Hollows Playlist: Kisten

Ah, Kisten. You get three entire tracks on the Hollows playlist. Three tracks, and they don’t come close to your simple/complex soul. (And I have to apologize. Somehow one of his tracks got dropped from the list of remaining tracks yesterday, so think of it as a bonus.)

Kisten was originally a walk-on, a way to show Rachel the danger in the vampire, but I fell in love, and  he became so much more, a way to show the broken side of the vampire coin, the manipulation, the addiction, the fragility and strength. A study in high and low contrasts, he is likely the most real character I have penned, and I’m not sure I ever did him justice.

He wasn’t supposed to die, and in truth, he didn’t until the editorial rewrite when I looked farther down Rachel’s road and realized that Kisten couldn’t help her. It had to be an elf or demon. I am sorry, Kisten. I still miss you. Pike will never take your place. I promise.

Not surprisingly, I found a lot of music to reflect Kisten’s soul. “Thinking of You,” and “Weak and Powerless” by A Perfect Circle work great, but the three that made it onto the Hollows Soundtrack are “You and I” by Jeff Buckley, “Living Dead Girl” from Rob Zombie, and “Never Say Never,” from Queens of the Stone Age off the Punisher soundtrack. The depth of “Never say Never” probably fits Kisten’s hidden soul the best. I’ve always felt the strength of the music is hidden by the ego-testical attitude of the refrain–just like Kisten’s depth is shrouded under a carefully constructed front to disarm and beguile. “You and I” by Jeff Buckley is Rachel and Kisten, the soulful, almost lustful voice just screams Kisten to me.

And then there’s “Living Dead Girl” by Rob Zombie. This one is here not because it relates to his soul, but because every time I hear it, all I can see is Kisten line-dancing with twenty or so beautiful vampires behind him. They were free for those three minutes. He gave that to them. All of them free of their master’s demands, free to be what they wanted, instead of what they had been made into. That was Kisten’s legacy and why I miss him so much.

Tomorrow I will give you Newt’s music.

Remaining characters:

Rachel (3), Newt (2) … and one for me–my theme song after a hellish couple of years now dumping into one hellish year for everyone.

Remaining songs:

Not Going Away: Ozzy Osbourne
Only: Nine Inch Nails
Your Own Worst Enemy: Alice Cooper
Every Day is Exactly the Same: Nine Inch Nails
Extraordinary Machine: Fiona Apple
The Line Begins to Blur: Nine Inch Nails

Looking for the playlist of the Hollows? I’ve got it here: https://open.spotify.com/embed/playlist/6qYXtGoaMxjMoravl5Jt21  (You don’t have to upgrade from free to see it.)


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3 responses to “Hollows Playlist: Kisten

  1. cruechick101

    Not gonna lie, Kisten is my favorite and it’ll be hard to read a book without him. Love the rob zombie

  2. Teri Augustine

    I have never cried so hard for a fictional character than for Kist. I felt something was up when I started reading the book and skipped to the back. I had to put it down for 3 months before I could pick it back up and finish it.

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