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Weekend signings of A Perfect Blood

Mental note.  When in Denver, ask for a humidifier in the room.  OMGosh, you guys pay for that beautiful air.  I’m as uncomfortable right now as Jenks wearing polyester.  -laugh-    But after yesterday’s event in LA at Dark Delicacies, (which went great, by the way) Guy and I are back down to sea level and I’m soaking in the warmth and higher humidity.  Ahhhh.  I am truly a topical bug, doing best with warm, humid weather that you find at the beach.  I will just have to live with that curse.

Someday I’ll tell you about the unexpected snags this tour has heaped upon Guy and I, but in everything you can find a sparkle of good happenstance, and when fate put us in the back of the plane with rude people that we ended up laughing at, we were graced with clear skies over the Rocky Mountains.


Tattered Cover, Denver CO

Dark Delicacies and Tattered Cover are two of the few genre stores that are known in the industry to have been a part of its development, being a fixture in the past and hopefully the future.  It’s independents like these that make these tours possible, little islands of what used to be common, alert to change and welcoming it so as to keep moving forward and basically alive and thriving.

Dark Delicacies, Burbank CA (LA)

Like all independents, Dark Delicacies and Tattered Cover work hard at keeping their cliental happy, often knowing patrons by their first name and exactly what they like to read.  They know how to run a successful event, and I’m always sorry to not have more time to spend with the hands-on owners/operators, but even so, I can tell when someone has their heart in what they do, and both Dark Delicacies and the Tattered Cover are such stores.  The signings there this Friday and Saturday were fabulous, and I finally have photos up after Guy’s and my whirlwind air flight extravaganza on Saturday.  🙂

Tattered Cover
Dark Delicacies

Tonight, I’ll be at another such independent store in San Diego.  I’ll be honest.  Mysterious Galaxy is probably my favorite of such movers-and-shakers in the industry.  I think it’s because it was one of the first stores that my publisher sent me to, all the way across the US and four time zones where they welcomed me as if I had something to say worth hearing.  It has been interesting to see how both “Kim Harrison World” and Mysterious Galaxy have changed in the last five years or so.  Dude, if you don’t keep swimming, you sink. It’s a good thing we both think the water is fine.  🙂

Hope to see some of you there tonight!


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