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Winners and live chat

TUPtprintingAlthough this is the last give-away I’m doing, we aren’t quite done with the read-along yet, just starting EVER AFTER this week. It’s been a great couple of months as some of you re-read the entire series in preparation for the publication of THE UNDEAD POOL, picking up a few readers along the way. This, though, will be the last give-away, as frankly I’ll be too swamped with last-minute preparations for the tour to be handling a give-away. Guy, too, is working hard getting those tour-T’s out. He’s picked up the last order (placed from late November to Feb 3rd) and about a third of them are in the mail right now, headed your way. I got to go out to the printer, so don’t be surprised if, in a few years, I use the setting in a book.


Click to get sign-in code

Just as a reminder, Jeaniene Frost and I are having a live chat Thursday night. (7:00 pm, EST) If I’ve got this right, you can listen in through your phone, and if everything goes well, ask Jeaniene and me a question right then and there. Signed books will be available, too, but it’s the chat I’m excited about. To get your call-in code to join in, follow the link and sign up. It helps them figure out how many people are going to participate so they can put in the right set of protocols.  Booktalk Nation.

A -a-a-a-and, the winners of the last prize pack including Rachel’s pack tattoo and two signed hard cover books are:
Amy K Delaney
Heather B.
Rebeca Klingsten

Congratulations! Check your in-box for an email from me. You have until Friday, noon, (2/14) to return my email with your mailing address to claim your prize pack. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll give it away to the next person on the list.


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A Perfect Blood flash give-away

Click for 1.99 ebook

Click for 1.99 ebook

click for 1.99 ebook

click for 1.99 ebook

Contest is closed. Give me an hour to pick the winners and I’ll post them in a new post. 🙂 Thanks for playing along with me, guys! You make it fun!

The days until the publication of The Undead Pool are down to less than a month, and if you’ve missed it, I’ve got chapters 1-3  and chapter 4 up and available for your pre-reading pleasure.

The read-along is going strong over at Goodreads  as we finish up A Perfect Blood and move on to EVER AFTER, and the associated e-book sales have been a great success. EVER AFTER won’t be going on sale since it just came out, but when I checked this morning, Pale Demon is still up there for the special price. I don’t know how long they will stay up for that price, so move fast if you want them.

If you want a signed first edition copy of THE UNDEAD POOL, and I’m not coming near you for the tour, we have options! B&N appears to have run out their signed stock, but you can still get them at Nicola’s, and if you ask in the note-to-seller, I can sign them personally to you.

To order a signed copy from Nicola’s, just follow the link. International is okay!

Click to order

Click to order

Today, I’m giving away seven prize packs, each having a hard cover, signed copy of A Perfect Blood, and a copy of Blood Crime, the second and final graphic Hollows novel from Ivy’s POV that shows Rachel and Ivy working together at the I.S. There’s also a signed cover flat from A Perfect Blood, a bunny pin, bus token, and Rachel’s pack tattoo, which was the freebie that year.


To enter the contest for the prize pack, all you have to do is drop down to the comment box at the end of the page here and tell me if you think Winona was what the demons looked like, or if she’s more of a hybrid. (If you’ve not read the book, then tell me what you think of the cover.) Your post is your entry into the random drawing, so please comment only once–on your honor!

Rules and Regs. I will open the page for comments Monday, 9:00 a.m. EST, and close it Tuesday 9:00 a.m. EST. I will then use a random number generator to choose the seven winning commenters.

APBprizepack2Stuff to know before commenting:

Guy will ship overseas, so international is okay.

Chances of winning are dependent on how many enter.

My decision is final, even if you quibble over it.

I will contact the winners Tuesday morning using the email address they used to comment with, so please check it in the next day or so. If you don’t respond to me by email by Friday, noon, EST, I’m giving the prize pack to the runner up, also chosen by the random number generator.

Thanks for playing with me guys. This has been a lot of fun! And good luck!


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