DragonCon 2018

Someone asked me what my favorite moment of DragonCon 2018 was yesterday. Lucky me, I got it on video thanks to Tim. I swear, The best stuff goes on behind the black curtain.


We got together for a quick picture before the Best Selling Authors Tell All panel, and it sort of degraded into a happy mess.

But here’s the official picture: in order from left to right, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Faith Hunter, Kim Harrison, Laurell K. Hamilton, Kevin J. Anderson, Nancy Knight, Gordon Andrews, Ilona Andrews

The next day was my personal panel, and as was my wont, I sat on the table so I could see you better. With me is Carol, who runs the urban fantasy track. (Yay, Carol!) Everyone who came got a copy of THE OPERATOR to take home with them, and the Q&A was great, but my favorite part had to be getting the chance to read the first three pages of rough draft of AMERICAN DEMON, the next Rachel Morgan book I’m working on now–which you all apparently liked. (smile) I also got a fair idea of how an Al POV book set during the elf/demon war in the ever-after would go over.

There was a signing at the AmericasMart building at The Missing Volume, and if you’re in the area, I left signed books with them. While there, I ran into one of my long-time readers who I believe has gotten a book signed from me every year I go out all the way back to about 2005, if I’m thinking right.

My last panel was on Today, and I got the chance to sit on a panel with Richard Kadery. It was really nice to see him again, if only for a few minutes, and I wish I had had more than one panel with him. Happy meet!

And then it was time to head home and back to the final days of summer, because I don’t care what the calendar says, it’s still warm, and my garden is still green, and I need to be in my office, putting words on paper.



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13 responses to “DragonCon 2018

  1. Tresa

    What a great picture of all my favorite authors! Are we going to find out what happened to Trish & Trent’s baby? Trent was very evil. If I’d read this book (the turn) first, I don’t think I could have stomached the Rachael Morgan series. I was always rooting for Trent except I really liked Kristan. I’ve always wanted to know more what happened when Rachel and Trent were in summer camp together when they were young. Is that where he fell for her or she first intrigued him? Although she scared the crap out of him by putting him in a tree. LOL. I an very excited about another Rachael Morgan book. Like your Peri books can’t wait for the last. What goes in website box?

  2. bookwyrm217

    Some day I will get to be at D*C the same time as you are and get my original loose leaf reader review of Dead Witch Walking signed. I know I missed a lot of great panels this year. Glad you had a great time!!

  3. Jodi Monroe

    Christmas in August! A Rachel book! I hope with all of our favorite characters! Thank you! It’s like going home for a visit. Jodi

  4. Jamie Anderson

    Oh my goodness!!

    Kim, you and Laurel K. Hamilton together gave me actual hives…

    My first-ever “Urban Fantasy” novel I read (and loved) was your “Hollows Series”. I soon discovered Laurell’s “Anita Blake” and fell completely in love with this series, as well. I think I need to add DragonCon to my conference plans for next year!

    Thanks for sharing the picture!

  5. *wiggles and squiggles in chair at the thought of a new Rachel Morgan book*

  6. Wait, what??! Another Rachel Morgan book? You just made my year!!

  7. Sorry I missed you Rachel. This is the dude that is obsessed with Kisten. I have a mental illness and my payee has to send me money and I was unable to get the funds which I received at the beginning of the month in time to come to Dragcon which also was at the beginning of the month. I wanted to say this. I read your Graphic novel and Kisten just didn’t look like I pictured him. I always pictured him to look a bit more emo man. More Goth. Then I thought Aaliyah Haughton played the Queen Of The Damned after another one of my favorite Vampire writers Anne Rice’s novels about the Vampire Lestat. If you do get these into films and shows will you please get a black actor to play Kisten. It’s the only way I think it will be pulled off the right way. In memory of Aaliyah. I wanted to tell you that in person but…you know….later Queen. Girl Power. Peace.

  8. Amy McDonald

    Sounds like you found your fit in Dragoncon. I love to the fact we get more Rachel and the gang!!!!!!!! I would love an Al point of view book, an anything. I love Al, ok I love everyone in the Hallows!!!!!! You are AWESOME as always!!!!

  9. wiggiemomsi

    Whoot! Can’t wait for your new book! 😁

  10. Michelle Miller

    Definitely more Hollows on any front!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sounds like DragonCon was a hit. I just finished rereading all 14 Hollows books and I am eagerly waiting for the next new book. Did anyone video tape your reading of American Demon? If so post it so we can all hear it. I’m looking forward to a new book and your visit to Cincinnati when it comes out. Happy writing!

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