I’m exhausted! Post Halloween blues

Oh, what a wonderful night, giving away at least 700 pieces of candy for two hours straight. The streets of my little town were full, and the weather cooperated. I swear, there were as many adults wandering around in costume as there were kids. I do love my street. Add in chili, homemade bread, and family to share it with, and I’m a happy girl.

Even better, the pumpkin patch just keeps growing! The contest for the ten random and five chosen winners is now closed. I need a day to look at them and find the most sincere. (wink) You guys amaze me with your talents. Tomorrow morning, I’ll inform the winners at the addresses they used to send me their photo, so check your in-box. 🙂 I’ll also post them here in a new blog, but wait for me to contact you if you see your pumpkin. 🙂

Thank you for playing along with me! You guys made my Halloween. You really did.

Kim (who is still humming Jack-the pumpkin king’s theme song)

Trina’s pumpkins


Susan’s pumpkin


Sean’s pumpkin


Sanne’s pumpkin


Paul’s pumpkins


Lorie’s pumpkin


Lisa’s pumpkin


Letitia’s pumpkins


Laura’s pumpkin


Lasciel’s pumpkin


Jessika’s pumpkin


Jenni’s pumpkins


Jackie’s pumpkins


Dana’s pumpkins


Catrina’s pumpkins


Cathy’s pumpkin


Caro’s pumpkin


Ashleigh’s pumpkin


Amber’s pumpkin


Amanda’s pumpkin


Amanda’s Pumpkin’s


LeAnn’s pumpkin


Katie’s pumpkin


Janie’s pumpkin


Jame’s pumpkin


David’s pumpkins


Danielle’s pumpkins


Victoria’s Pumpkins


Vennessa’s pumpkins


Stephinie’s pumpkin


Sarah’s pumpkin


Sabrina’s pumpkins


Nikita’s pumpkin


Nadine’s pumpkin


Michelle’s pumpkin


Michele’s pumpkins


Meredith’s pumpkin


Lori’s pumpkin


Lisa’s pumpkin


Amanda’s pumpkin


April’s Pumpkins


Brooklyn’s pumpkin


Candice’s pumpkin


Cynthia’s pumpkin


Danielle’s pumpkins


Diane’s pumpkins


Dorean’s pumpkin


Edward’s pumpkins


Emily’s pumpkins


Julie’s pumpkin


Kelly’s pumpkin


Rachel’s pumpkin


Nikki’s pumpkin


Rachel’s pumpkin


Rayne’s pumpkin


Sophia’s pumpkin


Stone’s pumpkin


Tanya’s pumpkin


Tara’s pumpkin


Toni’s turnip pumpkin


Wendy’s pumpkin


Amanda’s Pumpkin


Carrie’s Pumpkins


Hilary’s pumpkins


Jen’s pumpkin patch


Kiera’s Pumpkins


Krisin’s pumpkins


Michelle’s pumpkin


Michelle’s pumpkin


Narmowen’s pumpkin’s


Sapphire’s pumpkins


Mary’s Pumpkin


Laura’s pumpkins


Christina’s pumpkin


Sky’s pumpkins


Sara’s pumpkin


Mikela’s Pumpkin


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One response to “I’m exhausted! Post Halloween blues

  1. Dana, you totally impressed me with your Kim Harrison book display. What can I say? I love book more than pumpkins. I’m jealous because all my Harrison reads were on Audible or library audiobook loans. Kudos to everyone who had cats in the photos, too!

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