Pumpkin Contest (and upcoming PERFECTION release)

A big, sloppy-author thank you from me today to those of you who jumped on the presale of Perfection yesterday. I took a look at Subterranean’s ordering page last night, and my jaw hit my chest. The extra-special leather-bound copies are gone. Thank you for that. It made it hard to sleep. 😉 But in a good way. This book is me stretching without losing that Kim Harrison feel, and I hope those of you who get a chance to read it, enjoy it. If you are just now hearing about PERfunctory afFECTION, I talk more about it at yesterday’s post.

But we’re here for pumpkins and free Hollows books! Wow, did I get a lot of entries for the contest last night! Check them out. Some of you have taken this to a real art form. The talent! And thank you for your kind words on which Hollows book is your favorite and why. I’ve fallen back in love with the Hollows, and you’ll be glad to know I’m almost done with the rewrite for the next Rachel/Trent book (AMERICAN DEMON) and ready to send it to my agent to find a new home. I can’t wait for you to meet Hodin–a yummy slice of dark demon goodness.

If you’re just now joining the fun, I’m accepting pictures of your pumpkins (taken with your favorite or most accessible Hollows book) at my e-mail address here: Kim_harrison@comcast.net. Full rules are at the original post All Treat, No Trick.  I’m still taking entries until tomorrow night, Halloween. Good luck, everyone! And thank you for playing along with me!

Amanda’s pumpkin


April’s Pumpkins


Brooklyn’s pumpkin


Candice’s pumpkin


Cynthia’s pumpkin


Danielle’s pumpkins


Diane’s pumpkins


Dorean’s pumpkin


Edward’s pumpkins


Emily’s pumpkins


Julie’s pumpkin


Kelly’s pumpkin


Rachel’s pumpkin


Nikki’s pumpkin


Rachel’s pumpkin


Rayne’s pumpkin


Sophia’s pumpkin


Stone’s pumpkin


Tanya’s pumpkin


Tara’s pumpkin


Toni’s turnip pumpkin


Wendy’s pumpkin


Amanda’s Pumpkin


Carrie’s Pumpkins


Hilary’s pumpkins


Jen’s pumpkin patch


Kiera’s Pumpkins


Krisin’s pumpkins


Michelle’s pumpkin


Michelle’s pumpkin


Narmowen’s pumpkin’s


Sapphire’s pumpkins


Mary’s Pumpkin


Laura’s pumpkins


Christina’s pumpkin


Sky’s pumpkins


Sara’s pumpkin


Mikela’s Pumpkin



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2 responses to “Pumpkin Contest (and upcoming PERFECTION release)

  1. Kathryn Riley

    I agree with Carol. What a fantastic array of pumpkins!!

  2. Carol Hooper

    Wow! What amazingly talented readers you have! I am SO GLAD i don’t have to choose the winners!

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