Happy Halloween!

It’s the last day to enter the Kim Harrison, pumpkin carving contest! I’ve gotten a lot the last few days, and just as a reminder, ten will be chosen at random as winners, and five will be chosen by me depending on my mood and how much candy I’ve eaten. Tomorrow I’ll share the winners with you after I get in and post the last entries from tonight.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, and we have almost as many decorating tubs in the basement as we do for Christmas. That you guys are sharing the fun with me has really put the boo in my step. Thank you. 🙂

I also want to thank you for all the support and shares I got from you all the last few days concerning not just the contest, but for getting the word out about PERfunctory afFECTION (or just Perfection) which just came up on Subterranean for pre-order. One of the best ways to help your favorite authors is to share their presale/on-sale announcements even if you can’t buy the book, so THANK YOU! If you are curious, there’s a blurb on their site, but I’ll feature it myself after Halloween.

I got a few more entries last night, so check them out! If you’re just now joining the fun, I’m accepting pictures of your pumpkins (taken with your favorite or most accessible Hollows book) at my e-mail address here: Kim_harrison@comcast.net. Full rules are at the original post All Treat, No Trick.  Cut off for entries is Halloween night, midnight. Good luck, everyone! And thank you for playing along with me!


Amanda’s Pumpkin’s


LeAnn’s pumpkin


Katie’s pumpkin


Janie’s pumpkin


Jame’s pumpkin


David’s pumpkins


Danielle’s pumpkins


Victoria’s Pumpkins


Vennessa’s pumpkins


Stephinie’s pumpkin


Sarah’s pumpkin


Sabrina’s pumpkins


Nikita’s pumpkin


Nadine’s pumpkin


Michelle’s pumpkin


Michele’s pumpkins


Meredith’s pumpkin


Lori’s pumpkin


Lisa’s pumpkin


Amanda’s pumpkin


April’s Pumpkins


Brooklyn’s pumpkin


Candice’s pumpkin


Cynthia’s pumpkin


Danielle’s pumpkins


Diane’s pumpkins


Dorean’s pumpkin


Edward’s pumpkins


Emily’s pumpkins


Julie’s pumpkin


Kelly’s pumpkin


Rachel’s pumpkin


Nikki’s pumpkin


Rachel’s pumpkin


Rayne’s pumpkin


Sophia’s pumpkin


Stone’s pumpkin


Tanya’s pumpkin


Tara’s pumpkin


Toni’s turnip pumpkin


Wendy’s pumpkin


Amanda’s Pumpkin


Carrie’s Pumpkins


Hilary’s pumpkins


Jen’s pumpkin patch


Kiera’s Pumpkins


Krisin’s pumpkins


Michelle’s pumpkin


Michelle’s pumpkin


Narmowen’s pumpkin’s


Sapphire’s pumpkins


Mary’s Pumpkin


Laura’s pumpkins


Christina’s pumpkin


Sky’s pumpkins


Sara’s pumpkin


Mikela’s Pumpkin


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One response to “Happy Halloween!

  1. Sandra Robinson

    I know you didn’t ask for votes, but if we could vote, I’d vote for Nikki’s pumpkin because it portrays Bis and the church/home/occasional office for Rachel and Ivy.

    You have a difficult task before you. Good luck!

    A Faithful and quite happy reader/fan, Sandi Robinson

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