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NYCC madness!

Comic Con is over, and I’m trying to recoup!  Wow, it was just as fun as I remembered, and even better because it feels like coming home now, not all brand new. The three panels went great, and the signings were too. I’m going to drop a few pictures here for you so you can get an idea of my three days there, but seriously, this is the tip of the iceburge. What you’re not seeing is all the cool people I shared space with, especially in the green room.  🙂

Me at the beginning. Note the bright eyes and smile, relaxed and ready. This changes by the end of the weekend.  But for now, I’m been hyped up on caffeine  and ready to go. First day was fairly easy with a panel on how police procedure/PI is different when you add in the supernatural. And though the names aren’t in order, here’s who was there: Myke Cole, Thomas E. Sniegoski, Jacqueline Carey, Christopher Bennet, G.T. Almasi, Amber Benson, Kim Harrison.

Day two started at the Del Rey booth where I signed the early release copies of BLOOD CRIME, the second Hollows graphic novel. Here I’m with Elvis, yes, he was really there, and he likes the Hollows. SUVUDO works out of the Del Rey booth, and I did an impromptu video interview with them when the line ebbed for a moment. You can still see here. SUVUDO-KIM-NYCC2012.

From there it was off to the autographing area downstairs where I panicked when I saw the stage they had set up for the individual author chats–right out in the middle of the floor. Seriously?  Us authors are mostly introverts, dudes! Give us a room next year please. We are not performers, and shouting into arenas makes us nervous. But with my editor standing by and helping with the questions, I got through my private panel where I eased up on the teasing and actually gave out some nice tidbits about what might be coming next after the Hollows and how INTO THE WOODS figures in to that with three novellas I might be developing into a series.

Most of the people in this picture are really lined up for Adam West, I think, but all the chairs were full, and you all had some great questions for me. Also, here’s a nice shot of me and the crew chilling in the green room. Now, the reason I’m putting this in here is to show you the reality of what’s going on. Long bursts of smiles and excitement, tempered with brief boughs of collapse and regroup. Yep, those Don’t Panic button came in handy.

My favorite day was Saturday, when Jocelynn Drake and Richard Kadery came in and we had a panel together: Hocus Pocus. I don’t really have a good picture of the panel in action, but I’ve got a great one of Jocelynn and me with our editor, Diana Gill, that we took afterward.  I’ve got my Don’t Panic button on in this one, which seemed to be the theme of the weekend. After the panel, all that was left was a group signing at the Harper booth.
When you’re at a conference, your publisher’s booth becomes your home where you can leave your coat when you want to wander the floor, where you go when you need a place to sit, or sometimes a cookie when the line at Starbucks is 40 minutes long–so signing there is a pleasure. What made it even better is that three of my favorite authors were there, too, with Bram signing his latest, KRAMPUS, Richard Kadrey signing DEVIL SAID BANG, and Jocelynn Drake signing some early release copies of ANGELS INK. (It’s out tomorrow!) I think this is my favorite photograph of the weekend.


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Perfect Blood to old school Santa Claus, yes, these things go together–today.

It’s a grab-bag of mish-mash today! First, I finished up signing INTO THE WOODS last night, and wow, I have to thank you guys for your response. I’d say my hand is tired, but you know the voice is the first thing to go. -grin-  I left some signed stock, so if you are desperate and can’t get out to Comic Con NY (where I’ll also be signing) you can order one from here. Order signed INTO THE WOODS

Second, but actually this should be first, on the way to Nicola’s, my editor called, and you guys pushed A PERFECT BLOOD up into the New York Times list!  It hit at a very respectable 14 on the mass market. Not bad for a book that has been out for almost a year and hit #2 on the hard cover list.  Smiles, smiles, smiles. Thank you!  It feels pretty good sitting at my desk this morning. Also, Guy was out yesterday and spotted it at the “must read”end cap at a get-all store. I know one chain, especially, is going to have A PERFECT BLOOD at a steep discount, so keep your eyes peeled, and if you spot it, let me know.

Third, I’ve added a booth signing on Friday morning at Comic Con, hopefully before it gets too much the mad house. I’ll be at the Del Rey booth signing very early releases of BLOOD CRIME, the second graphic novel.  This bad boy isn’t supposed to be out until Halloween, but you can get it at Comic Con.  If you miss the signing, you can buy it even when I’m not there, and bring it to another Comic Con signing, of which I’ve got several. My updated Comic Con NY schedule

Fourth, tomorrow I’ll be posting a conversation between me and Faith Hunter about the importance of having friends in the industry, giving you the down and dirty on how we met and what we’re up to now. This is the woman who mentored me and literally shoved me in front of the man who later became my agent. She’s a pushy broad, and everyone who knows her loves her for it, because she pushes you into what she knows you’re capable of. So tomorrow, you’re going to be witness to two ladies gushing all over each other. (grin) You have been warned.

Faith is coming on to my pages here to celebrate her release of DEATH’S RIVAL, number five in her Jane Yellowrock series.  I’m going to give you a link to Amazon only because it’s easy, but you can find it everywhere this week.  Death’s Rival on Amazon And tomorrow, the gushing begins . . .

And lastly, i09 has published a SF/Fantasy don’t miss in October list, and one of my faves is on it.  Go Bram!  I had the chance to read KRAMPUS before it came out, and loved the old school Christmas crashing into even older pagan ritual. And yes, it’s got illustrations.  🙂 Jump on over to i09 for the complete list.  io9 Bookshelf injection-October Bram is also going to be at Comic Con, so check the schedule. We have a joint booth signing on Saturday at Harper. Jocelynn Drake is going to be there too, along with Richard Kadery.  It’s going to be a happy madhouse. I can’t wait.


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