New Contest Entries (and where to get my next book release!)

Sing it from the top of my roof, and pass it on. My new book has gotten its marching orders, and if you haven’t heard, PERfunctory afFECTION is now available for pre-order from Subterranean Press! (insert wild Snoopy dance here) Yes, it’s pricy, but the print run is like 2,000 copies instead of 200,000, and they are all signed. It’s a collector book, pure and simple, and will not be readily available in the stores. There are a few reasons for this, one of which is the length, (an odd size, but I cringed at padding it to get it novel length.) It’s also not your usual Kim Harrison fare, though it’s clearly from my pen. (Tim finished it and came into my office shouting, “No way!”) Perhaps I had a few issues to work out, having just left a situation that did its best to crush my will to write, but in any case, I wanted to give you the link today to give you a shot at them in case they go fast. Link to Subterranean. As I said, it’s a VERY small print run for me, and I can’t tell you how glad I am that Subterranean picked PERFECTION up. They are a high-end publisher, and if you haven’t heard of them, you are missing out on a lot of fabulous, unique publications by authors you know and love. Take a moment to do a search while there, and check them out.

But today, I want to focus on pumpkins and free Hollows books! There was a lot of carving going on this weekend, and here are the latest entries in the Hollows carving contest! I’m accepting pictures of your pumpkins (taken with your favorite or most accessible Hollows book) at my e-mail address here: Full rules are at the original post All Treat, No Trick. If I don’t get many more pumpkins, odds are really good you’re going to get one of the fifteen give-away books. (wink)

Amanda’s Pumpkin


Carrie’s Pumpkins


Hilary’s pumpkins


Jen’s pumpkin patch


Kiera’s Pumpkins


Krisin’s pumpkins


Michelle’s pumpkin


Michelle’s pumpkin


Narmowen’s pumpkin’s


Sapphire’s pumpkins


Mary’s Pumpkin


Laura’s pumpkins


Christina’s pumpkin


Sky’s pumpkins


Sara’s pumpkin


Mikela’s Pumpkin



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10 responses to “New Contest Entries (and where to get my next book release!)

  1. Dana Sala

    SWEET!!! I am so excited to read this, just ordered mine. Loved all of them for sure, would never miss one of your books

  2. Laura

    Fan from the start, loved The Hollows, loved The Drafter and hope for that to be tied up. Will definitely get this one…is there a synopsis I’m missing somewhere?

  3. Michelle C.

    Ordered the book when I got the email from Subterranean. Love their books, and yours.

  4. zieschlern

    Even if I’ve already read it, I have to have a STP edition! 😉

  5. Paul

    I’d post a picture, but the squirrels ate the pumpkins very quickly this year. They ate the decorative gourds on the porch as well!

  6. Angela

    Looking forward to reading the new novel, order placed, now have to wait 🙁!!

  7. michelle

    Yipee! 😉 new Kim Harrison novel. can’t wait. Got my order in.
    All the pumpkins look scary cool.

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