Early Signs

It was a curiously restless night, what with the wind pushing through the upper levels of the house, keeping me awake with the sensation that it’s time to move.Ā The sun rose into an unsettled morning, glowing once through the oncoming clouds as if to prove it really was there before vanishing behind a gust of wind. I was already on the porch with my tea, having opened the house to let the encroaching cold flow through every room, pulling fall in its wake.

Today will be odd, what with the temperature falling during the day instead of rising. All my office windows are open, and it’s as if I’m working outside, stones holding papers atop my desk as winter makes its first attempt at pushing summer on.

It’s not surprising that I’m feeling as restless as the wind, that I’ve wedged myself out from behind my desk after a summer of sedentary gardening to take weekend trips where I can sit around a fire and eat s’mores to satisfy some ingrained urge to . . . move. The human species has been migratory for most of its existence, and it’s only been recently that we haven’t had to heed the not-so-subtle cues to migrate or die.

Old habits are rising up from the span spent behind me, tailored now to a more mundane existance. Already I’ve begun to bring things in from the garden, things covered in sand and silt, spiderwebs and new, yellow leaves, carrying the smell of summer with them. Most go into boxes into the basement, but a few, pulling on even older threads, make it into my office.

Pika, my long-time desk guardian, will have a few companions while the snow and ice hit the reset button this year. He could use the help, frankly, in reminding me that this work is hard, and that only with a steadfast, almost blind perseverance and a good nature, will anything come of it.


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10 responses to “Early Signs

  1. Mary Elizabeth

    The leaves from the trees are turning to their golds,red,oranges gently sighing as their time to sleep comes closer .my heart aches already for the spring of the coming alive the new bursting showing promises of rebirth.my heart is here where I have memories that play within my mind and heart of my children.faint sounds of their laughter sounding within these walls.glimpses of their childhood selves from the corner of my eyes.no I am rooted here till my time is done.I treasure moments reading my favorite author before the fireplace and my world is at peace.thank you Kim for giving me and others your beautiful imagination and characters we have come to bond with.to us you are the treasure that allows us into another reality for a time.thank you for this amazing gift

  2. As always love reading your thoughts on any topic. Thank you for sharing with us!

  3. Margo G Davies

    Now that the cooler weather is upon us, and pica and friends are keeping watch over your desk,might a new crocheter/knitter inquire if it is possible to get copies of the patterns of your dragons and such? We do “Helping Hands” and make things for children who are sick. I think they might appreciate a dragon or two. Please send me info on what I need to send you ie: SASE pre addressed to myself and postage or $ for postage. Thanks so very indeed. Your books are the best. Reading thru all o
    f Rachel’s adventures again and can’t wait for the new one! šŸ˜

  4. Ellen

    I’m in NW Georgia and I’m dreaming about fall. We’re looking at 90 degree weather here and still have our AC running. Even so the dogwoods are hinting at red and the sugar maples outside the bedroom window are teasing with a promise of gold. When the first fall days arrive we are heading to the Apple Orchards!

  5. Thank you for this touching image of your life. You are most kind. Blessings as the winter draws on and the dark encroaches. May you feel inspired. Warmest Wishes, Tasha

  6. anastaciast

    I thought this was a sample of a novel. God bless you for allowing us into your life. XO

  7. Sounds like brisk weather brings out the poet in you. Eh, it’s high 80’s down here in S. Indiana. I’m still wishing I hadn’t put the pool into winterization mode….

  8. I am glad I am not the only one who gets the urge to move thankfully my husband is in the Marines and we move every three years I donā€™t know what we will do when he retires.

  9. Ed C.

    What beautiful piece to read with my morning coffee. As always, there is poetry in your prose.

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