New AMERICAN DEMON give-away and AMA

Hi all.

It’s the  fourth out of tenth give-away for an ARC of AMERICAN DEMON! I’ll be doing this every Tuesday from now until June. Here’s how you enter today!

Using an email you have access to for the next five days, email Tim at <>  Put “TP score” in the subject line so we know you’re entering the contest. In the email, tell me how many rolls and where you got your last TP fix. Mine was unexpectedly a reader. (Thank you, Eric! I wish you had included an email in your care package. It was lovely!) You can also share your story here for bonus points–which actually get you nothing, but hey, I’m sure some of you have interesting stories concerning TP runs. One entry per household please.

I will cut off entries at midnight, PST on Wednesday, April 22. I will contact the winner Thursday morning, and announce them after they return my email. The winner will have until Friday, April 24, midnight to get return my email with the address they would like me to mail the ARC to as well as find out if and how they want me to sign it.  Again: winners will have until that Friday midnight to get back to me to claim the ARC and tell me their mailing address. If I don’t hear from you by Friday, 4/24, midnight, the ARC goes back in the pool and I will give away two next week. Cathleen won last week out of almost 2,000 entries. Congrats, Cathleen!

Out of the U.S? You can still enter to win. ARCs have no cash value, though they may get held up in customs forever. Books will go out USPS media mail, which takes some time, especially now. Chance of winning depends upon how many enter. Winners will be chosen by a random number generator, and I can’t be responsible for mail that goes astray.

That’s it. Apart from coming  back next Tuesday to enter again with a new question! I’ve got a bunch of these to give away.

Good luck!

And a quick heads-up! I will be doing an AMA this Friday at 4:30. Set your phone, tell your reading buddies. This was supposed to be an in-person event at a con, but…well…my PR is all online this year, making me concerned my usual readers won’t know about the new Rachel/Trent book.

So write down your writing, knitting, gardening, and yes, Hollows questions for me for Friday. Not now. Friday at the AMA site. I’ll have a direct link at the time, but if you want to check AMAs out and get signed in before the crush so your electronics talk to their electronics, here’s a link to their website.



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13 responses to “New AMERICAN DEMON give-away and AMA

  1. Hi! My girlfriend just graduated with a degree in a creative writing and self-published a novel while she was in school. You’re her favorite author, and she has loved the Hollows books since they first started coming out! If you could give her any advice while she’s starting out, what would it be?

  2. charla covey

    Are you ever going to fill in the gaps between the Turn and the first Hollows book? I loved The Turn so much and and really looking forward to see what really happened at camp.

    • I’d like to, Charla. But the worst time for me to write a plague book is when we are in one. I would be carrying that emotion around 24/7 instead of 9-5, and that is not healthy.

    • Charla Covey

      I didn’t think about it that way. The fact that you’re that connected to your books is probably why they’re so good.

  3. Tim powers

    Wow! I’m due to win this one, it is my initials! Not very exciting, only two of us in the house so demand not very high. I was lucky enough to hit Costco for one of their mega packs just before the madness began. We are still working on it. Hope Santa is not disappointed with a few sheets. 🙃

  4. I follow you on Amazon, so every time something is happening, they remind me. I also get your emails, so I hope that means I’m covered!

  5. I had plenty before the hoarding began. I just hope it’s over before I need to resupply. Was there toilet paper hoarding during the Turn?

  6. Kelly S.

    I got my pkg roll at CVS which is a glorified Walgreens….but sometimes nicer inside depending on when and what part of town your in….

  7. Sandi

    My husband was actually ahead of the crisis and stockpiled Tp from Sam’s Club in December, January and February (one big package a month!) Which is a good thing since now we have not been to Sam’s since February!

  8. Kelsey Myers

    I got a 30 roll jumbo pack at the commissary on the military base where my Hyderabad l husband works. Since is just the two of us who use TP, it’s going to last forever. Now of only I could get that many baby wipes…

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