DragonCon 2018 Interview

And all too fast, the interviews done at Dragoncon 2018 are coming in! Toni Stauffer and I had the chance to find a quiet corner and talk for a few minutes about what I’ve been up to lately as well as dip into my writing process. I even shared with her a picture of my office, a detached building in the middle of my garden. Check it out!

Target Audience Magazine



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8 responses to “DragonCon 2018 Interview

  1. Terri Jenkins

    Kim, as I’m sure you know, you are a blessed woman. Your office ROCKS! Such beauty to surround yourself in each time you work. Can. Not. WAIT to hang with Rachel & the crew! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

  2. Wonderful interview. Thank you.

  3. Nicole

    Thank you, that was a really nice interview and your office — looks like heaven!
    But when reading about your upcoming project (and I’m really exited about the continuation of the Hollows books with Rachel and gang) I couldn’t help but noticing that nothing was mentioned of Peri’s next book? Will there be a next one?

  4. Gillian Watkinson

    What a wonderful article/interview. I like knowing a little more history and knowing a new Rachel book is coming in the near future and the brief summary is so intriguing. Do we ever stop wondering about where we are, what our purpose is, where do we go from here, I wonder?

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