The Soul of the Hollows–and the music it resides in

In case you missed it, the Hollows playlist, all matched up to the characters they relate to! The entire list is at Spotify.   You don’t have to upgrade to see/hear the list.

Al: Lilac Wine: Jeff Buckley
Sympathy for the Devil: Guns and Roses

Jenks: Red Tape: Agent Provocateur

Ivy: Pearls: Sade
New Years’s Prayer: Jeff Buckley
Short Skirt, Long Jacket: Cake

Takata: Rockstar: Nickleback

Trent: DOA: Foo Fighters
Viva La Vida: Coldplay
The American Way: The Crystal Method

Ceri:Filii Neidhardi: Corvus Corax

Rachel: Your Own Worst Enemy: Alice Cooper
Extraordinary Machine: Fiona Apple
The Line Begins to Blur: Nine Inch Nails

Kisten: You & I: Jeff Buckley
Never Say Never: Queens of the Stone Age
Living Dead Girl: Rob Zombie

Newt: Every Day is Exactly the Same: Nine Inch Nails
Only: Nine Inch Nails

Pike: Bury Me Face Down: Grandson

Piscary: Lullaby: A Perfect Circle





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2 responses to “The Soul of the Hollows–and the music it resides in

  1. I LOVE AD and it came pre-ordered from Amazon! Thank you Kim! I don’t want to offend but I hear “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga when I think of Rachel. I liked your list too.


  2. Lexi

    Kim! I just got my pre-ordered version of AD on GooglePlay books. I’m so excited to continue on with this literary adventure that I started at 16 (am 32 now). Before I dig in, I wanted to say thank you for the pre-face. I forgot how much information I’d forgotten (you’re the Queen of small details/planning).
    Thank you so much for being such a force, and for continuing to write books that inspire me to one day publish my own work (better late than never, right?).

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