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Radio Interview

I’ve got a radio interview for you today.  I did this way back in Feb when I was in Cincinnati, WVXU interview with Barbara Gray but they just aired it a few days ago, and now it’s available.  I don’t even remember what the focus was, but it’s something to do with Black Magic Sanction.  -grin- Work on the next Hollows book is going great.  I pushed through most of the problem areas, and all that’s left is rewriting the end.  The end is okay as it stands, but I’ve got something better in mind that will send echos into the next three books.  If I’m lucky, I’ll get to it by Friday.

And . . . the hummers are back!  The male buzzed the hook where the feeder was last year at about 10:30, and I had sugar water out at 10:38.  Didn’t see him again until about 6:00, but he was there this morning when I took the dogs out, and it was great to hear wings in the garden again.  If you’re wondering, hummingbirds are where I pull a lot of my inspiration for pixies from the flash of red, to the sound of the wings, to the aggressive chattering that they make.  And hummingbirds are NOISY!  So having them back feels good.

Also back, and not so good, is the Luna moth.  I found this one plastered to my house, just outside my door.  My first response was “Ooooooh!” in delight, then a quick “Oh crap.”  Every time they show up, someone dies.  I can be cavalier about it until the owls show up.  So far, they are keeping their distance and just hooting in the distance as owls do, but if one perches outside my window, I’m going to be ticked.

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Canadian stops added to Supernatural Summer Tour

Big news today?  I’m going to Canada the last week in May as part of HarperCollins Canadian Supernatural summer tour!  Times, dates, and places are up at the website. Last I heard, I’ll be joining Aprilynne Pike and Lesley Livingston, and I’m really excited about it.  I met Aprilynne last year, and can’t wait!

But for now, I’m back to work.  -happy sigh- There’s dirt under my nails, my fingers ache from my yard work this weekend, and I’m more than ready to sit at my desk and do nothing physical for a few days.  My brain is whirling with what I want to accomplish this week, and I can’t wait to get to it.  I so-o-o-o need my weekends to recharge and let the mind untwist.

If you’ve been visiting the website for the last week or so, you’ve heard me moaning about the three months I’ve carved out of my writing schedule for a bit of a personal writing project that I’ve been wanting to do for a while.  The tour sucked up about two weeks that I thought I was going to have for meeting my current deadlines, and then an unexpected rewrite hit my desk, taking another two weeks.  I’m in no danger of not meeting my deadlines, but those three months I’ve been working overtime for are starting to slip away.  And I want them.

My choices are stop going to signings, (not an option) Work on the weekends, (again, not an option) or cut back on the drama box, (an unhappy option)  I don’t want to do that, but I am going to modify it a bit.  I will keep posting, but I’m going to disable the comment button, leaving just two pages where I’ll be answering questions.  Hopefully this will give me the interaction that I love, but cut back on the time I am devoting to it, allowing more time at the keyboard.  It’s all about balance, and I’ve got to find a new one.


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June Tour info up

And at long last, I have the June tour info available.  Here’s a quick run down, but I’ve got more info of stores and times at the website, events page. If you live in Canada, stop back later in the week.  I might have some good news.  And as always, though this tour is targeting the Madison books, Hollows books are always welcome.  The Cook titles too.  😉

Kansas City, MO: June 1st  Authors:Kim Harrison, Ellen Schrieber, Aprilynne Pike
Atlanta, GA; June 2nd (Alpharetta, GA)  Authors:Kim Harrison, Ellen Schrieber, Aprilynne Pike
Dallas, TX: June 3rd (Allen, TX ) Authors:Kim Harrison, Ellen Schrieber, Aprilynne Pike, Kimberly Derting
Houston, TX: June 4th (The Woodlands) Authors:Kim Harrison, Ellen Schrieber, Kimberly Derting, Kelley Armstrong
Chicago, IL: June 5th (Naperville) Authors:Kim Harrison, Ellen Schrieber, Kimberly Derting, Kelley Armstrong
San Diego, CA : June 6th Authors:Kim Harrison, Ellen Schrieber, Kimberly Derting, Kelley Armstrong

And it’s Tuesday!  Which means that the electronic version of Black Magic Sanction is available.  If you pre-ordered BMS, you might have to cancel your original order and re-order.  Finally!



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On my way home

Phew!  Yesterday’s signing at B&N in Roseville was a fabulous way to top off the Black Magic Sanction tour. (Pictures) I had lots of roadies, lots of questions at the Q&A, and best of all, lots of YouTubes!!  -grin-

Today I’m in the air headed back to my puppies and Thing Two.  Can’t wait to get home and use my own shower.  Although the shower in the hotel last night was . . . decadant.  -laugh-


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Monday, Monday. And I’m in a different time zone?

I’m in Minneapolis today, here for a signing at the Barnes and Noble out in Roseville, more specifically, at the HarMar mall.  7:00. 😉

Yesterday was a signing in Grand Rapids MI, out at Barnes and Noble in the Woodland Mall.  They were not set up for a Q&A, so we weren’t able to get my usual roadies family photo, but I was very sure to get lots of pictures of them when they came through the line.  Here’s a shot of me and some of the staff there.  And  YouTube.  -grin-  I’m starting to like these YouTubes.  –more pictures–


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Schuler Books and Music

Yesterday was a great signing out at Schuler Books and Music in Lansing.  Pictures and YouTubes up at the website! I enjoy the daylight signings on the weekend, and the crowd was fantastic!  Lots of videos this time, and the questions were a great mix of Hollows, writing, and even a few questions for Dawn Cook.  (laugh)

Here I am with my Schuler roadies.

And one of my favorite videos!

Schuler Books and Music

Today, I’ll be at Barnes and Nobel in Woodland Mall, Grand Rapids.

Hope to see some of you there!


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Borders Books in Ann Arbor Mi

I usually don’t post on the weekends, but we’ve got pictures and YouTubes up at the website of the signing in Ann Arbor.  It was WONDERFUL getting to Ann Arbor.  I grew up in the area, and it was like coming home.  😉 I’m in Lansing this afternoon as Schulers Books and Music.  See you there!


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Cincinnati Joseph-Beth Booksellers and TV link

Last night was the signing at Joseph-Beth Booksellers, and we had a great crowd with lots of questions and smiling faces.  I was out here during the young adult Supernatural Summer tour for the release of Madison, and it was great to see some familiar readers.

Here I am with my roadies, and the other photos are up at the website. The bunny cam is working great, and I’m loving the videos you’re taking!!  Thanks, guys!

Tonight, I’m out at Books and Co on the Green in Dayton.  This is like the third or fourth time I’ve been out there, and I always have a great event there.  (Love the fireplace backdrop)  Hope to see some of you there.

I’ve got a new interview for you, today, too!  Go check out the new post over at Mitten Lit. It’s to help promote my visit to Lansing and Schulers books later this weekend, but there’s lots of stuff in there.  Enjoy!

I’ve also got a link to the live TV broadcast that I did today over at WCPO in Cincinnati where I talked about Black Magic Sanction.  If you’d like to see the rebroadcast, here’s the link. Best-Selling Author Kim Harrison On 9News At Noon It won’t come up on its own.  You’ll have to choose it from the list on the left side of the screen.


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Last night’s signing at Joseph-Beth Charlotte!

Sorry guys.  I am having trouble finding the time to keep up with you and the tour schedule, so I will get to your comments when I can.  But I have found the time to update the website and I’ve got not only pictures, but YouTubes that you guys took while waiting in the signing line.  Very, very, cool.  So go look! -grin-

Here’s my favorite shot, the family photo of the Joseph-Beth Bookstore in Charlotte NC.  Tonight I’m in Cincinnati!!!!!!  And I feel like I’ve come home.  I’ll be out at Joseph-Beth in Cincy again tonight.  Hope to see some of you there!


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First of the “promos!”

I don’t do very many interviews these days, but my publisher sends me the odd request timed around a book release.  Now that we are in the two-week “chute” they will start to show up.  Here is the first! I talked to Joanna Dykhuis from Schuler Books and Music, Lansing MI, where I will be Feb. 27, 3 p.m. (schulerbooks.com) Witches are a Piece of Cake.

My Superbowl weekend went great, and though I’m not a big football fan, I did watch the game with Guy and Thing Two.  Made pretzels.  Ate too much.  (grin)  Pre-game events included shopping, and I picked up a small piece of luggage I’m anxious to try out.  Got my nail appointment set.  Found two new pairs of black pants and discovered the magical world of “Hem them while you shop.”  I think I’m almost good to go.  (laugh)



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