Newt’s Music

Rachel : Ivy : Kisten : Jenks : Nick : Piscary : Trent : Rachel and Ivy : Seduction :


There were far too many suggestions to keep listed on the front page, so here are the rest:

You can add your own suggestions down below.  Please don’t post YouTubes or lyrics of copyrighted material.  I’ll just have to take them down.

Android Lust: “Follow”
Avalances: “Frontier Psychiatrist”
Garbage: “Queer”
Joan Jett: “Bad Reputation”
Kidney Theives: “Dyskrasia”
Led Zepplin: “Kashmir”

Nico:  “Janitor of Lunacy”

Ozzy: “Mr. Tinkertrain”

Paramore: “These Walls”

Pixies (the): “where is my mind”

Primus: “Mr. Krinkle”

Puddle of Mudd: “Psycho”

Persuader : “Doomsday News”

Reveille: “Look at Me Now.”

Rush: “Nocturne”

Sunna: “I Miss”

They Might Be Giants: “Dead”

Tom Wait: “Singapore”

Tori Amos: “Mr. Zebra”

Used (the): “Sound Effects and Overdramatics”

37 responses to “Newt’s Music

  1. christ

    I heard the song Monster by Eminem and immediately thought Rachel but then couldn’t figure out the comopanion. My first thought was Ivy but she just didn’t seem to fit. Then I thought about Rachel and Al but it didn’t fit right either. Then it clicked Neut! The relationship that Rachel and Neut have throughout the books is perfectly mirrored in the song.

  2. Keegan

    madness by muse

  3. shantalice

    ok i have read all but your short storys and ever after atleast once im going through the books again and i just got my man to start reading as well he is about to finish reading dead witch walking and im working my way through outlaw demon wails again anyway i decided to download some of the music that you listed on the main page anyway i was just listening to im not over by carolina liar anyway i was thinking about how rachel felt about kist and her strugles to get over hom (and my own atachments to the charicter since i still cry about him being gone) and the music resonated with me so deeply i started crying again thanl you for your works and i want you to know how much i love your books though it is frustratimg to have to wait for more 🙂

  4. Harriet

    I’m not sure if it’s already been suggested, but what about ‘Black Milk’ by Massive Attack? Especially after Pale Demon with Ku Sox. “You’re not my eater”. Pretty apt I think.

  5. Hannah

    “Disturbia” by Rihanna. It fits with how crazy Newt is.

  6. Ulver – In The Kingdom ov the Blind the One Eye’d are Kings {Dead Can Dance}

    I feel her etherial plain.

  7. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-I’m suprised that no-one mentioned Joan Jett’s “Androgynous”about her GF Carmen Electra,who appeared in the video as herself.

  8. Crystalyn

    hmm i think this one fits her relationship with Minias..

    Within temptation: Memories

  9. vera

    i think crazy train would be perfict

  10. “Ballroom Blitz” by Sweet

  11. Kammy

    I can’t believe no one has suggested The President’s of the United States, “Lump”. I am reading “A Few Demon’s More’, and in the first chapter it came to mind.

  12. I really like Jack Off Jill’s “When I Am Queen” for Newt.

    ..and I also agree with “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads. Or even the cover done by Cage the Elephant.

  13. Michaela

    “girl with one eye” by florence + the machine
    this song is so carzy like her

  14. Finley

    Sheesh… I’m thinking of Al while listening to Prodigy Firestarter. He’s so crazy but I love Al.

  15. Diuna

    David Bowie – I’m deranged
    A scary song …

  16. bailey thompson

    I love this websit it is freking awesome

  17. lizardgirl

    for newt,

    florence and the machine

    cosmic love

  18. Guendolen

    How about “A Minor Variation,” by Billy Joel? It’s all about someone’s psychotic mood swings! Here we go with lyrics: You might also technically be able to make a case for his song ‘You May Be Right.” After all, the chorus includes the lines “You may be right/ I may be crazy/ But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for.” Depending on how the plot goes, that could prove very apropos.

  19. Stefanie

    Disturbia by Rihanna

  20. Fisto

    Insects VS Robots – Fire in the Sky

  21. Krista

    Surprised it hasn’t been suggested… Humming by Portishead is SO Newt! (Heck, ALL Portishead is Newt…)
    Even the official vid…can’t you just see her? And if you watch at the beginning, its poor Minias sitting at the table….

  22. Lord Squeak

    If you ever got a moment to spare, check out Focus – Hocus Pocus
    heres a youtube clip

    If there ever was a song to fit Newt , this is the one.

    Personaly I use this video as an antidepressant, whenever I feel down and bored, I watch this video and it always puts a big silly smile on my face. =)

  23. Paul

    Rachmaninov – Piano Concerto #3

  24. Jen B.

    “Androgyny” – Garbage 🙂

  25. Tracey and Ann

    Psychokiller – Talking Heads

  26. Joel

    uh itn’t “Down With The Sickness” from Disturbed a little obvious
    also “Bodies” by (Sick puppies?)
    and “Monster” by Skillet

  27. Michaela

    “tape song” of “the kills”

  28. Amorita

    Crazy by Gnarles Brakley….OK So it reminds me of myself as well…..LOL

  29. I heard this song on the radio the other day and realized that it reminded me of Newt and in a way the relationship between Minias and Newt.

    It’s Matchbox 20’s – Unwell.

    I have to admit, I know that she’s crazy and i know that she’s out of her mind… But I love Newt. I’ve only encountered her up to ODW so i don’t know if she pulls some crazier stunts later that might bring her into disfavour but I doubt that anything short of killing Ivy would make me hate her.

  30. Sinn

    I’m sure someone has suggested this piece before, the original music from the vampire movement; Bela Luosi’s Dead by Bauhaus. without the lyrics, the haunting, twisted melody alone reminds me of Newt. I have been reading your books from the beginning and they are the best, they’ve totally supplanted the Anne Rice books for me and are much better than LK Hamilton’s series. Keep them coming! Others:
    *Concrete Blonde’s Vampire Song – for Ivy
    *Possum Kingdom for Ivy
    *Tapping the Vein’s Butterfly – for Rachel’s more melancholic moments (or Ivy’s)
    *VAST’s Pretty when you cry – for Al
    *Cult’s Wildflower – for Tristan
    *Collide’s whole album “Chasing the Ghost” – good for the witches and demons in the story, some are for Rachel, some for Newt or Al, some are for Rachel’s mom or takata
    Queen’s Play the Game for Rachel and Nick’s relationship
    Robert Johnsons’ Crossroad Blue’s – for Al, kinda obvious
    Rolling Stone’s Dancing with Mr. D – for Al (or Piscary
    Pearl Jam’s Daughter – for Rachel (relationship with her dad or trent)
    Triumph’s Fight the Good Fight – for Vampiric Charms
    Rollins Band’s Ghostrider – for Ivy or Tristan
    Queen’s Killer Queen – for Ivy
    Velvet Underground’s Sister Ray – for Nick
    Styx’s Renegade -for Nick (or for Tristan before he dies)
    Sarah McLachlan’s Silence (another favorite of the vampire clubs out here ) – i see this as a favorite on Jenk’s iPod
    Queen’s Somebody to Love – for Rachel’s more melancholic moment’s
    and finally,,,
    The Stooge’s Down on the Streets – for Jenk’s combat moment’s or just a party mood.

    As you can see I’m truly eclectic in my music also – this is just a sample of my bizarre iPod playslist! I love most of your selections for your characters and surprised how many of them I already listen to while reading your books – before finding this website! You are a genius and one of the best writers in the genre today. As a paranormal romance writer myself, I am truly impressed with your relationship with your muse!!

  31. Lurker

    is Crazy Train by Ozzy a bit too obvious? 🙂

    and 2 thumbs up for Psycho Killer

  32. Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads

  33. Wynn

    “Remember” by Air
    “Fits and Dizzy Spells” by Andrew Bird

  34. Chrisy

    I dunno where to put this song
    The Postal Service – Such Great Heights
    The song is nuts just like Newt but yet cool and deep… decide for yourself ❤

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