Week 3, ARC Giveaway: Paper or Plastic?

***** UPDATE 4/27/21 ***** We have a winner for the third of ten ARC giveaways. Holly. was lucky number 1281 out of over 1400 entries, and she has already e-mailed me back to claim her ARC and freebie! Come back Friday for a new question to answer to enter the next giveaway! Congratulations, Holly! And thank you everyone who played along.

In celebration of earth day, I want to know, is your library primarily paper…or plastic? (electronic) And because I like giving things away, if you email Tim your answer, you will be in the flash-giveaway for a bound-manuscript ARC of Million Dollar Demon. (My library is strictly paper simply because I enjoy the tactile touch and need to break from the screen when relaxing.) Want to enter? Here’s how this week!


Bookplates available with purchase at Mysterious Galaxy, Murder by the Book, and University Book Store

Using an email you have access to for the next five days, email Tim at <coldtoastwritingsllc@comcast.net>  Put “Paper or Plastic” in the subject line so we know you’re entering the contest. In the email, tell me if you have more paper books in your possession at this very second, or electronic. (Tell me here as well to help boost shares and get you some bonus points–which get you nothing except the chance to brag about your library.) One entry per household please.

I will cut off entries at midnight, PST on Monday, April 26. I will announce the winner on Tuesday morning, AND email them for the address they want me to mail the bound manuscript ARC to as well as find out if and how they want me to sign it.  Winners will have until the coming Thursday midnight to get back to me to claim the ARC and tell me their mailing address. If I don’t hear from you by Thursday midnight, the ARC goes back in the pool and I will give away two next week.

Out of the U.S? You can still enter. ARCs have no cash value, though they may get held up in customs forever. Books will go out UPS or USPS, whatever is faster. Chance of winning depends upon how many enter. Winners will be chosen by a random number generator, and I can’t be responsible for mail that goes astray.

That’s it. But do come back next Friday to enter again with a new question. I’ve got a bunch of these to give away until release day on June 15th. To clarify, these are bound manuscript ARCS, not the soft-cover, book-like ARCS we are used to. As far as I know, there will only be ten of these in existence. End of story. Boom!

Good luck!

If you want to skip the chaos and pre-order a signed, personalized copy, I have a list of my favorite stores. If you like your local store where they are, please consider ordering online from them. Not just my book, but any book. If you want a signed-to-you copy, Nicola’s is our only outlet this year. You can find them at the same link. I will have beautiful, signed book plates at Mysterious Galaxy, Murder by the Book, and the University Bookstore.

Kim’s Favorite Stores



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75 responses to “Week 3, ARC Giveaway: Paper or Plastic?

  1. Sabrina Bentley

    I really am crossing my fingers, toes,eyes,legs, and anything else I can think of to help me win this book! 🤪 I can always buy it when it comes out, but to have it autographed to add to my Hollows series would be out of this world! Also, on a side note, I really think everyone would benefit from an updated Hollows insider guide. There have been sooooo many colorful characters added in over the years, and I like looking at their pictures and reading their back stories! It really helps put my imagination in another dimension, if you know what I mean?!? 😛🤩😁😱

  2. Heather Smart

    Trent#1 love him 💕
    Kisten#2 I sobbed 😭
    Al#3 something about Al 🦋
    Ivy#4 ✌💋✌💋

  3. Tamara Locke

    85% kindle books 15% paper.

  4. TimPowers

    I really hope I win one of these. I won the ARC of American Demon last year from the publisher and this would be a great twin.

    I only own paper and almost all are hardcover bought new.

  5. i have more digital books bcz i have more digital room… my closet has no room for clothes, just books! one day i will have all your books in print, but for now they live digital

  6. I have thousands of ebooks, but I also have thousands and thousands of print books. I adore print books. I feel their permanence, love their smell, and relish the fact that when an author signs a copy, it is REALLY there.

  7. I only like real books. So my library is paper. I have a few e-books but haven’t read any of them.

  8. I currently have more plastic. But I prefer paper. I donated mine when I joined the military and switched over. But I’m rebuilding my collection now.

  9. Silke Wright

    I have paper books only! Books have always been special, I still have books from my youth. And how could I start your books in paper and the move to electronic books? Never! 😁

  10. It depends on whether your book is a Hollows series or another series. I have the entire Hollows series in paper and mostly in hardback, in fact, I have been tracking for good hardback copies of the books I have in paperback. Some of the books are signed first editions which I have gotten from either Mysterious Galaxy or VJ books.

  11. Carol Steindler

    I have more paper books in my possession.

  12. I have all of yours on paper, no e-books they don’t smell like dreamland awaits you, and the movies don’t appear in my head with e-books.

  13. Plastic! I also buy paper of fave authors!

  14. Sarah

    I have more on my kindle.
    But I also have a huge collection of old westerns I need to read that is paper

  15. Paper all the way! They feel better, smell better, and are easier on the eyes!

    Soooo excited for Million Dollar Demon!

  16. Plastic, it helps save trees and uses less shelf space. Plus I have a library with me everywhere I go!

  17. Anna

    My library is all paper. I read almost every day 🙂

  18. Donna

    Love paper but currently have more ebooks

  19. Tanya

    Plastic, electronic allows me the space to own more books

  20. Lynn

    Hi Tim,My library is mainly paper. Lynn Brown

  21. Sarah P

    Definitely paper

  22. Claudia Dettlinger

    I have more books than ebooks.

  23. tamisuepooh

    Right now I have more ebooks than paper, but that is subject to change monthly

  24. Sue H

    Home library is definitely more plastic (Kindle) books than paper. Been reading on a Kindle since they first came out more than 10 years ago. Have 4000+ books in my Kindle cloud library.

  25. jaj1313

    My library is mainly paper.  I prefer paper, but I have more electronic books.  Probably about 2000.  I have them in both kindle and iBook.Jo Jones 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

  26. Both! I have digital books and paperback books. I love both

  27. Melanie

    Paper. I still get excited cracking open that new book! Then the turn of the page, nothing beats it. To see what happens next! Or how you can see how much is left to read and decide I better put it down, or read really slow so it don’t end. Now that’s what you get from a book❤️📖

  28. Joanne

    Paper! Librarian’s daughter here. I love the feel of paper, knowing where I am in a book by feel, and I spend so much of my day on devices due to work that I prefer paper for pleasure reading. Plus, I remember what I read better in paper format.

  29. Mckenzie stark

    I own paper copies of novels and only paper copies, I love the smell of novels and the joy of holding a novel in my hand. 😍 As a writer myself, I can understand the happiness in holding the new book and getting to experience the story wrapped inside of it. ❤️❤️

  30. Sweet! The best thing to come out of our virus LOL. I’ll take mine in a pizza please. I think I’m going to be behind on 2 signed books now. I also have them all on Audible with Marguerite Gavin narrating she’s the best. Unless of course we can get you to read them? LOL . I have every one of your books if I can’t find it in paperback I have it in hardback and signed card back. Which I don’t love those out I only load out periodically my paper bags. Now I’ve got my mom hooked on them to she’s listening to them on the Audible! She love Jenna at 86 years I’m getting her to try new things. Happy planting! Can’t wait to breath with you in your beautiful yard! Hugs, Laura Scibelli

  31. Shanna L Rodibaugh

    I only have paper. It’s so much more more relaxing to handle and smell the paper. My daughter keeps trying to get me to go digital, and I may some day. For now, I ‘ll stick with my paper. I know I won’t get shocked if I drop it in the tub.

  32. Trish L

    Both! But more paper in my collection ❤️

  33. Jamie Rebecca White

    Paper please ❤❤😍😍😍😍😍

  34. Sherri

    I have only Paper books. I don’t like reading my books on a computer per say. I would much rather hold the actual Paper book .

  35. Anne

    I have WAY more paper books than plastic, but I only ever buy ebooks anymore. If anyone younger than me (I’m 64) goes on about only paper books, I try to set them “right”. High on my list of reasons why I have moved to ebooks–I love to re-read my favorites and with my tablet I have ALL the books with me. (And then there’s the weight of the books, and I like to read at night with the lights out, and I can always find my page. What do I miss most? Knowing how far into the book I am by the thickness in each hand.)

  36. Deborah Snowden

    I used to buy all my books in paper as I love reading a physical book, but I ran out of room to store them all. I now only buy physical copies of my favorite authors and the rest in plastic.

  37. Doris Davis

    I definitely prefer paper too .. I tried the e-books and it’s not the same

  38. RpgLover

    Honestly, my collection is about half and half. There are some paper favorites I purchased when I was a little younger (starting at age 7) that I will literally never get rid of (mostly because I read them over and over, and some are signed by my favorite authors, Kim Harrison included). There are also others that I purchased electronically, because for me, it’s more practical these days and cheaper (otherwise I would be poor). But if I like an author enough, I still purchase the paper version for them to sign!

  39. Misty Curlee

    We have more paper but I also have a kindle for work when I have down time but I love love the feel of paper books!

  40. Alyssa benner

    I have a mix, it depends on the series. Mainly paper! I always buy yours paper! It’s such a different feeling to read a hardback copy than an e-book!

  41. Susan Blakeney

    I prefer paper as well 🙂
    To me it’s a companion from the world I’m currently reading and it gives me the ability to visit with old friends from numerous other worlds as well❤

  42. Kathleen

    Although I have a lot of e-books, I have even more paper books. We turned the master bedroom into a library and every room of the house has a least one bookcase. Plus, the entire upstairs hallway is lined with book shelves.

  43. Melinda Rasmussen


  44. Kate Richardson

    Oh definitely paper. A lifetimes worth of books resides in my room. I recently had to do a bookshelf upgrade to make way for recent purchases and gifted(to me) books. Though having recently gotten into the reading the first in the Harry Dresden files, I’m reading that series in E-book as I don’t have the room for 19 physical books. (I have to keep room for Rachel 😉 )

  45. socarmela

    Tons of paper! Most of my shelves are doubled up and I have so many on my nightstand that there is a constant worry of toppling lol That doesn’t stop me or my spouse from buying more though!

  46. Michelle F Chaumont

    definitely paper but my downloads are quickly catching up!

  47. Karen Doarnberger

    All paper!! I work in printing and its dying art.

  48. Robert Stultz

    The bulk of my library is on my Nook. I have my graphic novel collection on paper.

  49. shelly Blackmore

    Right now I’d say my paper to plastic race is running neck and neck! I have eight shelving units stacked two deep, but the kindle is getting pretty full too! Either way, I love my books, and Kim’s are at the top of my list!

  50. Julie Pickett

    Paper, I prefer to have the physical book in my hands when reading.

  51. I definitely have more digital books. I have a kindle and nook. I am always downloading the free books and this way i have a book with me always. Makes traveling easier. However i do prefer to read paper books more especially from my favorite authors.

  52. Tarace

    Paper! Love the feel and smell of a book!

  53. Sandra Masche

    Paper all the way…kindle makes me squirrel

  54. Peggye O'Neil

    I have more paper than plastic. I still have some of the Scholastic Book Club books that I bought in grade school. Lots of years of book buying.

  55. gc00

    Paper or Plastic?

    I say Paper. I do have a lot of books on my kindle and I do love it, but NOTHING beats a good ole hardcover or paperback. All my favorite books are all on either hardcover or paperback.

  56. My library of paper books is much larger than my ebook collection. I love the feel of a book in my hand. The smell of a new printing, or even, the old finds in a thrift store or book exchange.

  57. Jennifer Hornberger

    Paper all the way !!

  58. I have way more ebooks but all of yours are physical books. I do love to listen to them because I am obsessed with Jenks and love his voice!!!

  59. I have more ebooks but all of your books are physical books!!!!! But I LOVE to listen to your books beacasue I LOVE Jenks when he talks!!!!!

  60. Ashleigh

    Both! Prefer digital, and have more digital. I read quicker digitally and I’m less likely to skip ahead in the book.

  61. Shannon Yoffe Wonser

    I have a large number of both, but more paper for sure. I started collecting them early in life.

  62. Sandi Robinson

    I’m about evenly split between paper and electronic books. The older I get, (currently 76) the more electronic books I have simply because of clean-up and “inheritance” issues. I have hundreds and hundreds of books. I’m not a hoarder of books, I promise! Well, maybe a little. (LOL!)

  63. Anne Bailey

    My elibrary is surely larger because books I generically read are electronic.

    But my FAVORITE authors, like Kim Harrison, all deserve the power of paper. Like delicate flowers in my garden, they have a special place in my happiness.

  64. Julie Lewis

    I tried Kindle, but found out that I prefer paper. My paper library is growing.

  65. I love a good paperback novel. I also like the convenience of an e-reader. I can take most of my favorite books with me and it not weigh me down.

  66. Megan Dotter

    My library was strictly real books as I LOVE the smell and feel of real books but unfortunately I ran out of room with 2,000 + books so I went to Kindle also with a large library (1,128 ebooks) there as well and more recently even audio books (110 audio books)… I have the Hollows series in all 3 formats! 💜💜💜

  67. Tracy

    Hmmm… Plastic, given these two choices. I used to have an extensive paper library but I lost it in a house fire and after a head injury left me with vision issues, everything is now digital download audiobook; so now my library is all 1’s & 0’s.

  68. Chasity Riley

    I currently have more paper than plastic. There is not like the feel of a book and the smell of the pages and getting lost in a great book. I prefer hardback books but I do.have some paperbacks.

  69. Cynthia Jaekel

    I have a pretty equal library. I DO, however, have all your books in paper and a few electronic. Paper is definitely more refreshing to read.

  70. Tammy Kenney

    I have a lot of books but my Kindle library is larger by far.

  71. Chasity Riley

    I have more paper books in my book collection. To me, there is nothing better than the feel.of a book in your hands.

  72. Chasity Riley

    I have more paper books in my book collection. To me, there is nothing better than the feel.of a book in your hands.

  73. Janea MacKay

    My entire library is paper only! I love the feel of actual books. The smell of the paper, the beautiful cover artwork. Nothing else like it

  74. Currently, I have more digital books, than physical books. However – even before my recent purging – I have read more of the paper books, than ebooks.
    There’s something more satisfying about “real” books! (Especially if they’re signed!)

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