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A Perfect Blood Tour Recap

I have so much that has happened over the last couple of weeks, I want to take today and do a recap of sorts.

Pictures, pictures, pictures.  All the bunny cam pictures are up on the website along with a few you-tubes and a couple of candid shots of me while on tour.  I’m going to send you to the main page, but from there you can get to the photos from each event.   A Perfect Blood tour

Dead Witch Walking has been spotlighted over at B & N, which means the e-version is on sale for 99c.  Most of the big retailers have followed suit, and to get in on this, jump to Tuesday’s post for the links.

There is a cage match going on over as SUVUDU where characters are being pitted against each other.  I believe the current match ends tomorrow?  Check it out here.

Freebies are again available now that Guy and I are home.  To get your temporary Rachel Morgan pack tattoo, hop on over to the website.

Interviews, podcasts, and such are still coming in, but to see what’s made the pages so far, I have a list at the web site at the media room.  This will take you right to it.

Yesterday I gave you the cover to the upcoming Harrison anthology INTO THE WOODS, which happens to be up on the boards for pre-order along with BLOOD CRIME, the next graphic novel.  I updated a few of my pages, and I now have a slew of covers for Prom Nights From Hell for those of you who are curious as to how everything translates overseas.  Click for covers.

I’ll be spending today going over my rough outline for the 12th Hollows book and deciding what to do with that last floater book.  I did a rough plot of 12 yesterday and realized it’s going to be one of those books with three plot lines that somehow all relate in the end.  Mmmm, this one is going to be fun.  I wrote up about four pages of synopsis yesterday, and today, I’ll be starting to break it all down into chapters, deciding on settings and supplemental characters with the help of my character grid.  I do like my potting.


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Schuler Books and Music Grand Rapids–and home . . .

Guy and I landed in Detroit late Friday night, but we weren’t done quite yet, and Saturday afternoon, we made the drive out to Grand Rapids for the last event. I’d told my publicist that the only way I would get myself back out behind the podium after getting home would be if they had cake, and sure enough, they had cake!!They have three Schulers in Grand Rapids, and the event store has a fabulous space where they do stuff. Before I was there, they had live music and a book fair.

And we had roadies too! Lots of familiar faces from previous signings from as far away as Chicago and Toledo.  Harry and Bob showed up. See, I knew the cake was a good thing. Rachel was there too, but she and I didn’t end up on the bunny cam for some reason and I don’t have a photo. If you would like to see the rest of the photos, click here.

And now that I’m home, I’m able to keep up with all the cool stuff that’s been going on in the background.  New today is the SUVUDO March Madness cage match match up going on for a few more weeks.  Rachel beat out her first opponent, and today she’s up against Jonathan Strange of Susanna Clarke’s world.  I’ve read up the proposed write up of how the match went, and it’s kind of cool.  Go vote for your faves!  SUVUDO cage match

I also have last, but not least, a fabulous interview I with Assignment X while out at Dark Delicies.  Author Kim Harrison on A PERFECT BLOOD and the future of “The Hollows.”



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Powells, Beverton. (Portland)

click for a high res copy

As always, Powells in Beaverton was wonderful! We had a fabulous group of roadies, a bunch from the White Witch tour. I read, took Q&A, and signed books while Guy went through the crowd handing out goodies. It was great to see all the familiar faces, and I hope I go back next year.

See the rest of the event photos

And the interviews are starting to come in!  You can check out what I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks.

Michigan Live: From the Hollows: an interview with Michigan author, Kim Harrison

North County Times: Dark Urban Fantasy Novelist Continues Hot Streak

Cleveland.com: Urban Fantasy Author Kim Harrison visits Strongsvill library

If you voted in the SUVUDO cage match of Ringil Eskiath vs Rachel Morgan, the results are in and Rachel won!  Whoo-hoo!  On to the next level!


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University Bookstore Seattle WA

If I’m standing next to Duane, then you know I’m in Seattle at the University Bookstore. I had a bit of a shock coming in to the store since despite all the times that I’ve been to there, I’d never seen the front, and when the car pulled up, I thought I was in the wrong place. It had been arranged that this was going to be a joint signing with Patricia Briggs, and did we have fun! We did this last year, and it was a delight to do it again! This time, though, Harper live streamed the event, which you can still view by clicking the link below.

Kim Harrison / Pattrica Briggs live streaming event 3-7-2012

Because Harper was having a sales conference at the time, there were a lot of authors sparking about. I got to meet Bram, better known for his artwork but gaining noterity in his literature now. I also got to meet Robin Hobb, and after seeing Seattle on a clear and sunny day with the mountain is beautiful relief, I know why she writes about dragons. They just live there. You can almost see them.

Click for a higher res copy
Me and my Seattle Roadies!! Thank you for coming out and seeing us! It was a fantastic event with Patricia Briggs

The next morning, Pattrica and I met at The Signed Page to personalize all those books that you had been ordering. A little more relaxed than last night.

I hope we can do this again.

More Pictures

Tonight is Powells, and then Grand Rapids MI!


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Borderlands now has a cafe!!

Borderlands New Cafe full of Hollows readers

Borderlands in San Francisco has been one of my favorite bookstores for a long time, and it was wonderful to get back to them this year. Actually, I think it was one of the first that my publisher sent me to, and it’s great to see how much we’ve both changed in a positive way. When we first met, Borderlands was trying to get the property next to them to open up a cafe, and this year, I got to speak in it!  (If I had been thinking, I would have taken a better photo showing you how nice it is!)

If you haven’t been to Borderlands recently, you’ve got to check them out. I left a lot of signed books–not just A Perfect Blood, but most of the titles in mass market as well.

The crowd was a nice size, monopolizing a good part of the new cafe, and the sound system was excellent, so no worries about not hearing the Q&A.

Click to see the rest of the pictures from the event.

Also, if you remember a few weeks ago I sent out a call for all you artists who wanted to get your Hollows art out through the SUVUDO cage match.  Well, the matches are being played out, and for the next couple of days, Rachel is battling Eskiath from Richard Morgan’s THE COLD COMMANDS. There’s a fan fiction sort of breakdown of how it is expected to go as well, which is very cool.  Go vote for your favorite. The longer Rachel survives, the more of these we can enjoy. 🙂  Vote for your favorite!  If she survives this one, she’s going to be up against  Jonathan Strange or Stony Mayhall.

Also, if you can’t make it to a signing and you want a personalized book, you have a few days left to get one from The Signed Page.  Patricia Briggs will be personalizing hers as well.  You can get to both our forms from the same link above.

And one last thing because I’m not sure when I will have good internet again, if you have not signed up for the live streaming event in Seattle with Patricia Briggs, do so now.  The longer you wait, the harder it is going to be to get that connection.  RSVP and Get your computers talking now!


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Mysterious Galaxy event

Yesterday was San Diego for Guy and myself, with a signing out at one of my favorite independent stores, Mysterious Galaxy.  Patrick had the fabulous idea of gathering up EVERYONE at the signing for a huge family photo outside their new store front, and I of course, was all over that!  The roadies got to be up front with me, and we smiled until our cheeks hurt!  If I posted this right, you should be able to click the photo to go to a high res copy to snag it for yourself.  I left lots of signed copies, so if you’re interested, give them a call! They ship worldwide. ((858) 268-4747)  More pictures are here

Tonight I’m at another of my favorite stores, Borderlands out in San Francisco.  Both Borderlands and Mysterious Galaxy are one of the first stores that my publisher sent me out to when the Hollows started gaining momentum, and they are always a treat to speak in.  I can’t wait to see how the new cafe at Borderlands.  I’ve been hearing about its possibility for what seems like ages, and I’m looking forward to talking in the new area.

Also, if you are not aware of it yet, the joint signing with Patricia Briggs that is coming up this Wednesday will be live streamed.  I’ve got a link to it here, but it might be a good idea to check in and make sure your machine is talking to Harpers before the event and it gets busy.  I seem to remember we crashed the system last time.  -laugh-  Live Streaming Event


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Weekend signings of A Perfect Blood

Mental note.  When in Denver, ask for a humidifier in the room.  OMGosh, you guys pay for that beautiful air.  I’m as uncomfortable right now as Jenks wearing polyester.  -laugh-    But after yesterday’s event in LA at Dark Delicacies, (which went great, by the way) Guy and I are back down to sea level and I’m soaking in the warmth and higher humidity.  Ahhhh.  I am truly a topical bug, doing best with warm, humid weather that you find at the beach.  I will just have to live with that curse.

Someday I’ll tell you about the unexpected snags this tour has heaped upon Guy and I, but in everything you can find a sparkle of good happenstance, and when fate put us in the back of the plane with rude people that we ended up laughing at, we were graced with clear skies over the Rocky Mountains.


Tattered Cover, Denver CO

Dark Delicacies and Tattered Cover are two of the few genre stores that are known in the industry to have been a part of its development, being a fixture in the past and hopefully the future.  It’s independents like these that make these tours possible, little islands of what used to be common, alert to change and welcoming it so as to keep moving forward and basically alive and thriving.

Dark Delicacies, Burbank CA (LA)

Like all independents, Dark Delicacies and Tattered Cover work hard at keeping their cliental happy, often knowing patrons by their first name and exactly what they like to read.  They know how to run a successful event, and I’m always sorry to not have more time to spend with the hands-on owners/operators, but even so, I can tell when someone has their heart in what they do, and both Dark Delicacies and the Tattered Cover are such stores.  The signings there this Friday and Saturday were fabulous, and I finally have photos up after Guy’s and my whirlwind air flight extravaganza on Saturday.  🙂

Tattered Cover
Dark Delicacies

Tonight, I’ll be at another such independent store in San Diego.  I’ll be honest.  Mysterious Galaxy is probably my favorite of such movers-and-shakers in the industry.  I think it’s because it was one of the first stores that my publisher sent me to, all the way across the US and four time zones where they welcomed me as if I had something to say worth hearing.  It has been interesting to see how both “Kim Harrison World” and Mysterious Galaxy have changed in the last five years or so.  Dude, if you don’t keep swimming, you sink. It’s a good thing we both think the water is fine.  🙂

Hope to see some of you there tonight!


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Kim Harrison interview and live streaming

I’m in Denver, and I have to tell you that even though I caught them yesterday on one of their rare cloudy days that the air here is like none I’ve breathed before.  Holy Cow!  It is clean, and dry, and clear.  I could live here even with the snow, though I might have to make myself an oasis of warm tropical jungle to work in.  I’m getting the same vibe I grew up in while on the great lakes.  Visual spaces.  Denver’s got ’em.

My photo today is of the Cleveland airport.  A PERFECT BLOOD was just being unpacked fom the new tubs of books coming in, and I couldn’t resist signing their stock.  -grin-  So if you’re going through Cleveland we left some just outside one of the security checkpoints. It made my morning a little brighter.  🙂  That’s me signing in the lower left hand corner.

Tonight I’m out at Tattered Cover at 7:30, and I can’t wait to see a new bunch of Hollows readers.  This year has been fabulous with “virgin” crowds with lots of new venues and different questions coming my way.  I won’t get in till late, but I’ll try to have the pictures up for you by tomorrow, late.

I’ve been collecting a few interviews and podcasts the last couple of days, and want to give them to you today.  First is an interview I did with LitStack before I left that talks about the books.  Featured Author Interview: Kim Harrison  Comments are welcome.

If you missed the “live” broadcast on Culture Buzz a few days ago, I think they have it archived.  This is an audio interview I also did before I left.   Okay, never mind.  It’s not archived yet.  (Bbbbbbttttttssss)  I’ll let you know when it does come up.

If you missed it, two very nice articles by the Miami Herald and one by the Detroit Free Press.  I’m doing more interviews as I head West, and I’ll bring them to you as I find them.

Detroit Free Press 2/19

Miami Herald 2/24

Miami Herald 2/26

In the mean time, I do want to remind you about the live streaming that we’ll be doing for the Seattle event at University Bookstore.  I’m going to give you the link now, and it might be a good idea to get your computer and the software talking before it gets busy the day of the event.  I seem to remember crashing the system the last time we did this.  Live Streamed Event 

And if you can’t make an event, The Signed Page is still taking orders for not only my book, but Patricia Brigg’s latest.  Once we get through Seattle, the offer is done.
Kim Harrison’s A PERFECT BLOOD
Patricia Brigg’s FAIR GAME

I feel like I’m forgetting something . . .  I may have to update this later.

I remembered!  The Harrison anthology due out this October that I’ve been mentioning off and on as a collection of -all- the old Hollows shorts and novellas and a handful of new ones is now up for pre-order.  Can you believe it?  -grin-  INTO THE WOODS.  No picture yet, but I’ve seen the cover art, and it’s fab!  There is about 300 ms pages of new stuff in this one, not just a token story, and I hope you like it.


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On my way to Denver

It’s another travel day, and Guy and I are . . . traveling.  We’re on our way to Denver and the Tattered Cover.  I’ll be signing there at 7:30 on Friday.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been busy, meeting and greeting.   But the highlight the last couple of days has got to be the signing last night out at Cuyahoga Public Library.  It was a big room, and we filled it with people coming from Cincy, NY, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.  There was a bit of excitement while getting mic’ed as I had not one, but two mics on me and I felt like a rock star.  -laugh-  And as you can see by the roadie photo, I was wearing my Star Trek uniform.  I live boldly and wear the red shirt.

It was a super event with lots of energy, and the library was gracious enough to stay open past their closing time so everyone got all their books signed.  click here for the rest of the photos that you guys took while in line.


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Heading North. For a space . . .

My schedule shows a down day if you’re looking at the event’s page, but I am in the air tuesday, heading for a meet and greet a little north from Miami Florida.  Most everything is north from Miami Florida, actually.

Wellington Palm Beach was a great event out at the public library, and I came away from it with smiling faces and a well run event.  As you can see, we had a lot of roadies!!  And the event staff stayed till the end.  I made a small video explaining my connection to public libraries which I will share a link to when I get it, but for now, here is a shot of all of us.

The rest of the photos are here!

I will not be posting on Wednesday most likely due to the lack of a scheduled event on Tuesday.  But I did want to remind everyone that the Dark Delicacies event has been changed to 1:00.  Also, we will be streaming live the joint event with Patricia Briggs on the 7th. For more info, go to the front page of my web site or the link down below.

 University Bookstore Seattle Event March 7th at 7:oo pm West Coast time


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