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Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh NC


The Quail Ridge readers came out in a big way. Tomatoes, tomatoes, everywhere! Thank you, guys. You truly are the best.

We had tons of roadies from past and present. And even Rachel showed up! Just click for a high res photo for yourself.


This is a first. A real Hollows lamp! And it works!


I left TONS of signed first edition books at Quail Ridge, so if you missed out and want one of these bad boys, they will have them for a while.

I’m taking a travel day today, but I’ll be in Orlando on Sunday for an afternoon signing at Barnes and Nobel, so bring your tomatoes and see if we can beat out Quail Ridge’s haul. ­čÖé



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It’s a day of twelve

It’s a day of twelve! First, Barnes and Noble have come out with a list of 12 most anticipated Sci-fi and fantasy list for 2014, and I’m delighted six ways from Sunday that The Undead Pool is on it. The publication date is closing in now, and I’m starting my prep in a big way even as the read-along finishes up the last couple of books. Go and check out the list as it’s a fabulous way to find a new author or series you might not have heard about.


The second list of twelve I find my work on today is Harper’s own Twelve New Reads for The New Year, which might have a few authors you’re familiar with, or even books you’ve read, but they are all on sale for the rest of the month. (U.S. ebook markets) They’re featuring Black Magic Sanction, which is the book we’re just finishing up in the read-along.


Vicki Petterson and Jocelynn Drake both have books here, two of my fav authors.

12inchesAnd on a more personal note, here’s my personal 12 for the year. Most of it’s gone now and we’re left with crusty stiffness that you could almost walk on, but it was nice while it lasted. (Okay, okay, I’m not that hard core. I’m glad it’s gone . . .)


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Signed The Undead Pool copies, some are limited

What does 1000 or so signed books look like stacked on my dining room table? Well, you can’t fit them there, but here’s the next best thing. And when Barnes and Noble and my publisher asked if I was willing to sign the title pages before they were bound, you know I said yes! (I’ll do a lot to avoid book plates.)

1000signed books

Click for signed copy

Click for signed copy

So now they are signed, bound, and will be in the stores at Barnes and Noble this February 25th. I honestly don’t know if they will be divvied up and shipped to individual stores or simply hanging in the warehouse to fill internet orders, but if you want to get in on the action, here’s the direct link.

One of the reasons I agreed to this is because 1) I like Barnes and Noble, and 2) I hope this helps ease the frustration of me not getting out much past the Mississippi this year on tour.


Alternatively, you can still order a signed-to-you-with-a-personalized-note from Nicolas. (Cause I like my independent booksellers, too, and they will ship overseas. Just email them for a shipping quote first before ordering:  nicolasbooks@tds.net)

I’m so excited to be able to offer both options for you. The prices vary, and I know that’s important.

Click to order

Click to go to order page


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