e-book price drop, pass it on!

Two of the Hollows titles are on sale right now for 1.99, e-book format. It’s a good chance to make a late gift to the Hollows addict on your list, or even for yourself if you are trying to round out your e-library. And please pass the word!

The Witch With No Name: Nook. Kindle

White Witch, Black Curse: Nook Kindle

But while I was looking through my archives for a past post I could easily modify to tell you about the sale, I found this little gem from 2015. It was during an unusual -30 cold snap that seemed to last all winter. When it gets that cold, the mind wanders, and the poet in me claws its way out.

The Breaking of Silence

Kim Harrison, February, 2015

I was awake early this morning, long before the sun came up. It gave me an almost singular chance to sit in my office and drink a cup of cocoa and witness the breaking of silence. There was no wind, eerily still with no sun to push even molecules into motion, no birds to mar the perfect beauty of temperature gradient slices of air so defined you could breathe them in like flavors of ice cream. Too desiccated for clouds, only the black bare branches mark the subtle shadings from apex black, to blue, to a hint of watery pink at the horizon. Definition comes from what lacked, not substance itself.

A foot of Sandman’s sleep lays upon the world, the swollen, ugly red of sun devoid of even a whisper of warmth as the earth rolls in its gravity track and pushes it up through the bands of cream and blue–rainbows so stretched and thin that their color can’t be seen.

It is so cold my attic is cracking.


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4 responses to “e-book price drop, pass it on!

  1. Thank you for the telling of the morning coolness. It made me feel like I was there. I have lived 3 times in an area that had regular snow. As a child we would going onto the linocovered kitchen floor and help. Frost would be on the inside of the windows. In the 1960’s New Zealand didn’t have effective insulation in many houses.

  2. Ellen

    Love your description of a winter morning. Still makes me glad I traded Ohio for NW Georgia.

  3. Both the links under White Witch, Black Curse take you to Barnes and Noble. I found it on Amazon for the sale price using their search.

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