e-book price drop, on one of my Hollows favorites!

We are getting closer to AMERICAN DEMON’s release, and things are really starting to pop! I’ve seen the actual, real cover, and man, ACE is doing it up amazingly. The cover just feels substantial, and the spine is pretty thick.

If you are planning on re-reading the series before AMERICAN DEMON, there is still time. The read-a-long over at — Goodreads — has moved up to PALE DEMON, but all the folders are there and running if you want to dive in now and start at DEAD WITCH WALKING.

But for the next few days, Harper has okayed a short-lived price reduction for the e-book. Take advantage of it! It won’t last long, and it’s a nice way to round out your e-library and give your paperbacks a rest. 😉  Links below.

Amazon Kindle    Barnes and Noble Nook

Because this is a publisher-sponsored price reduction, it is unfortunately for U.S. only.

A-a-a-and, as in previous years, Nicola’s has opened up their pre-orders for AMERICAN DEMON!  If you’re looking for a signed/personalized book, here’s where you can get it. International orders are A-ok. Just email them first from the order page. Let me know who you want it personalized to in the comment’s section at Nicola’s order page.

Nicola’s Order Page for personalized AMERICAN DEMON



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7 responses to “e-book price drop, on one of my Hollows favorites!

  1. Frank White

    Hi Kim,
    I just finished Dead Witch walking. I was very entertained. I will be reading all of your books in the near future. I just wanted to thank you for your writing.
    Frank White
    A new fan

  2. Jev

    Hey Kim,
    Can we expect a tour for American Demon?

  3. Deborah

    I’m just happy about the return to the Hollows because I was unhappy that the series ended in the first place. So hopefully we get many more I’m greedy so 30 or 40 more would be good.

  4. Jan V

    Hi Kim,
    Can we expect a tour for American Demon??

  5. Soon I will have the whole series!!! Thank you for bringing down the price for a limited time it’s the only way someone like me who is on a fixed income can afford one of my very favorite series!!!! I’m in heaven! xo

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