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Ho, ho, Oh!! A Rachel Doll for sale?

Yep. After much soul searching, I’ve decided to let a Rachel Morgan doll go. Actually, thanks to an arrangement with my local yarn shop, Artisan Knitworks, I’ll be letting a few Hollows dolls into the wilds as they move from my needles to Sandra and Larry’s store.

It’s just a single Rachel doll right now, but Trent is almost done, and of course, I’ll make a new Al doll for you. Actually, Kisten is just about ready, too . . . Once I find a yarn that knits up to look like leather.

If you want Rachel for yourself, you need to contact Larry or Sandra at 734-562-2682, or by mail at larryhart2.lh@gmail.com It will help Larry find your email if you put RACHEL DOLL in the subject line.

Due to being one of a kind and handcrafted by me right down to the patterns used, I’m asking $495.00 U.S. dollars. This doesn’t include shipping or tax, but it does include a hand-stamped tag, which is signed by me as well. I’m only going to make 25 Rachel dolls for general purchase, which makes this one 1/25.


If you’re looking for something unique, but not THAT unique, PERFECTION is still available for pre-order through Subterranean Press. These are signed and numbered as well, and a little more accessible. 🙂 I’ve even got a card you can print out to put under the tree. 🙂

But please pop over to Subterranean Press and pre-order one before you go and put this under your tree as, unlike my usual publications, there will be a limited number of these signed and numbered, and they will not be readily available in the stores come March.

If I don’t connect with you between now and then, Happy Holidays from Tim and myself!




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I’m calling it research

Thoughts of DragonCon at the end of the month are lightly in my mind, and with that comes the pinch of time. I’d really like to be farther along on AMERICAN DEMON before the official end of summer, but I’ve learned that for my writing pace, fast isn’t always better, especially when I’m tying a lot of new threads into the matrix. Hence, me being stuck on the same 30 pages for the last three days. The chapter’s pace is not good yet, with no easy place to break, but that doesn’t bother me as much as questionable motivation. And that, I figured out how to fix last night, so today I should FINALLY push into the end game.

But I was talking about the pinch of time.

It doesn’t help that I took Monday off for an all-day class on dying/painting yarn. Short and sweet, it was great, hitting several satisfaction buttons. I got to use color, which I don’t in my everyday work, and I’m sensitive to visual balance. I got to work mostly alone within a busy environment, with just enough social contact to be enjoyable. Third, I learned something new, which I ache for from time to time, learning by doing, not by reading. And I got to be social with a group who is passionate about the same things I am, which doesn’t happen much in my day-to-day.

Two of my skeins. The red and orange is the one I am working on in the other pic.

So I had a pleasant 9-5 seeing how pigment can be affectively applied and fixed to a variable substrate, the effect of which changes upon actually using it, requiring a bit of forthought, playing with hot and cold tones, gradients, and various other techniques. I barely scratched the surface, and it was fun watching myself begin to explore what technique I might want to fully exploit if I ever got hot and heavy into it. I know I won’t, but it was fun. I even got to wear my old lab coat, which had been stuck in a closet for thirty years. I’ve gotten a little thicker about the middle so it doesn’t button all the way down like it used to, but enough to use it! I’m already looking forward to taking Ellen Minard’s class again next year if she graces us with her presence and considerable knowledge again. Thank you Larry and Sandra at Artisan Knitworks for hosting her!

Oh, and the blue hair some of you might have heard about? It is still there, but the sun bleached it out so it shows only at my roots. Weird look. I kind of like it. I may redo it for DragonCon.




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