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Hollows Playlist: Ceri and Piscary

We are up to Piscary and Ceri in the Hollows playlist match-up! I hope you are enjoying the look into how I create a character. I don’t have music on most of the time when I’m writing, but when I’m looking to free my thoughts just a little bit more…music does it.

Ceri, first. Ceri was an accident. I had the entirety of Every Which Way but Dead plotted out, and when I sat down to write that first chapter, Ceri walked out from behind the tombstone and blew it all away like dandelion fluffs.  But she was most welcome into the Hollows. Ceri was never far from her royal, ancient elven roots, and the music I’ve found to fit her wild, dangerous self is Filii Neidhardi by Corvus Corax. I found this group right about the time I began developing Ceri’s persona, and it just seemed a perfect fit.

Piscary, on the other hand… His character was a careful creation, a friendly uncle who has ugly tastes and an unparalleled skill for both gas lighting and manipulating. All his children love and hate him, and he really doesn’t care. There are a lot of tracks that bring up vampires in my mind, their power, their grace, their often-time beauty, but Lullaby by A perfect circle holds a disjointed disconnect that I have always felt encompasses a vampire’s hold on their prey.

I’m going to be bringing these to you faster this week to finish up Friday. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about Jenks and Trent’s tracks. Jenks has one, and Trent has three.

Remaining characters:

Jenks (1), Rachel (3), Trent (3), Newt (2), Kisten (3) … and one for me–my theme song after a hellish couple of years now dumping into one hellish year for everyone.

Remaining songs:

Red Tape: Agent Provocateur
Not Going Away: Ozzy Osbourne
DOA: Foo Fighters
Viva La Vida: Coldplay
Only: Nine Inch Nails
Your Own Worst Enemy: Alice Cooper
Every Day is Exactly the Same: Nine Inch Nails
The American Way: The Crystal Method
Never Say Never: Queens of the Stone Age
Extraordinary Machine: Fiona Apple
The Line Begins to Blur: Nine Inch Nails
Living Dead Girl: Rob Zombie

Looking for the playlist of the Hollows? I’ve got it here: https://open.spotify.com/embed/playlist/6qYXtGoaMxjMoravl5Jt21  (You don’t have to upgrade from free to see it.)

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