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Busy Weekend

I had a hellacious weekend, and I’m exhausted. Saturday was spent moving two ton of rock into a new rock wall.  I swore I was done making rock walls, but there it is.  Just need the dirt now, which was supposed to be in Friday, but I can wait.  I’m thinking three yards . . .  Sunday was supposed to be a nice trip out to find some plants to put into it, but . . .

Sunday turned into an unexpected trip out to the Ren fair, unexpected in the sense of getting up planning one thing, and in thirty minutes, being out the door and in the car on the way to something else.  We had a great time eating and shopping–in that order–and when we left about 3;30, the line to get in was horrible.  Made me glad we went early. The shopping seemed better this year than last, or maybe I was in more of a shopping mood.  Now, here’s the funny thing.  The crowds and walking on Sunday exhausted me markedly more than moving two ton of rock on Saturday.  Go figure.  And the best part?  I slept long and deep, and had curious dreams.

Just as a reminder, if you’ve not heard, one of the stories from INTO THE WOODS (out October 9) has been released early in a special edition e-book.  Pet Shop Boys.  It also has the first chapter of EVER AFTER in it, so if you like sneak peeks, you might want to check it out.  It’s available right now.

Amazon:  Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

Barnes and Noble: Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

iTunes: Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

Sony: Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

Kobo: Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter


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Two teasers for the price of one

Teasers, teasers, teasers!  I got ’em today, two for the price of one!

I have been relentlessly teasing almost a year over the collection of Hollows and non Hollows shorts and novellas that culminated in INTO THE WOODS.  It’s a big one, with all the previously released bonus Hollows shorts and anthology novellas, plus a new one with Trent and Jenks stealing Lucy.  But what I’m most pleased about is the other 200 or so pages of entirely new, non-Hollows stuff.

See, I know I’m not a one-trick pony, but Rachel is a hard act to follow, so I took a summer to develop a few solid ideas that I might want to work with for the next five or six years as well as to remind myself how to write outside the Hollows.

But I said two sneak peeks, didn’t I?  Well, one of the novellas in INTO THE WOODS, Pet Shop Boys, has been released as a major teaser ebook.  Included in it is chapter one of EVER AFTER.

Here’s how you get yours:

Amazon:  Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

Barnes and Noble: Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

iTunes: Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter

Sony: Pet Shop Boys with Ever After chapter


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To E or not to E?

Had a great weekend working in the dirt, ripping out one very overgrown bush and moving three from another part of the property into its place.  It was doubly satisfying because the three we moved were crowed and going to have to come out anyway, and now they’re in the ground, not the dumpster.

Working too hard on the weekend is part of my master plan to get things done during the week.  If I’m too achy and sore to do anything but sit for three days, then I’m more likely to ah . . . sit for three days.  Grace is moving forward.

I’ve got a bit more from that unused interview for you today concerning my thoughts on the pros and cons of electronic books.  Enjoy!


What do you feel are the benefits of the new electronic readers such as Kindle, Kobo & Nook to the environment?

This is a hard question to answer as the benefits in avoiding chopping down trees, the enormous impact on the environment turning said trees into books, and then trucking them across the country only to then relocate unsold books into the waste stream can’t be dismissed.  However . . . there’s a largely untalked about problem in the toxic waste generated in simply making electronic readers, compounded by the problem that many are made to last only a few years before needing to be replaced, either because of designed decrepitude or that sparkles of the next model are irresistible.  These toxic compounds are likely going to end up in a landfill where, when compounded with others in huge techno dumps, can damage the environment from cradle to grave.

I’ve not investigated the pros and cons with enough depth to give a solid yes or no to the benefits of e-readers, but it seems to me that the consumer should purchase what form of book works best for him or her.  Me, I like my tactile paper books, but the benefits of having your library at your fingertips is hard to dismiss.  It’s a personal choice and I don’t see a problem in having both.  Perhaps some effort should be spent in redesigning a new production and marketing system for paper books that doesn’t involve quite so much waste.

What impact do electronic readers create on the bottom line for authors in the end? Do you feel they have a negative impact or positive, or no impact at all that you can see?

It has been my personal experience that electronic books have had a positive impact on my sales, not just from established readers tired of agonizing over where to put their new book shelf, but for garnering new readers as well.  That a lot of my readership stems from romance and science fiction, both of who are computer and Internet savvy, doesn’t hurt.

It’s far easier for many people to take a chance on a new-to-them author if the format is electronic.  It’s not always about the price, but the space that an unwanted book takes up and the decision on what to do with a book you don’t like.  Most people who read love books, and the thought of throwing a paper book away, even one they didn’t like, is akin to nails on a blackboard.  Giving your friend a book you didn’t enjoy isn’t likely to happen, either.  Tossing electrons back into the ether is a lot easier on the soul.


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Quick question . . . Nook, Sony, Kindle . . .

I want to have a post this morning about the first stop on the blog tour, but I don’t have my ducks in a row yet.  In the interim, Jim asked me about e-readers and if I could recommend one over another.  I know there is a fraction of people who feel that e-readers in general are threatening to take away our smelly, stinky, tactile-rich books.  Personally, I don’t see that happening.  But if you have an opinion on the pros and cons of individual brands, now is your chance to weigh in and tell us what you think.  I believe Jim is most interested in the feature that enlarges print.

I’ll have more on the contest to win Ivy’s boots later today . . .


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Battle of the e-books has spilled onto my desk.

*** This page has gone no comments, but because it is important, I have set up a more permanent page to vent/comment/get-your-thought- to-the-publisher at https://kimharrison.wordpress.com/a-page-to-vent-about-e-book-delayed-release/ ***

I’m great at staying out of trouble most times.  You may have noticed that I’ve been very tight lipped lately about the recent drama concerning e-books, saying only that because of their increased popularity, many publishers have begun giving e-books their own release date, aligning them more closely to mass markets than hard covers, (since the price of many e-books are more inline with that format)

Things have been shifting radically in the last month, with shoving contests between retailers and publishers seeming to hurt only the authors and readers.  (For a more business slant, check out Richard Curtis’s blog.  It’s been hopping with industry news.)

The drama hit kind of close lately, and I’ve been trying to educate myself, learning a few things.  E-book is not a generic term (which I thought), but refers to more of a type of electronic book.  If you’ve ever bought an e-book, you know they don’t all work on all devices.  You buy a Kindle to access Amazon, or a Nook to access B&N’s shelves.  What we’re seeing now is Amazon trying to corner the market and everyone else fighting back.  You can guess what will happen to those nice low prices when someone comes out on top. I saw this with Beta and the VCR players when I was a kid, and I saw it again just a few years ago between Blue Ray and HD players.  It’s just the nature of the beast.

So until the battle is won by the way of the pocketbook, the state of e-books will be unsettled.  Please don’t take it out on your favorite authors by leaving bad reviews.  Us author types have little to no say, and no one really knows what’s going to happen any more than you do.

What does this mean to you, the consumer?  From what I’ve been told, the delayed release of the Black Magic Sanction e-book is affecting Kindles, Fictionwise, Nooks, Soney e-readers, along with a handful of others. (April 6th Go ahead, groan.  Amazon priced them as a mass market, so that’s where they are sliding.)  However . . . there are alternatives as I’ve been finding out.

Harpercollins/Eos was looking ahead, and though no one had a clue that the e-book situation was going to explode, they had someone out at my office with a camera about a month or so ago, gathering content for an enhanced e-book.  This enhanced e-book content was designed for Iphones and Itouch, and since everything went boom, they decided to release it the same day as the hard cover, February 23rd.  If you have a Iphone or Itouch and access to ITunes, you’re good to go.  And you should see where you’re going!  (grin)

So what’s the difference between the e-book (4/6) and enhanced e-book (2/23)? OMGosh, you’ve no idea how hard it’s been to keep quiet about this.  There are videos of me talking about the Hollows, how the books came together, and how I work.  There are several audio commentaries by me concerning key scenes and characters, and how things didn’t always go as I had planned.  One of the coolest things you will get with the enhanced e-book is the entire audio book synced to the text, which means you can listen in the car, then shift to the text when you get home without losing your place.  Ms. Gavin is reading, and she’s done her usual fabulous job.  There’s a book trailer in there, too, and a couple of cool bits and bobs revolving around the Hollows.  Lots of fun stuff.  And you get to see me in my natural habitat of my office and graveyard.  (grin)

I’m not taking sides.  I’m not a business person.  I’m a storyteller, and I just want to tell my stories, to see your eyes light up and live the dream with me if only for the span the pages are moving.

So there it is, citizens.  Nothing to see here, move along.  (grin)


ps  Oh, and the first three chapters available at Harper are actually the first seven.  Holy cats!!!


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