American Demon First Chapter Sneak Peek and ARC contest

We are four weeks out, which means I can give you a little teaser! It’s just the first page here, but follow the link to my website for the entire first chapter of AMERICAN DEMON. It’s a huge relief to be able to share this with you. This industry moves so slowly, and even with being the Queen of Delayed Gratification, the wait from first idea to shelf is long. So please, take a look and tell me if I lost Rachel’s voice or if she’s still the girl you knew next door. I missed her. Having her back makes my world feel a little more normal.


I’m giving away an ARC this week! If you have already entered one of the previous contests, that’s A-OK. You can enter every week. This time, I’m looking for your favorite breakfast cereal when you were a kid. (and if you still eat it!)

Using an email you have access to for the next five days, email Tim at <>  Put “My favorite cereal” in the subject line so we know you’re entering the contest. In the email, tell me what cereal you couldn’t wait to dig that spoon into when you were growing up–and if you still find yourself putting it in the shopping cart today. Mine was, ah…Lucky Charms. I kid you not.

You can also share your favorite cereal here, too. One entry per household please.

I will cut off entries at midnight, PST on Wednesday, May 20th. Winner will be announced Thursday morning, after I email he or she back for the address where they want me to mail the ARC to as well as find out if and how they want me to sign it.  Winners will have until that Friday, May 22nd, midnight to get back to me to claim the ARC and tell me their mailing address. If I don’t hear from you by Friday, May 22nd. midnight, the ARC goes back in the pool and I will give away two next week. Last week, Debra won out of 1,000+ entries. Congrats, Debra!

Out of the U.S? We were having some issues, but we’ve since found a way to ship books to Mexico or Canada, so you are again welcome to enter. Envelopes and letters are still okay even overseas, (so you can still send me a SASE for a freebie)

Books will go out USPS media mail, which takes some time. Chance of winning depends upon how many enter. Winners will be chosen by a random number generator, and I can’t be responsible for mail that goes astray.

That’s it. Apart from coming  back next Tuesday to enter again with a new question! I’ve got this one and one more left to give away.

And good luck!



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21 responses to “American Demon First Chapter Sneak Peek and ARC contest

  1. Brenda

    Note – the first chapter does not display if using Chrome as a browser.

  2. Nancy Weaver

    Weird child that I was, my favorite was Raison Bran. Every now and then I go back to it.

  3. Dana

    It took about a page and a half to get back into rhythm but it started feeling right again. I do have to say I’m not a fan of zombies in any genre but my love for The Hollows has me in an agony of suspense for the rest of the book. Thanks for the tease!

  4. Robin Gable

    1) The new storyline – It is so nice to have Rachel and company back! I love the way you told enough of the past for those new to the series to be able to catch on quickly. Everything is “alive again” through your work. Rachel is back, and I hope it is to stay!
    2) Cereal – Ohhh, how to choose! Rice Crispies falls into the cart now. I had three in rotation as a kid! Froot Loops, Sugar Corn Pops, and Rice Crispies. They have changed formulations on the other two, so they didn’t make the cut into adulthood. Well, unless I am at a hotel on a business trip and they have a mini box of Fruit Loops, those make it onto my breakfast tray.

  5. Minnie

    I really loved lucky charms. I remember reading Dead Witch Walking, and smiled fondly picturing Rachel’s charm bracelet .

  6. Donna Binns

    I have missed Rachel, Jenks and Ivy so very much. Am so excited about this new book. Thanks a bunch for giving us a sneak peek. I can’t wait.

  7. Kim I am so thrilled this book is coming out!!! I have missed Rachel and Marguerite Gavin’s amazing voice.

  8. Thom R

    Golden Grahams… Do they make that any more? These days, most cereal is bad for me. On the upside, I can have all the bacon I can get my hands on. 😁

  9. Honey Nut Cheerios
    is still my fav cereal

  10. Rice Krispies was my favorite because I loved how it talked while I ate.

  11. Linda Meyer

    Sugar Smacks was the best!!

  12. Shannon Harper

    As always, Rachel’s voice is a bright spot in the drudgery of corona lockdown! Thank You!! Love love love your writing style.
    Sidebar: Cocoa Krispies and Cookie Crunch were my favorites as a kid.

  13. Kerry Davids

    Weetabix, and yes, I still eat it!

  14. Becky Huffman

    Saturday morning cartoons with Cookie Crisps. One of my brothers and I would park ourselves in front on the TV all morning. I miss those days and him.

  15. Erin

    My favorite cereal
    It was fruity pebbles! I still love them but I manage to stay away!

  16. Lindsey Mitchell

    Lucky Charms for me too! I still but them, but I do get the chocolate version these days. 😂

  17. Kerri Eckes

    Golden Grahams! I don’t still eat them, though. I usually have oatmeal now. 😁

  18. Kelsey Myers

    Me and my brother couldn’t get enough of Captain Crunch and Cookie Crisp. Yum!!!

  19. Marie

    Definitely Fruity Pebbles!!

  20. W Warf

    My favorite cereal is cinnamon Life and I still eat it. It is not sweet and is filling. I prefer to eat it with no milk. I don’t like dairy milk and it doesn’t taste right with almond milk.

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