Kim Harrison’s not so last-minute gift scramble

My hubby Tim and I have two distinct styles to get ready for the holiday season. Because of my work schedule, (and nature) I start shopping early, I wrap early, I bake early, and I usually have three blessedly calm days before Christmas. Tim on the other hand USED to be a last minute man, so bad that he told me he once shopped at a gas station for gifts on the way to a family party.

My calm enjoyment of the last three days before Christmas must have been getting to him, because now he’s almost as bad as me, and while I’m currently scrambling to find two minutes to rub together, he’s decorating in his, ahem, unique fashion.

However . . . for all you holiday shoppers out there beating me to the punch, I have I asked my publisher if they could whip up a gift card for me to make available to you! So if you are of a mind and, like me, think way ahead, you can print out the full color card and stuff it in a stocking or put on the tree, or secret Santa someone you know who loves the Hollows even though the book won’t be out until June. (That seems so far away!)

Just click on the image to go to the high-res copy that you can lift and print for your own use.  Happy Shopping!

And if you’re ready to pre-order to make the card truly legit:


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2 responses to “Kim Harrison’s not so last-minute gift scramble

  1. Donna Schmidt

    What a thoughtful thing to do! Thank you, Kim. I hope your holidays are peaceful, full of love and wonder.
    A Huge fan,
    Donna Schmidt

  2. Erika

    Will you be signing books to purchase from Nicola’s for American Demon? If so, I’m holding off from pre-ordering the hard cover edition. I’ve already pre-ordered the kindle version.

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