Week three, AMERICAN DEMON ARC give-away

Hi all.

It’s the third give-away for an ARC of AMERICAN DEMON! I’ll be doing this every Tuesday from now until June. Here’s how you enter today!

Using an email you have access to for the next five days, email Tim at <coldtoastwritingsllc@comcast.net>  Put “My go-to comfort food” in the subject line so we know you’re entering the contest. In the email, tell me your most yummy go-to comfort eats! Mine is hot cocoa. You can also share it here. Bonus points for a picture!–which actually get you nothing, but hey, sharing is caring. One entry per household please.

I will cut off entries at midnight, PST on Wednesday, April 15. Winner will be announced Thursday morning, After I email he or she back for the address where they want me to mail the ARC to as well as find out if and how they want me to sign it.  Winners will have until that 3/17 Friday midnight to get back to me to claim the ARC and tell me their mailing address. If I don’t hear from you by Friday, 3/17, midnight, the ARC goes back in the pool and I will give away two next week. Last week, Jo won out of 800+ entries. Congrats, Jo!

Out of the U.S? You can still enter to win. ARCs have no cash value, though they may get held up in customs forever. Books will go out USPS media mail, which takes some time. Chance of winning depends upon how many enter. Winners will be chosen by a random number generator, and I can’t be responsible for mail that goes astray.

That’s it. Apart from coming  back next Tuesday to enter again with a new question! I’ve got a bunch of these to give away.

And good luck!

If you want to skip the chaos and pre-order, I have a list of my favorite stores that I’ve signed at. If you like your local store where they are, please consider ordering online from them. Not just my book, but any book during this time. Everyone loves Amazon, but you want your local bookstores to survive, and the inventive people who run them are finding ways to adapt.

Nicola’s Books, Ann Arbor, MI **Personalized copies available**

Joseph Beth: Cincinnati OH, Lexington KY

University Books, Seattle, WA

Powell’s Books, Beaverton, OR

Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, CA

Schuler Books, Grand Rapids, MI, Lansing MI,

Entire list of Kim’s Favorite Stores



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17 responses to “Week three, AMERICAN DEMON ARC give-away

  1. Nora Amren

    I think I’m late again but I’m going to try anyway!

    My go-to comfort food is homemade Apple cider over a cast iron stove burning oak wood. Can’t forget the honest to God real stick of cinnamon.

    I would really love to get an early copy of your book for my Granddaughter. I think she may be your number one fan. She talks about your books all the time and I wish I could find as much joy in books as she does. Her 30th birthday is this friday, April 17th. This would just make her birthday special in a way I cant give her because of this quarantine. With everything going she still calls me every day to make sure I’m okay. She brings me groceries and calls me from outside my house so we can chat through the window just so I don’t feel so alone. She lives an hour away with a 4 month old at home who was born prematurely so I tell her to not worry about me and just take care of that sweet angel but she tells me that she could never leave me alone. She’s just so special and she deserves to feel special, especially this friday. Well I said my peace, please let me know if I won! Also, if I don’t win maybe I could buy an advanced copy for her? Let me know please and thank you for your time.

    Nora Amren

    P.s. I haven’t read your books but please dont take it personally. I read the newspaper and that’s about it. I had to use my grandson just to get this typed in the right places and I sure hope we managed okay. Have a lovely day, I hope you’re staying stafe.

  2. Lauren White

    Mine is Dr. Pepper and Christmas crack candy (all year long because it’s amazing).

  3. Chris Thom

    Chocolate pudding! With whipped cream! Am eating a lot of pudding these days. Stay safe!

  4. Marian Fletcher

    Anything mocha! Coffee and chocolate together = genius!!!

  5. Lori Calka

    My comfort food is chicken soup

  6. Tiffaney Germann

    Indomie Mi Goreng noodles! They are absolutely delicious! Spicy & hot, inexpensive, easy to make and completely animal product free, Halal (I’m not vegan but I have friends who are so it was awesome to be able to share these noodles with them!).

  7. Mashed potatoes! Butter or gravy, a little s & p and life is all good.

  8. Mo

    Pizza, always pizza. Any pizza will do but my favorite is onion, pineapple, jalapeno, and hot sausage. Freakin’ fantastic.

  9. Lynn Baker

    My comfort meal is potatoes. I could sound like Bubba from Forrest Gump, talking about all the ways I could eat potatoes.

  10. Jer Goodridge

    French toast and tons of VT maple syrup

  11. Kelsey Myers

    My comforting, go to meal is meatloaf. Easy to make, delicious, and lots of left overs for sandwhiches. Yum!! I’ll pair it with some mashed potatoes and green beans.

  12. Kelsey Myers

    My comforting, go to meal is meatloaf. Easy to make, delicious, and lots of left overs for sandwhiches. Yum!! I’ll pair it with some mashed potatoes and green beans.

  13. Debi Cooper Schoonover

    Garlic Cheese Bread

  14. Jennifer Isler

    My go-to foods aren’t hot donuts.

  15. Susan Blakeney

    Creamy pasta is a favorite go to comfort food. If I’m not feeling much like eating then it’s usually a cup of hot tea 🙂

  16. Joan Brewer

    Waiting on American Demon

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