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BAM today, and Quail Ridge Books event pictures

Quail Ridge Books and Music was a packed house! I loved seeing all the familiar faces, and lots of new ones! lots of roadies to help me celebrate.


If Raleigh is anything, it’s enthusiastic. There were tons of tour Ts from this and previous years, and even a few homemade Hollows shirts which I loved seeing. (Just click the group photo to go to the higher resolution copy to snag for your own use.)


The store itself is wonderful, with staff that know and love books. I left lots of signed stock and even a few Free Vampire Society pins if you’re in the area and missed the signing. I’ve got the rest of the photos at the website, here: [More Photos]

Also, one of the interviews I did while in Cincinnati has been archived and is available to listen to. I do believe I’ve talked to Mark Dewitt on Cover to Cover every year I’ve gone to Cincinnati. Cover to Cover: Kim Harrison discusses the Undead Pool. This is a fairly spoiler free interview.

Today, I’ll be in Columbia, out at Books A Million for my one day-time event. Yay! Hope to see some of you there!

More photos


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Cover to Cover in Cincinnati

I’ve been home now for almost a week, and the first of the radio spots that I did while traveling from one side of the US to the other are starting to come in! The latest is Cover to Cover, which I did with Mark while in Cincinnati. This is the third time I interviewed with Mark, and it’s a real pleasure as he and his family actually read the series. (You don’t always get that kind of response, and it always surprises me when a reporter/interviewer is familiar with my work.) It is almost 30 minutes, so bookmark it if you can’t watch right away. I also have a list going of the archived media I did on the front page of the website.

Cover to Cover Mark Dewitt interviews Kim Harrison

Coand Company

But if you’re pinched for time, I’ve got a six minute live TV interview I did while in Denver. I really enjoyed talking to Denise on Colorado and Company. She hadn’t read the books, but she seemed genuinely interested in them, going outside and beyond the original “script.” I hope I can go back again next year.

Denise interviews Kim Harrison on Colorado and Company


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