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Got a smart phone? Want an e-book?

Happy Monday! I’ve got a new way for you to get the ebook of Black Magic Sanction for 1.99 if you already have the paper version. It’s a new app called BitLit, and I’m eager to see how it works. The theory is that once you have the paper version, you can get the e-book through your  smart phone without needing a receipt. (Which is great if you bought your books more than a year ago, because really, who keeps their receipts that long?)

Here’s what Shelf Aware said about BitLit last week:Screen shot 2014-07-22 at 9.05.45 AM

And here is Harper’s promotion:

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 1.58.55 PM

[ download BitLit ]

[ hc.com ]

So if you know someone with a smartphone who’s been thinking about trying the Hollows, here’s another way to do it for less than the cost of a sweet coffee. 🙂 Oh! And apparently it will work on Nook or Kindle, too.

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 2.16.11 PM


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It’s a day of twelve

It’s a day of twelve! First, Barnes and Noble have come out with a list of 12 most anticipated Sci-fi and fantasy list for 2014, and I’m delighted six ways from Sunday that The Undead Pool is on it. The publication date is closing in now, and I’m starting my prep in a big way even as the read-along finishes up the last couple of books. Go and check out the list as it’s a fabulous way to find a new author or series you might not have heard about.


The second list of twelve I find my work on today is Harper’s own Twelve New Reads for The New Year, which might have a few authors you’re familiar with, or even books you’ve read, but they are all on sale for the rest of the month. (U.S. ebook markets) They’re featuring Black Magic Sanction, which is the book we’re just finishing up in the read-along.


Vicki Petterson and Jocelynn Drake both have books here, two of my fav authors.

12inchesAnd on a more personal note, here’s my personal 12 for the year. Most of it’s gone now and we’re left with crusty stiffness that you could almost walk on, but it was nice while it lasted. (Okay, okay, I’m not that hard core. I’m glad it’s gone . . .)


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Making the list!

A spot of good news today!  The mass market of Black Magic Sanction, which was released  the Tuesday before last, has made the New York Time’s Bestseller list!  I am totally excited about it!  (And feeling kind of dopey, ’cause when my editor phoned to tell me, I know there was this long bit of silence where I pulled myself out of rough draft mode and remembered that, oh yes, I did write a book called that.)  -rolls eyes-

I never wait for the mass markets to make the lists because so many of you just go for the hard cover, so when they do, it’s a bolt from the blue and sets me to dancing.  😉

So I thank you! Thank you for patiently waiting for the mass market, and thank you, guys, who bought both versions, one to keep and one to share. (?)


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Paperback of BLACK MAGIC SANCTION is out!

It’s been an agonizing wait for some of you, but the mass market of Black Magic Sanction is being released today!  You should find it on the shelves as you trudge through the stores and malls, returning the slippers that were two sizes too large and the skinny jeans that were a bit too skinny.  -laugh-  We had a bit of a longer wait this year as they slid my mass market release closer to the industry standard, but with a brand new cover featuring Rachel and Bis, here it is!

Because it’s a mass market, it does not have a drop-date, meaning you might have to ask the store to actually put it out on the shelf if they haven’t gotten around to it yet, but if you’ve been waiting all year for it, then ask!  I’ve been hearing from a lot of readers that they’re finding my work shelved in horror, so if you don’t see it, check out that section as well as SF/Fantasy or Fiction.  (The anthologies are usually in romance, and Madison books are in Young Adult.  Oh!  And the Dawn Cook titles would be in SF/Fantasy.)  Enjoy!

I hope to have the second chapter of Pale Demon up for you before the end of the day.  Fingers crossed!


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And then there are days when the long hours and frustrating conundrums give way and show you why you’re working so hard.  I have SEEEEEN the mass market cover for Black Magic Sanction, and it is beautiful.  It’s not only beautiful, but it’s gorgeously beautiful. (Can’t show you yet.  Way too soon.)  I honestly don’t know how or why I luck out, but the cover guys have always put that extra effort into my covers, turning them from excellent to excellent, classy, and something that takes my breath away–bringing to life the soul of the characters.

A word on covers . . . The bigger your publisher, the less say the writer usually has.  And in hindsight, that might be a good thing, because covers are an art form, designed not to give you a picture of the characters or story line, but rather a platform to put elements on a billboard, elements carefully chosen to tell the reader what’s inside more than a picture ever could.  But the best cover artists will find a way to do both.  And by-the-by, I feel like I’ve got a good amount of say.  My editor usually comes to me with color ideas, themes, places, outfits, and I can give my input, and then she comes back with more ideas, and it gets fine tuned.

For example, the hard cover artwork for BMS has a babe in leather, her middle showing to indicate she’s sexually active, has a knife to show she’s not a doormat and there will be

some action.  The colors are black and blue, with a pop of red to startle, chosen to give the book a distinctive look over the previous title, but in the same tint or color scheme to blend harmoniously next to it. The fog was a late addition to hide Rachel’s face to satisfy a book buyer or something, but most of the other covers have fog, indicating there will be a touch of mystery.  Gargoyle lets you know right off that we’re talking paranormal if the title didn’t clue you in, and the setting high above the city lets you know that bigger issues are involved.  The author name is the biggest print on there, which in some circles means that the Kim Harrison name is starting to sell the book now, not just the cover and back story flap.  (Makes me feel good, like I’ve got a positive reputation and people are starting to trust the storyteller to deliver, no matter what.)  Even the font for the title means something to the potential reader, and is chosen with an eye for attracting the person that would appreciate what’s between the covers.  It doesn’t matter if her hair isn’t curly, or she’s never worn an outfit like that, or she doesn’t have a leather armband.  The armband tells you she’s tough, and that’s what it’s there for.

And all this above is put together using the basic artistic design balance of threes, and spacial relationships, and all the good stuff that attracts us and we don’t even know it.

So I delight in my covers when I see them, having an inkling of what goes on to produce them.  When the artist is excited about the work, it shows, and that makes me feel good, too.

As for the mass market cover?  I can’t show you yet.  (na-na,-na na, na-a-a-a-a na)  Evil author grin.  But it’s got everything the hard cover has, and then some.

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Harper/Eos has 3, no, 7, chapters of Black Magic Sanction up!

If you have subscribed to Harper’s Author tracker, you already know this,but I wanted to let those of you who don’t that Harper has made available the first three chapters of Black Magic Sanction available for your pre-release perusal!  -grin-  I’m going to try to put the widget here.  Hold on . . .  Okay, that didn’t work.  Let me see if I can put it in the side bar . . .  Nope.  Didn’t work either.  You’re just going to have to go to the front page of the website and click from there.  (sigh)  I’m sure there is a way, but I’ll work on it later.  Go see! www.kimharrison.net

Also, Guy would like me to tell you that the orders for the Tour t’s are closed, and he is processing the last of the orders as we speak.  He’s trying his hardest to get these to you before I reach your city.  I’ve not seen him for days!  (Apart from watching the dog show together)

If you missed the day-long chat extravaganza, you can read it now at BBB.

Winner of the Westminster Dog show was “Sadie,” a scottish Terrier.  Here’s Aleix congratulating her on a well deserved win.  Congrats, Sadie

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have the bit I wanted to share with you about what’s going on with the e-versions of Black Magic Sanction.  (twiddling thumbs, twiddling thumbs.  -grin-)  They are having linkage issues.



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Ta-Ta! Black Magic Sanction cover

Today I have the official cover for Black Magic Sanction for you.  It’s very much like the one that has been around for a while on Amazon and other sites, but there were issues with showing her face, and we had to add some shadow and fog to get the right look.  I liked seeing her face, but I’m equally as happy with the fog and mist.  That is a running theme with most of the covers, and I like the glow.  I’ll have both pictures up at the website at some point for you to compare and contrast, but for now, here’s the one we’re going with.  😉

Yesterday, I watched a sharp-shinned hawk stoop on a squirrel.  He missed, but when the squirrel ran up a tree to escape, he stopped about four feet up, turned, and started crabbing at the hawk, still on the ground.  It gave me time to get my binoculars, and when I focused on them, the hawk jumped for the squirrel, chased him around the tree two times, caught him, and dropped back down to the ground to choke the life out of the animal.  Wow.  I feel bad for the squirrel, obviously, but I am thrilled that there is enough resources in the area to support a hawk like this, and I feel lucky to have seen it.  Here’s a picture to give you an idea of their size.  Not a big bird at all, and I though it was a huge mourning dove when I first spotted it.  (Since that’s what’s out there 90 percent of the time.)


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