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Three new cities

I’ve got three new cities for the tour today! (I’ll have more for you by Tuesday, maybe Monday in time for the next give-away.)

So far, the growing list stands at:


Ann Arbor, MI;
Cincinnati, OH;
Minneapolis, MN;
Pittsburgh, PA;
Saratoga Springs, NY;
New York, NY;
Ridgefield, CT; and
Boston, MA.

I’ve times and places at the event’s page if I’m coming close enough to you to maybe make the trip. [ EVENTS PAGE ]

If you’ve been watching the drama box, you’ll know I was going to put up some lights yesterday, since it was the last warm day for a while. I was somewhat successful, but I wasn’t able to get out of the office until almost dark, and had to cut my decorating short due to low light. I might put a few more up during lunch  and hope my boss doesn’t catch me. (snerk) I’m telling you right now what really bugs me: polarized plugs vs non polarized plugs. Come on, people. Get it together. Either you’re going to have holiday lights polarized, or not. You can’t string them together if you don’t have conformity! (Getting off my soap box now.) And what’s with half the string lighting and half not? Huh? (Rolls eyes and kicks soap box into the garage.)

The read-along is moving along. I think everyone has come out of their turkey-induced coma. I know I’ve been playing catch-up the last week, and it felt good to sit down last night and read a few chapters. I’m up to the point where Al is  roaming reality, and they have let Piscary out of jail to take care of him. Bad, bad idea.


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Fistful of Charms Flash Give-Away

Contest is closed and winners have been chosen! See today’s post for winners.

A Fistful of Charms (2006)It’s the fourth of my give-aways in conjunction with the Hollows Read Along. For A Few Demons More is officially  on sale today, but you still might find, A Fistful of Charms up there yet if you hurry. [click for links to multiple platforms]

To enter the contest for the prize pack, all you have to do is drop down to the comment box at the end of the page here and tell me if you think Nick truly loved Rachel–in as much as he can love a person–up until he found out the focus had been switched. (If you’ve not read the book, then tell me what you think of the cover.) Your post is your entry into the random drawing, so please comment only once–on your honor! I’ve heard it gets hard to enter from your phone after noon due to the number of entries, so be aware you might have to enter from a different device.

Prize pack contains a signed cover flat for Ever After, a hard cover copy of A Fistful of Charms, a hard cover copy of Into the Woods, a bunny pin, bus token, and one of Marshal’s warmth amulet freebies. Because of the rarity of the Fistful of Charms hard cover, I’m only able to offer three prize packs.


Rules and Regs. I will open the page for comments Monday, 9:00 a.m. EST, and close it Tuesday 9:00 a.m. EST. I will then use a random number generator to choose the three winning commenters.

FOCprizepack2Stuff to know before commenting:

Guy will ship overseas, so international is okay.

Chances of winning are dependent on how many enter.

My decision is final, even if you quibble over it.

I will contact the winners Tuesday afternoon using the email address they used to comment with, so please check it in the next day or so. If you don’t respond to me by email by noon Friday (EST), I’m giving the prize pack to the runner up, also chosen by the random number generator. I’ve actually had this happen twice now, which is kind of a sad ratio, so please check your email if you enter.


Few other things since I’ve got your ear.

It is the last day to enter the first of Harper’s two sweepstakes where they’re giving away signed copes of the first five books. Enter here.

gca_logo_nominee_smallUseIt’s also the last day to cast your vote in the final tier of the Goodreads reader choice awards. Ever After is a nominee in the paranormal fantasy genre! I am so jazzed about this as the readers are so very important to me, (even when we disagree over certain deaths or romantic paths.) Vote for EVER AFTER, vote for someone else, but vote. I’ve got a lot of friends in there, and it’s all good! (Paranormal Fantasy genre.)

FAFDMreadalongI’m starting For A Few Demons More tonight in the read-along. This is the first Hollows book that came out in hard cover, and I do believe one of my longest manuscripts before I started consciously trimming them back. You can take part here at the drama box, or at Goodreads where the threads of conversation tend to hang around a little longer. [click image to go to goodreads]

TUPhcCoverP.P.S. If you’ve not seen it, The Undead Pool has gone up for pre-order! Yay! Amazon Barnes & Noble Books-A-Million (ship date is wrong) IndieBound Or you can order a from me-to-you signed book from Nicolas. (just be sure to tell them in the comments box who you want it signed to when you order.)

TUPtourTTour T-shirts are still available for order as well. It’s the last day to make the  pre-Christmas order. There will be another before long.


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