One of the perks . . .

One of the perks of being an author is having our voices heard, though usually through the lens of our characters and not always understood or clear. And though it’s hard to see it in the text, I’m often working something out in my head and on the page at the same time.

I fully intended today to sit down and write a set of lyrics about Pike, a character I’m developing in THE RULE. He’s a magnificent, wild-card vampire who’s going to get Rachel in trouble, and I thought perhaps Takata, my song-writing oracle, might write something about him. I use all the tools in my box to develop characters, and music/lyrics is my hammer. It busts things open.

So I used my hammer, and Pike is not what came out on my paper. Oh, it started with Pike, but it ended with something far more real, something that I can’t bring out and work through in the Hollows simply because of the established universe I’m working in there. I’ve got another series sitting at rough draft that does, but no one will see it anytime soon because, well, it’s not the Hollows, and I’m seriously okay with that. Time changes all things, and I’ve not given up, just shelved the art in my process until my “art” is what is selling.

I only ask that you be kind and understand that it’s only a few hours old and it will likely be tweaked before chunks of it show up in AMERICAN DEMON or THE RULE. But now you can say you saw it in the raw, and maybe you’ll understand what I’m saying a smidgen more when it shows up between the covers.

It needs a title. I’m thinking BLACK COIN, but I’m open to suggestions.

I’m killing time, till time kills me
No one knows who will succeed
Wealth buys time, till time runs out
Whose to say what it’s all about
When you’re killing time,
     Killing time
     Killing time
     It’s killing time

Ten thousand years, is the price
Black coin banked under shale and stone
We spent it all, on magic beans
But magic beans don’t grow

Pretty lies and fairy tales
Wrapped in soiled flags
Black coin seeps, like poison creeps
and balance found will fail

(Wake up!)
Species dying
Children crying
State fathers lying
Lobbyists buying
The earth is frying

Ten thousand years, is the price we pay
Corruption has no shame
Faceless, voiceless, nameless . . .
Peerless, fearless, short-list . . .

Can’t put it back–black coin ill-spent
Ten thousand years, at detriment
Down in the earth, buried deep
Down where the demons sleep
Down where God can’t speek
Black coin spent, our soul to keep
So as you sow, so shall you reap
So as you sow, your children weap
Just killing time, as black coin seeps

Just killing time
Killing time
Killing time

It’s killing time.

–Kim Harrison 9-22-19


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15 responses to “One of the perks . . .

  1. Claudia

    Amazing. All I can think after reading this is WOW. I think Black Coin is a perfect title.

  2. Nice! I like the title you have for it.

  3. Angela Sklar

    Oh Kim , I could almost hear it sung in my head ! The rhythm of the words is soooo good ! …and the message is one that is so relevent ! Loved it!

  4. Kala A. Goriup

    Funny how art and life intersect/ reflect. Nicely done. Would be cool to hear it set to music, maybe a stripped back version with acoustic guitar.

  5. Wow. Message received—loud and clear. Keep writing. Don’t care what art is the riff of the moment. I will always read what you have to say.

  6. Kristal

    Love the social commentary. The price of oil extraction is on us and society is on the cusp of change whether we want it or not! We are in a holding pattern which can’t last much longer the way things are. At least vampires are used to living underground…

  7. michelle garcia

    Loved it. Blew my mind.

  8. wanda lindgren

    I like this, it’s a question Ive.pondered for many years,do vampires ever wish to die.? 10,000 years the loss of family, friends, gets tiring wasting time is that why they often are so depraved the.other side of the riches,beauty, living forever. Look forward to when it all formulated for you.

  9. That is WAY cool! And I think Black Coin is an apt title. Write on, writer. Right on 😉

  10. Donna

    Holy Cow, you are working on some signicant s**t! Yes, I could see (hear) some vampire lyrics inner woven in this one too. Been a while since Takata wrote a song within a song so to speak.

  11. Meliss

    I like “Black Coin” or “Black Coin Spent” as a title. Can’t wait to see where it plays in your universe (and if it in reverse in ours by then or not…)

  12. Kim Snoddy

    Holy Shit! You should seriously try to sell these lyrics and have the song come to life! Phenomenal!

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