t have to surrender your FB friend list if you don’t want. I’ll be signing and sending the copies out on Halloween night. International is okay, too. It’s all treat, and no trick!

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 8.51.47 AM


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Ever After, Chapter One

Kim Harrison

Chapter One

“This is close enough. Thanks,” I said to the cabdriver, and he swerved to park a block from Carew Tower’s drop-off zone. It was Sunday night, and the trendy restaurants in the lower levels of the Cincinnati high-rise were busy with the March Madness food fest—the revolving door never stopped as laughing couples and groups went in and out. The kids-on-art exhibit had probably brought in a few, but I’d be willing to bet that the stoic pair in the suit and sequined dress getting out of the black car ahead of me were going up into the revolving restaurant as I was.

I fumbled for a twenty in my ridiculously small clutch purse, then handed it over the front seat. “Keep the change,” I said, distracted as I tugged my shawl closer, breathing in a faint lilac scent. “And I’m going to need a receipt, please.”

The cabbie shot me a thankful glance at the tip, high maybe, but he’d come all the way out to the Hollows to pick me up. Nervous, I readjusted my shawl again and slid to the door. I could have taken my car, but parking was a hassle downtown for festivals, and tawny silk and lace lost a lot of sparkle while getting out of a MINI Cooper. Not to mention the stiffwind off the river might pull apart my carefully braided hair if I had to walk more than a block.

I doubted that tonight’s meeting with Quen would lead to a job, but I needed all the tax deductions I could get right now, even if it was just cab fare. Skipping filing for a year while they decided if I was a citizen or not hadn’t turned out to be the boon I originally thought it was.

“Thanks,” I said as I tucked the receipt away. Taking a steadying breath, I sat with my hands in my lap. Maybe I should go home instead. I liked Quen, but he was Trent’s number one security guy. I was sure it was a job offer, but probably not one I wanted to take.

My curiosity had always been stronger than common sense, though, and when the cabbie’s eyes met mine through his rearview mirror, I reached for the handle. “Whatever it is, I’m saying no,” I muttered as I got out, and the Were chuckled. The thump of the door barely beat the three loud Goth teenagers descending upon him.

My low heels clicked on the sidewalk and I held my tiny clutch bag under my arm, the other hand on my hair. The bag was tiny, yes, but it was big enough to hold my street-legal splat gun stocked with sleepy-time charms. If Quen didn’t take no for an answer, I could leave him facedown in his twelve-dollar-a-bowl soup.

Squinting through the wind, I held a hand to my hair and dodged the people loitering for their rides. Quen had asked me to dinner, not Trent. I didn’t like that he felt the need to talk to me at a five-star restaurant instead of a coffee shop, but maybe the man liked his whiskey old.

One last gust pushed me into the revolving door, and a whisper of impending danger tightened my gut as the scent of old brass and dog urine rose in the sudden dead air. It expanded into the echoing noise of a wide lobby done in marble, and I shivered as I made for the elevators. It was more than the March chill.

READ THE REST OF CHAPTER ONE AT http://www.scribd.com/doc/117123054/Kim-Harrison-s-EVER-AFTER-Chapter-1-Excerpt

Look for chapter two 12/25


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EVER AFTER wallpaper

As promised, the team at Harper Voyager has created a wallpaper to celebrate the upcoming release of EVER AFTER, (1/22/13) I have three sizes to make it easier to fit your various screens.  The middle one is here, but the smaller for your phone and larger for your work screen are at the website.  (EVER AFTER page.) And do take the time to get the larger one. It’s breathtaking!


For those of you waiting for the chapter excerpts, you will be glad to hear that this is the kick-off for the promotion run for the tour, and the first excerpts will be coming yet this week. I’ll also have the short list for the cities that made the cut off for the mystery city.

If you want to be sure to get notices of the early chapter releases–right to your inbox–you can always sign up for either Harper’s Author Tracker program or my newsletter. The info often overlaps, but if one of us doesn’t tell you, the other one will.

Kim Harrison’s Newsletter

Harper’s Author Tracker


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You have to what?

So Guy says to me yesterday, “Hey, did you know all those tour ts that I printed up ahead of time are almost gone? I’m going to put another order in Monday.”

I just stare at him blankly over the kitchen table, currently being used as a sewing platform as I sew together a couple of frost blankets to wrap the ever-growing rhododendrons. I’m thinking, It’s only November. Whereupon he goes on, telling me what few sizes he has left and generally making me cross my eyes with mathy stuff and comparisons with last year, and what part of the country is ordering big this year.

I’m still thinking, It’s only November. But regardless, he’s putting in an order Monday, so if you would like one of these bad boys and are trying to get in before the Christmas rush and the postage goes up Jan 1, now would be a good time. 🙂 I love seeing the shirts in the crowd and in the signing line, and most stores let us bring everyone wearing them up for a big “family photo” that I keep in my records long after the tour is done.

The back has a list of the tour cities, and though Portland is not on there, I will be coming to the usual Powell’s Beaverton store. Other cities I am definitely visiting are Ann Arbor, Seattle, Portland, San Diego, and Houston. Cities on the list but not yet nailed down with a store are Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, and Raleigh/Durham in NC. It’s going to be a big tour, and I’m excited!

Every shirt gets a Carew Tower Coat Tag freebie, but if you want the freebie without all the fuss, send me a SASE. (Here’s how you do it.)

Guy worked hard to bring the price down from last year, but the shipping costs are frustrating and don’t make much sense. All prices include shipping. Domestic will go priority mail for sm to xl, and parcel post for 2xl to 5xl. International shipments will go first-class. Here’s the details:

Unisex size. (I wear a medium)

2XL to 5XL

Prices will change the first of January to reflect a shift in shipping cost. To take advantage of the lower shipping, please place your order a week before the year ends.

To order your EVER AFTER Tour T . . . THINGS WE MUST HAVE.

1: Pay Pal the correct amount to Guy at coldtoastwritingsllc@comcast.net

2: In the [email to recipient] box at PayPal, please tell Guy your:

1. size(s)
2. your name
3. your shipping address.

PLEASE!!! Do not forget this. Paypal does not always supply the shipping address, and it gets confusing. If you do not tell us these three things, your money will be immediately refunded, and you will not get a shirt. We can’t be responsible for misdirected mail. If you’re using your brother’s PayPal, keep this in mind.

4: Don’t have pay-pal? Guy will accept checks or US bank money orders made out to Cold Toast Writings until December 1st. Snail mail your order to
Kim Harrison 2013 tour t
PO Box 498
Dexter, MI 48130

5: Any questions at all, email Guy, (at coldtoastwritingsllc@comcast.net) and be sure to include in your correspondence your PayPal email so he can match it up.


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Ever-After Tour Venues: I’ve got the first four

I was the first one up this morning. I can’t tell you when the last time that happened on a workday. And I’m slow, yawning, and can’t seem to get moving fast enough to even catch up, and I swear if I didn’t have something specifically to tell you that I’d just mumble something and open up  my work computer and try to get words on paper, words I’ll have to fix later, but you have to start somewhere, right?

Last night was fabulous as I spent time with three generations of my family, ate blue and red cupcakes, and decorated napkins with stars, flags, and even my attempt at Lincoln–but this morning is a reminder of why I love my sleep so much. My folks came over to watch the election results come in, and seriously, it was a lot of fun. (On a personal note, it helped diffuse a lot of stress with my dad, and I feel like a good daughter today.) We kept it to CNN all night because they had that nifty light show on the Empire State Building, and I’ve always liked the “magic wall” with John King where the intricacies of strategy and where to campaign and where to invest in encouraging people to vote came into play. I have to admit I’m very proud of the people who stood in line for long periods of time to vote. I had maybe ten minutes to wait, and I was standing with my neighbors. That’s kind of how it’s supposed to be, and I hope things move more in that direction the next time we get to vote again.

But I said I have Ever After tour venues, and yes! They are starting to come in.  It looks like I’ll be doing my kick off at Nicola’s, the store that I’ve been working through to get you the signed books lately. (Pssst! I’ll be going out there tomorrow to sign more orders, so if you want something signed, now’s a good time to order one.) Then I’ll be headed out all the way to the West Coast and hopefully move in a steady progression east. Portland was added. -grin- This was a happy surprise. If you live there, tell your buds because Portland was not on the original list. Here is the first couple of days. More will follow. And as always, please check back a day or two before the event to make sure there are no changes or store requests added.

Ann Arbor: January 22, Tuesday, 7:00 PM : Nicola’s Books
Seattle: January 23, Wednesday, 7:00 PM : University Bookstore
Portland/Beaverton: January 24, Thursday, time to be determined, but we’re aiming for 6-7 PM : Powell’s Books; Cedar Hills Crossing
San Diego: January 25, Friday, 7:00 PM : Mysterious Galaxy

These are all stores I’ve signed in before, and I can’t wait to get back out and see some familiar smiles. It’s going to be fun!


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Did you know you can get a signed Blood Crime?

Yes indeed, you can get a signed BLOOD CRIME before I go out for the EVER AFTER tour. Nicola’s has a stash, I was just there a few days ago and signed the orders that had come in, but I can go back. -grin- If you’re interested, I’ve got a link to my web page and the list of books they usually keep on hand. HOWEVER!! you can’t simply order a book and get one signed. You have to tell them you want me to sign it in the comment box on the “pay me” page of their system. Otherwise, you just get a book. Here’s the link to my page.

And if you’re poking around there, you’ll notice that we’ve got the freebies available early this year for EVER-AFTER. I know not everyone can get out to a signing, and it’s important to me that you aren’t excluded when all it takes is a stamp or two, so if you want a little bit of the Hollows for yourself, send me a SASE, and I’ll send you a coat tag from Carew Tower. 🙂 I should have enough of these to last a good long while, but hey, they make cool stocking stuffers.

Besides, stuffing those envelopes keeps Guy off the streets.

P.S. If you have taken Guy up on his alternate Manic Monday book offer, (and you know who you are) they are shipping out today. Media mail takes a while, and if it’s going east, please allow for some extra time. Again, thank you for your understanding. I truly believed they were going to last longer.


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