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Friday wrap-up (and thank you!)

Yesterday I got some links to an interview and some reviews revolving around Blood Work, and I want to pass them on to you.  Along with them, I want to pass on my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have gone out to find BLOOD WORK.  As I mentioned when it came out, it hit the number one spot on the NY Times Best Seller list for hardcover graphic novels.  It dropped that second week, and I thought we were moving off, but I found out that it’s back at the number two spot for the week of Aug 21, so that is very, very cool.  Thank you.  I spent a summer trying to figure this new medium out, and I learned a lot.  Knowing that you, the readers, appreciated the results, is gratifying.

So, the interviews!  This first one I remember giving at Comic Con.  She transcribed my words verbatim, it looks like, so you can almost hear the background noise and chaos of the crowd in my words.  Ain’t it Cool News  (review and interview)

Huntington News review

Arts Beat New York Times review

Tulsa World review


Monday we’re having a manic monday for mini-mugs.  I’ll have info at 8:00, but don’t order until noon EST.  I’ve got 50-100 of these to move out, so we should be able to keep taking reservations for at least an hour or two.  🙂


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Blood Work takes the # 1 spot this next week!

I’m still at Comic Con, having a great time of it.  I know I said I wasn’t going to post, but I have a nice bit of news! Blood Work has hit the number one spot on the New York Times list.  To say I’m excited is a huge understatement.  Comic books have a completely different writing style, and it was a daunting task to try to figure it out within such a short span, but my editor at Del Rey, (Betsy Mitchell) made it easy.

So I’ll be doing the happy author dance all day today as I
1  give away signed posters of the Hollows Insider at the Harper booth 1017 from 2:30 to 3:30,
2  give my spotlight panel presentation at room 5AB from 4:30-5:30, and
3  sign everything and anything from 6:00 -7:00 pm (AA3)

4  I’l also drop by a Del Rey panel at 8:00 pm room 23 ABC.

Hope to see you there!  I’ll be giving away tons of stuff at my spotlight panel.  🙂


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Release Day

That’s right!  It’s Tuesday, and all across the US, a handful of authors are grinning ear to ear, waking up with the words on their lips, “It’s out today.”

This time, it’s my turn, as Blood Work finally hits the shelf.  This has been a labor of love for me, and I put a lot into it, trying on a new tool belt in more ways than one.  I could not have done it without the patience and even hand of my editor at Del Rey, Betsy Mitchell.  (If you’ve not seen it, I’ve got a page at the website on “the making of”.)  We are already applying ourselves for the sequel, so there will be at least two stories from Ivy’s POV.  It was a wonderful chance to see things from her direction, and if you are a fan of hers, you might want to pick it up and give it a glance.  If you’re looking for it on a real shelf, you will find it in the graphic novel section most likely.  If you’re looking for it online, I’ve got a couple of sources here:

Barnes and Noble
Indi Bound Books 
Kim’s books at Del Rey 
Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego
Borderlands in San Francisco
Rendezvous – The Romance Bookstore  Australian outlet to help curb the shipping cost.
Infinitas Bookshop – science fiction, fantasy and horror booksAnother outlet in Australia.
SFBC (The Science Fiction Book Club)

Today is the last day to enter for the boots on the cover that my editor at Del Rey is giving away.  Five runner up’s will receive a signed copy.  Signed copies are also available to win at the blog tour posts.  (I’ve got them on yesterday’s post if you’ve not entered yet.)  But today, I’ve got a short interview with Shawn over at suvudu.  Five-Questions

Me?  As exciting at today is, it is a work day for me, and I’ll be sitting at my desk pushing through the second editorial rewrite of A PERFECT BLOOD.  I was expecting this second rewrite since I made so many major changes in it the first time.  But yes, it is stronger, whether you like what happens or not.  -grin-  I swear, the most interesting things happen in the editorial rewrite. . .


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Book Trailer goodness!

Happy Friday!  Wow, after a week of painstakingly going through the world book one last time, I’m ready for it.  But look at this!!

My editor at Del Rey plopped this on my desk yesterday.  It had me doing the happy dance, and I had to share.   (Feel free to put on your own site and spread the word.)  How cool is that?  Just a handful of days left until this hits the shelf, and I’m so ready for it!

By the way, I took a closer look at the blog tour sites I gave you yesterday and noticed that the entry rules to win the signed books from each site are different.  (head hits desk)  Some are comment to enter, some are email your name and address to them.  So if you posted and left, you might not really be entered in all of them.  My apologies.  (wince)  I’ve been distracted lately . . .  The contests run until the 12th, I think, so you should be okay.  If you missed them, here they are again:

Graphic Novel Reporter. Why I wanted to write a graphic novel.
Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. Blood lust–how do you show an emotion?
Fantasy Book Critic. Rachel and Ivy–how they met.
Comic Beat. Team player? Loved it.

And the link to win Ivy’s boots . . . (rules, regs, how to enter)

The robin that nested on our porch is at it again, and we’ve got another batch of four eggs incubating.  Here’s hoping they have better luck this time.  I’ll have pictures after they hatch.  Right now, it’s not much different from the last photo of four eggs.  They look a bit bigger is all.


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Kim Harrison’s Hollows Goes Graphic

Ta-da!  (big silly grin)  It’s been a rough month, but I finally feel comfortable singing the news from the rooftops.  Contracts are signed, and I actually have the first story written at what would be my “dialog” stage if I was making this a normal novella.  The Hollows is going graphic!  Whooo-hoo!

I want to try to do the scrip myself to preserve as much of the original feel as I can, (not to mention the new media is facinating), so I’ve been studying graphic novels the past month to try to get a feel for how comic books are put together.  There is a pattern, just like everything else, and putting it all together is kind of daunting.  But I love it.  There is a huge freedom in this media that you can’t get in traditional prose.  It will be the first time that I can write with an omnipresent point of view, which means I can show things that the main character doesn’t see.  I’m having a blast with it.  Totally.

Best part?  I’ve discussed it with my editor, and we are going to tackle this from Ivy’s point of view.  I swear, the woman scares me, but it’s been a couple of years since the novella in DATES FROM HELL, and I think I’m ready to try it again.

Um, and Kisten is still alive.  (grin)

I’ve no idea when this is going to come out, but Del Rey wants the script like now, so it’s moving.  And I’m so-o-o-o excited.



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