The Hollows Read-A-Long/price drop

Hi All,

In celebration of the upcoming release of AMERICAN DEMON, (Yay, Rachel and Trent!) I am hosting a read-a-long over at Goodreads. We’re almost up to 1000 members, and the chatting is good! I love hearing about your favorite quotes and what you are getting out of the books a second time with the gift of foresight. If you want to join in, come on over!  — Goodreads — I’ve been following and answering questions as we went through Dead Witch Walking, and it’s been a lot of fun!

But even if you are not a member of Goodreads, you can take advantage of the rolling price reductions that Harper has graciously agreed to. Right now, Dead Witch Walking and The Good, the Bad, and The Undead are on sale, so if you can’t find your books or simply want to round out your e-library, this is a relatively painless way to do it. Or even better, get a book for that stubborn reader in your life who just won’t give the Hollows a try. 😉

Today we begin The Good, The Bad, and the Undead, but the folders of conversation are still active for Dead Witch Walking, and I’ll be checking them as we go along.


DWW Kindle

DWW Nook

GBU Kindle

GBU Nook




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2 responses to “The Hollows Read-A-Long/price drop

  1. Natalie

    Any chance of getting the discount in Canada?

    • I’m sorry, but probably no. This was a very fast implemented sale, done through my publisher, and they don’t have the ability to discount copies in Canada.

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