Signing Etiquette

The question has come up about signing etiquette in regards to books and photos.  Here’s my standard, but the store or large crowds will sometimes cause me to deviate.

Signing etiquette:  Because of long lines and long series, I’ve had to start to structure how to handle those of you who bring in the entire series and anthologies for my signature.  I will happily autograph two books with your name and a personalized note, then just sign the rest of the pile.  Or . . . I can personalize the first two, and you can get back in line for another two, and so on.  Or . . . bring your friends and have me sign/personalize books to you through them. (It’s sneaky, but okay.)  It’s the note that slows things down, and I can sign my name all friggen day long and not get tired.  -laugh- Dawn Cook titles are A-okay, too, and usually get a huge smile from me.

Most stores do not mind if you bring in books that you have purchased elsewhere, but if you do, they appreciate it if you buy something, anything, while you are there.  The cold fact is that if they don’t make sales while I’m there, they likely won’t ask me back, so please take the time to acknowledge that they have invested a bit of money in asking me to visit your area if you are not purchasing A Perfect Blood at the event.  It doesn’t have to be my book, but trust me, they keep track of sales during an event.  It’s also a good idea to call the store and reserve a copy if you don’t pick one up ahead of time.  I have occasionally run out.

Photographs/flash are okay!  If I can manage it, I usually have a chair beside mine where you can sit while I sign your books.  There is generally someone with me who is a wiz-bang at cameras, and he or she will take our picture for you.